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    do you or your kids have this problem? my parents are telling me i should go to camp this year but im rlly scared??

    any tips? how do i hide it?

    im going to a boys camp by the way, in case it makes a difference

    thanx!! 🙂

    btw, im not 12


    How old are you?


    oh, dear mnchm12, I went through that over 40 years ago, and you have my sympathy. I hope they have ways of handling that better these days. It was extremely humiliating when it happened.

    Perhaps your parents should talk to the camp administration before camp starts, and find a way to deal with this problem when it happens, in a less humiliating way.


    I feel for you but I don’t think it’s a good idea to go to camp.


    I feel for you. My son is 16 and occasionally wets his bed. He was on medication that helped a lot. Ask your parents to speak to your doctor about the medication.

    Also remember to stop drinking a few hours before bed, it might be hard to do in the heat, but try to limit it and go to the bathroom before you go to sleep. Maybe there is someone who could discreetly wake you up a few hours after you fall asleep to go the bathroom.

    Good luck


    Bedwetting should be taken care of at home. Nowadays there are many ways to get rid of this problem. Alarms is the first thing. There is a specialist from Israel that always tours here and he guarantees success. You can be over this before camp starts. Medication is a last resort, unless they diagnose an illness.


    The camp my son goes to has someone going around to all the bunks waking those that have to be woken…

    Nevertheless I am a little nervous sending my next son to camp for this reason.. Didnt decide yet what we will do. I would wait another year, but he insists on going.


    i was a counselor for a number of years in a well known camp. i’ve had kids that have had bed wetting problems a few times. first of all, the camp notifies all the counselors of any problems, such as bed wetting before the summer even begins this way I could keep my eyes out for it and be extra sensitive if that situation arises. I’ve had older boys with this problem as well as younger boys. if something happened that night, the boy would come over to me privately and tell me what happened and when the other boys were at breakfast or elsewhere, we would quickly change the sheets and have the soiled one washed. Not once has another camper caught onto what was going on.

    Bed wetting is a more common problem than most people think. Camps are very sensitive to that and any other medical issue a camper may have.

    You should definitely go to camp this summer. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of your best teenage years. I would even suggest talking to your counselor the 1st day of camp about the problem and discussing with him how you could keep the problem private if something does happen one night.

    Hatzlocha Raba!!!


    Health, alarms do not work for everyone. There are people who just have to wait until it’s outgrown on their own. My friend’s son is 14 and still wets his bed. She took him to top doctors in Israel and nothing helped. In his case, it’s hereditary–both his parents have siblings who were bedwetters until their teenage years. All the doctors she went to told her to just wait until it stops on its own, whenever that may be. Until then, he uses Good Nites and does not sleep away from home.

    Proud Jew

    This kid asks a good question.



    I once read an article about “nocturnal enuresis” (aka, bedwetting) while waiting in a doctor’s office for an unrelated issue. The article addressed issues with children around 8 years of age, but I think the approach could be modified for an older child who wants to do this on his own.

    The suggestion for the parents was to wake up the child at around 1:00 AM, and physically get him or her into the bathroom. The child may need some help because he/she will be disoriented. After a few weeks of doing this, the parent stops waking the child. The article said that for the most part, the child will stop bed-wetting.

    An older child could set his alarm clock, and adjust the time that best works for him.

    And before you dismiss the solution, this approach worked for my son, except after a few days, I personally couldn’t handle the 1:00 AM wakeup. Instead, I woke him before I went to sleep. I did this for a few weeks, but once I stopped waking him up, the problem stopped.

    Wishing you Hatzlacha.


    I would suggest you see a Urologist and work something out with your counselor. Use the special underwear and use chucks on the bed. These are blue pads that are soft and white on one side and blue plastic on the other. They are used in hospitals and sold in the pharmacy. That will help you from having to change your linen. You just roll it up and throw it out. Ask for the end bunk near the bathroom. No one wants that bunk because it usually smells like the bathroom, so you wont feel self-conscious. Get a watch with an alarm clock so you are the first one up and out of bed so you can freshen up and clean up your bed before anyone else gets up. Usually you wear sweat pants as pajamas because it gets cold at night so that will hide whatever undergarment you need to wear.


    We have been going through this situation with my 8 yr old son. He is not going to camp yet. Every morning he would wake up drenched. The laundry situation was getting out of hand as well as the constant smell in his room. It actually didnt seem to bother him too much. The pediatrician waited till he was 8 to try medication ( we tried not drinking too much b4 bedtime…). The first medication didnt work so we tried another one- it was like a miracle. He has been completely dry every single night for the last month. I’m not thrilled that he is on meds but I don’t think we have another choice at this point.


    MiI – Alarms are about 70% effective. There is an Israeli doctor named Dr. Sagie who has helped many, even when others have failed.



    There is a very informative article in emedicine health (online)under bedwetting.


    when i was in camp, i had a roommate who publicized he had this problem. it was weird the first couple of days but then no one thought about it anymore. if your that kind of guy, it help just being blunt in the beginning. when it actually becomes an issue people already know and don’t ask questions or comment. just make sure u dont get a top bunk.


    Summer Camp or Bust

    Your Bedwetting Child Can Do It!

    By Lyn Mettler

    An estimated five to seven million children in the U.S. wet their beds, according to the National Kidney Foundation. And many of them successfully make the trip to overnight camp every year.

    He suggests trying to eliminate the problem before kids head off to camp. First, he says to try limiting the amount of liquid your child drinks at night and encouraging them to use the bathroom before bedtime.

    If your child continues to wet the bed there are other options that may help, such as a moisture alarm. The alarm sounds as soon as it detects the first bit of moisture, helping your child learn to feel when his bladder is full and when he is about to wet the bed. The National Kidney Foundation says moisture alarms have the highest long-term success rate.

    Bedwetting Help is Here!

    But sometimes the inevitable happens and other children find out. In that case, Huff says they explain that everyone has wet the bed at some time in their life, even as a baby. Two of the core values of their camp are respect and caring, so teasing is never accepted.

    Proud Jew

    Thanks a mil. for responding, just printed your comments, will read it later when will have time.


    mnchm 12 are you thirteen??


    how civilized camps have become in the last 40 years, I am happy to read that good information.

    Be assured, too, that the problem will pass. I haven’t thought about it in at least 30 years now.


    thanks to all of you for all your ideas and encouragement 🙂

    i tried many of the ideas you gave

    i am going to a ‘big guy’ camp where everyone is 16-18 and i would feel embarrassd if my parents told my counslers about it. and no, i am not thirteen cil.

    thanks again i do appreciate it! 🙂


    i think u should just realize that this will pass and everyone has their issues.


    cooljude – “i think u should just realize that this will pass and everyone has their issues.”

    I think he can get over this now, even if he has to take meds!


    5yo thread

    Why take meds Health? Don’t they have side effects?

    This is a normal thing that happens to many boys.

    What happens when they stop medication? Would it cause bloating and fluid retention?

    Interesting… Never heard of this before. Then again, I am not a parent and did not have this issue, B”H.

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