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    A reminder for the coming week – for those who fast it!

    One Modern Orthodox person I know fasts it, and some frum people also fast it. Do you?

    If so – good luck!


    Most shuls make a mishebeirach for those who take on the fast, it’s in the siddur.

    Usually people who take on private fasts (behab is not communal), do not advertise

    to the world that they are fasting.

    Many places have minyanim for Mincha, that layn parshas vayechal and haftorah of dirshu,

    which can be done when there is at least six or seven of the minyan fasting.


    Bahab starts in a week and a half, not next week. And what does this line, One Modern Orthodox person I know fasts it, and some frum people also fast it. mean?


    Sorry to disappoint you, but behab doesn’t start until the Monday after Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan which is next week. Basically behab doesn’t start for another week and a half.

    Rav Tuv

    One Modern Orthodox person I know fasts it, and some frum people also fast it.

    So one should infer that modern orthodox are NOT frum. Such sinas chinam a scant 2 weeks after yom kippur. Do you understand how wrong this is?


    Sam2 – sorry, just saying that a lot of people seem to fast it. And I know it’s not right away, just figured I’d post this before I forget or the next crazy idea pops in my head.


    Just for the record, BeHaB does not commence for another 3&1/2 weeks. It shall be the Monday & Thursday of Chayei Soro & Monday of Toldos; i.e. marCheshvon 20th, 23rd, 27th.


    147, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. It’s the Monday Thursday Monday of the week after Rosh Chodesh which is Parshas Lech Lecha and Vayera


    The mi sheberach for Behab is said on the first Shabbos in Cheshvan which is not on Rosh Chodesh. That would be on Parshas Noach this year. So Behab is Monday and Thursday of Lech Lecha and Monday of Vayera. It is always done on Parshas Noach unless Rosh HAshana/Sukkos/Shmini Atzeres is Thursday. On those years Parshas Noach is Shabbos Rosh Chodesh. So the Mi sheberach is said on Lechlecha. Behabe would then be on Monday Thursday of Vayera, and MOnday of Chayei Sara.


    There are two minhogim about Behab,

    1 minhag is the first monday after the first shabbos after rosh chodesh cheshvan.

    the 2nd minhag is, the 3rd monday after rosh chodesh cheshvan, to mirror the taaniyos mentioned in the mishna in taanis, when there was no rain.

    The 2nd minhag is generally the minhag ashkenaz (aka yekkishe minhag) and also results in a shorter taanis (in the n. hemisphere).

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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