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    What are the programs?

    Has anyone here gone to FDU and is it worth it?

    Does Touro have a bein hazmanim program?


    I heard FDU’s 1 year accounting degree had really good placement numbers.


    FDU = Fairly Ridiculous University. You decide.


    PBA – thanks. Do you know anything about scholarships?

    Squeak – What makes you say that? This information is needed l’toeles.


    In that case you should ignore me. But I will make fun of you for going.


    Squeak – you need to go to college to learn how acronyms work.

    Listen, this is a serious topic that we need to know about now. Could someone please be generous enough to share some information?


    Does anyone know anything?


    pascha- are you kidding? I’ve spent more time in academia than any 3 random people combined. I gave you my opinion of the place, that’s all.


    First of all…what exactly is a “Bein Hazmanim Program”? Is this code language for “I’m looking to get a fast easy degree”?

    College is a commitment, it’s not something you do on a whim or just to get it overwith. College is expensive and requires a lot of attention and effort.

    Best of luck!


    Squeak – reread your post. It’s FDU not FRU.

    No on mourns – It’s not about finishing it quickly, but about having minimum distractions from learning. So a Bein Hazmanim program would be better than a place that has classes at night, and it seems FDU is the only one.


    i have credits from FDU that i got during HS. when i was applying to school, i had fdu send over my transcripts and course descriptions, which they did for all my courses except for 1 course. i called them a few times but they never sent it. i gave up and realized i would have to take the course over. after registering in my current school to take that course, i got smart. i went online to the fdu website, got the description myself and gave it to the admin, who accepted it and i did not have to take the course again.

    i’m not the only one who has had issues with them sending transcripts and stuff. family friend did not get into the master’s program she wanted because fdu never sent over an official transcript like they were supposed to.

    be careful


    Thank you, Yenting Yenta. Were you trying to transfer to Touro? Does anyone have experience transferring to Touro?


    I went to the FDU Yeshiva science program for undergad. I was accepted to a very good medical school, starting this August.

    You decide if FDU is good enough for you…!

    But I’m definitely going to agree with yentingyenta – you must really be on top of them to send out transcripts.


    nope not touro. a dif nursing school in the NYC area


    Oh wow. Maybe it is the place for you.


    Thank you thecuriousone!!

    That’s exactly what we needed to know. How did you get practical experience?

    Were the professors good?

    Did you get scholarships?

    Anything you can tell us will be greatly appreciated.


    Sorry for bumping. Maybe I should start a new thread on yeshivish boys who are serious learners who want to go to college?

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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