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    There have been countless letters to the editor on the subject of austentaious simchas and how people should stick to the takanos etc. Well for all you ‘bleeding hearts’ out there who are genuinely concerned that your next door neighbour might go into to debt just to be able to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, Kol hakovod to you!(although I think you guys make up a tiny minority)

    However, there are many who EVEN criticize those who can INDEED afford it. Thats my question,is this a concern because you feel a rich man should pose as an example, or does this stem from plain jeolousy?? Should we not perhaps try to educate our kids to fargin in the first place instead of turning this around and imposing on others to keep a low profile because the fact is, you probably wont change anything;

    Is jealousy something we can work on, or is it engrained in our charchter?

    An inspirational story that happened not long ago:

    There was a 17 year old girl who got into an accident which left her in a coma till she was 90 years old. Because she lived in a town without a Jewish Kehila, she was buried in a Non Jewish cemetary.

    Just recently, a family member arranged that her remains should be transferd to Eretz Yisroel. When they excavated the corpse they were stunned to see that her body remained in tact! We all know that besides for Tzaddikim, bodies decompose.

    The issue was brought to the attention of a famous Gadol(I think it was Rav Chaim Kanievsky, but I’m not sure) and he confirmed that since this woman was 12 years old, SHE WAS NEVER JEALOUS OF ANYONE!

    Please share your thoughts,,,,,

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