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    comon yoyo? I believe yoyo is short for yosef(i.e joseph). This is the dumbest thread.


    i always thought yoyo was short for yocheved!!!!!!lol


    i wouldnt say dumb…….more like the i-feel-lk-this-convo-is-going-in-circles-with-no-end-in-sight kinda thread


    yoyo – if this is really true and you’re really scared, then have someone come along with you the next few times- ex: a friend or sibling. have them keep a distance so the guys in the store and this girl who is apparently following you don’t know they are with you. In other words, it should still appear as though you are alone. Your companion should keep an eye on what’s going on and see if he/she thinks you are right about what’s going on. If so, then take the next step and report what’s going on. It might also be helpful for your companion to discreetly take pics or video of the whole thing.

    Hatzlacha to you.

    jewish unity

    Hi yoyo…assuming what you’re saying is true there is definitely a problem: either someone is really stalking you or even if not, in your head someone is stalking you. Tell me if I’m wrong, but it seems that you’re uncomfortable talking to the people in your life who you might ordinarily talk to and that you would rather talk anonoymously. Don’t worry its normal…i also had a serious issue and didn’t want to talk to anyone about it…B’H it was figured out. But if this is the case, is there a way yoyo could talk anoymously to someone here whos in the CR. I don’t think I would be the right person, but maybe someone else could step up…Aries?

    P.S. if you’re making this up, you don’t even want to hear my opinion of you.

    Sender Av

    just look at the posters subtitle. That should be a give away people.


    these guys are not embrassed i was once asked if i wanted to work there in front of my dad and if someone records whats goin it will look really funny

    im NOT josephs sister


    yoyo- I hope you are joking!


    For all those who have nothing helpful or productive to say to this young girl who has this issue, there are other threads you can busy yourself with. She was chased away once before and came back because of caring people who asked her to so she can have some support.

    To the mods who are allowing these comments to get through I am asking you to please do a better job of filtering in on this particular thread.

Viewing 9 posts - 101 through 109 (of 109 total)
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