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    So if you’re late to mincha and the tzibur has already said Ashrei and half-Kaddish, do you go directly into the silent Amidah so that you can say it with the tzibur and respond to the chazzan during Kedushah, or do you recite Ashrei first (which takes a good chunk of time)?

    Also, I sort of asked this before, but I want to be clearer this time and ask again. Is it assur to daven/ say Tehillim during Kaddish? Does this mean that if you’re still on Ashrei when the chazzan begins half-Kaddish, you stop and wait for him to finish (without answering)? What if you’re on Tachanun when the chazzan begins kaddish and wants to finish up the davening?


    Regarding kaddish, it is asur to even think in divrei torah during kaddish, let alone to say tehilim. Once kaddish starts, you stop what you are doing.
    What is halachically considered kaddish? My rebbeim have told me that it ends after daamiran bialma viemru amen. After that, the tiskabel tzloshon, is an extra part of kaddish, and at that point you can continue your davening.

    As far as I know, if you gauge that without saying ashrei, you can catch up to the tzibbur, and either finish shemoneh esrei before kedusha, or start with the chazan and say it word for word with him until after kedusha.


    just come on time to davening and you won’t have such problems!


    BTW….why would you be saying tehillim during chatzi kadish in the first place? Maybe I’m missing something.


    The main purpose of Ashrei is to beable to say kadish. Ditto ashei before mussof and ashrei in selichos. If you missed ashrei and the tzibur started shmonei esrei, start with shmonei esrei and later say ashrei.

    Uncle Ben

    I hope mik5 wasn’t waiting over 7 years for the answers to his shailos!


    I hope by now that mik5 has learned to be on time for davening!


    Uncle Ben: Me too….I was wondering about that guy with the quizzical look on his face hanging around the small beis medrash for the past 7 years where we have the mincha minyanim on weekdays trying to get the Rav’s attention


    Does this mean that if you’re still on Ashrei when the chazzan begins half-Kaddish, you stop and wait for him to finish (without answering)?

    Why “without answering”? On the contrary, you definitely wait and answer. Even in psukei dezimra you answer kaddish (until da’amiron be’olmo); but in the second ashrei of shachris, or the ashrei of mincha, there is no inyan at all not to interrupt, so of course you answer for the whole kaddish, as well as greeting people and returning their greetings, etc.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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