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    I sometimes make a second cup of coffee with my used keurig pod its not as potent as the first cup but still pretty decent what thrifty things do you do?



    any frugal folks here?

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    We tried that but it came out as light brown water. Maybe because we use about 11 oz of water the first time around instead of 6.


    I save vegetable peels and scraps, freeze them, and use for making vegetable broth.

    A Shabbos meal when times are tough is chicken wings- we use the wings for soup, serve the soup with potatoes, carrots, kneidlech, mandlen, and lokshen, and then we have the wings with bbq and hot sauce.

    When times are tough, we also serve parve cholent for shabbos, but I put in a little liquid smoke to give it a nice ta’am, and also some dried mushrooms to add a meaty feel.

    Wearing socks with holes in them until they wear out completely.

    Extreme Couponing

    Smaller meals

    Walking as much as possible- I only use transportation when I am going a distance, or when I need to be somewhere on time. When going in Boro Park, Bensonhurst, Flatbush, Sheepshead Bay, Dyker, Bay Ridge, I walk, if possible.

    Buying produce from the large fruit markets and buying kosher groceries on sale at chain stores.

    Limiting sweets to shabbos and yontiff

    Buying for Pesah ahead of time and doing as much as you can yourself (eg/ stick to fruits and vegetables, and minimize expensive and subpar Pesah processed foods. If you have a cuisinart, make your own matzah meal. And baking using a combo of Matzah Meal, Potato Starch, and Cake Meal is usually best).

    Don’t buy bottled water. Use the tap.

    Invest in a SodaStream to make your own seltzer

    Learn to do your own repairs and tailoring.

    Try not to eat in restaurants. If you can turn your oven to 500 degrees, you can even make your own pizza at home. L’havdil, kosher corned beef is $5.99 a pound. To buy it prepared, you’re paying as much as $25 a pound, when all they’re doing is boiling it in a pot with some pickling spices, water, onion, celery, carrot, and mustard seed.


    my father reuses his teabags twice :). I save those sporks from instant soup cups for when i have packed lunch. I make my own duct tape wallet and change purse. I reuse gatorade bottles. I darn my socks and tights. I rebind old siddurim with mesh and booktape. Hmmm what else? I am a big fix-it-yourself person


    Appliance repair. There’s a ton of information on the Internet on repairing appliances. I’ve fixed dryers, ovens, and a furnace using information I’ve found on the Internet along with mail-order parts.

    DIY oil changes.


    Sewing. Knowing how to mend your own clothes helps save a lot of money.

    For girls, investing in a top quality hair dryer and iron. Saves you lots of money in getting your hair professionally done over the years.

    Also for girls, when you buy makeup, only the part that touches your skin (base etc) needs to be top quality. Blush and eye makeup has pretty much no difference with increase in price.

    And in addition, for girls, learning how to cook. Just kidding! That goes for everyone.



    “I darn my socks and tights.”

    I don’t give a darn 🙂



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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