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    He’s right. He doesn’t have to call Tibi – “Adoni”.
    He was just a sit in for the Speaker.
    He wasn’t cursing at him in the Beginning.
    The 2 Jewish Commiters are Wrong!
    This Proves that Israel isn’t a Jewish State!

    Avi K

    1. I am sure that his father was a giver but actually, it is Ben-Gvir.
    2. He is the Deputy Speaker.
    3ץ Everything goes according to the, both in berachot and the opposite.
    3. “Adoni” just means “Sir”. He does not have to say that it is with love.
    4. Please either learn to spell or use a spell check. It is “committers”. In any case, I do not understand the use of the word. He was not committed, just removed.
    5. If you are serious, you get an “F” in logic. If not, I don’t advise you to give up your day job.


    Truth is , as a whole. Ben Gvir is not my role model so to speak nor is anything in his Shitah. But, he is right about hypocrite Ahmed Tibi who enjoys Usrarl’s free equal to all democracy but abusing it. And anyone who supports terrorism that targets ANY Israeli for belongingbyonthe Jewish people, is a racist. Even if unreliable Haaretz twists it around.


    Yaakov called eisav “adoni” way before ivrit made it into an inconsequential term for “sir”. It’s galus; play your part and don’t be proud and stubborn with goyim


    As I noted in the news coverage, BG reminds me of Heshy Tischler except he lacks all of Heshy’s charm and graces. There are rules and protocols in legislative bodies governing procedure, terminology and civility and they should be adhered to by all sides. In the U.S. Congress, members can be ejected from the floor and have their words “taken down” for violating the rules requiring that all references to other members show respect and not question their motives. The Knesset has similar rules which should be adhered to for the sake of the institution. You can make any comments you want about Tibi off the floor (and I would likely agree with most of them) but try to exercise a modicum of control when you are at the podicum


    I tried replying to gh on the news page but it didn’t go thru. over here he added a crucial point, in that the law is they have to follow protocol. Ben gvir said there’s no such law. I haven’t the foggiest clue who’s right but it is a legal question. even if he violated the law there’s a humongous difference between his actions and tishler’s. if he didn’t violate the law he did nothing wrong. and it speaks volumes of someone so arrogant that not being called with an honorific makes them call for security to oust him.

    he only called Tibi a terrorist after, and there’s still no comparison to tishler.


    Participant -“over here he added a crucial point, in that the law is they have to follow protocol. Ben gvir said there’s no such law.”

    You’re wasting your time talking to these Zionists here.
    I always thought that I was against the Medina, but these So-called Zionists Hate Jews more than Arabs.
    It’s Bad enough that the Medina allows Arab parties, but to make a Government with them is Insane!

    I’m sure Ben-gvir is Right – there is No such law. He’s a lawyer.
    But the Jew Haters here will never admit that they Hate Jews & love Arabs.
    They sugar coat everything, just like Ben & Jerry’s.
    Poor Arabs – Jews stole their land.
    I guess – they never opened a Chumash/Bible!


    Portion of article in Channel 20, yesterday.

    R’ Tzachi Fenton:
    “SIR” Mr. Tibi – Palestinian Patriot MK CH20, 18 Av, 5781:

    ‘You may continue to be an MK in the Knesset of Israel, the parliament of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. As is well known, this is a right that would not have been given to you in any Arab country in the world if the situation had been the opposite. ‘

    Tibi is a descendant of an immigrant family from Syria who decided to settle in Israel a few decades ago. Ahmad Tibi has never been able to prove any connection to any root clan from the Land of Israel. In addition, it should be remembered that even ‘rooted’ Israeli Arabs are merely descendants of immigrants from all the countries around us who invaded Israel, usually for economic reasons. Most of them probably came with waves of refugees from the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, and the north – Horannis, Syrians and more. Perhaps here and there there are even descendants of invaders from earlier periods, such as the Cults. In any case, this is a mixed population of invaders and therefore they are called ‘Palestinians’. It is a distortion of the ‘Philistines’ [POLSHIM], that is, a people who invade the homeland of other peoples, just like the ancient Philistines who invaded Israel from the islands of the sea and lived mainly in our coastal cities.

    Documentation of the act of Ahmad Tibi:

    * In contrast, the people of Israel of course never abandoned the Land of Israel. There was almost always the She’erit HaPleita here, we will mention the Zinati family for example. Even all the Jewish people who were in the Diaspora did not for a moment abandon their desire to return here, and by the grace of God they did return to the Land of Israel. By the way, it’s really lucky for the invading Arabs who were here. Just try to imagine what would have happened to them if a Shiite regime like in Iran or an Alawite like in Syria had taken over here…

    * But now comes the most amusing part: in recent years, along with all the falsification of history they are doing, the Palestinians are trying to position themselves as if they are descendants of the Canaanites. No matter that since Sennacherib there is no Canaanite people at all, and no matter that the Palestinians in every way are considered a mixed night of many peoples, I am willing to ‘flow’ with them for a moment. So dear Ahmad Tibi, if you claim to be a Canaanite let us open together the book of Genesis and read what Noah said, the same Noah mentioned to you in the Qur’…: “. Do you remember which of us is a descendant of a name, yes? So come on, feel free to come work for me in the garden. But fortunately there is no slavery today and even as stated you are not a descendant of Canaan. So you can stay calm. You may continue to be an MK in the Knesset of Israel, the parliament of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.


    From Time Immemorial:
    “Joan Peters’s highly readable and moving development of the answers to these and related questions will appear startling, even to those on both sides of the argument who have considered themselves to be in command of the facts. On the basis of a definitive weight of hitherto unexamined population and other historical data, much of it buried in untouched archives, Peters demonstrates that Jews did not displace Arabs in Palestine-just the reverse: Arabs displaced Jews; that a hidden but major Arab migration and immigration took place into areas settled by Jews in pre-Israel Palestine; that a substantial number of the Arab refugees called Palestinians in reality had foreign roots; that for every Arab refugee who left Israel in 1948, there was a Jewish refugee who fled or was expelled from his Arab birthplace at the same time-today’s much discussed Sephardic majority in Israel is in fact composed mainly of these Arab-born Jewish refugees or their offspring; that Britain, the Mandatory power, winked at and even encouraged Arab immigration into Palestine between the two World Wars; that by disguising the Arab immigrants as “indigenous native Palestinian Arabs,” the British justified their restrictions on Jewish immigration and settlement, dooming masses of European Jews to destruction in the Nazi camps.”


    To Health, See also:
    F Gottheil (2013). “The Smoking Gun: Arab immigration into Palestine – 1921-1933.”


    Chicago Tribune, July 8, 1983 – “Palestine’s Lies and Facts.”

    … But a lie is still a lie.
    Lie No. 1: The Palestinians were a sovereign people and nation until they were “expelled” in 1948.

    Facts: The area known as Palestine was a province of the Ottoman Empire from the 16th Century until the British took control in 1917. From 1917 until 1948, the area was under British operational control and, later, mandate.

    There was never a Palestinian nation.

    Further, the population of the entire area, according to a 1879 Encyclopedia Britannica, was never substantial and was ethnically diverse. Any inhabitants there were concentrated in two cities, Jerusalem and Jaffa, and in the nomadic Bedouin tribes.

    There was also a constant Jewish community. From the time of the first census in 1844 to the present, there have always been more Jews in Jerusalem than Moslems. Large-scale Jewish immigration during the Ottoman period made the Jewish community. From the time of the first census in 1844 to the present, there have always been more Jews in Jerusalem than Moslems. Large scale Jewish immigration during the Ottoman period made the Jewish community a significant presence.

    It was only after the Jewish settlers bought land and made the area economically productive that the Arabs returned in significant numbers. Between the World Wars, the Arab population in predominantly Arab towns rose only insignificantly, e.g. 16,000 to 23,000 in Nablus. The population trends in the three major Jewish cities show a different story. The Arab population increased in Jerusalem by 97 percent, from 28,500 to 56,400, in Jaffa by 134 percent, from 27,400 to 62,600 and in Haifa by 216 percent, from 18,400 to 58,200.

    The massive Arab immigration into Palestine during the Mandate period accounts for roughly 75 percent of the supposedly “Palestinian” population present at the time of the partition in 1948.


    To Sholom Al Israel – You’re wasting your time telling the Truth.
    The Libs that post here and Every Lib – hate Jews and Love Arabs!


    I thought a Ben-Giver was a person who gives money in hundred-dollar bills.

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