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    What was the best gift you ever brought to someone who was hosting you for a shabbos meal? (i.e. the gift that your host really loved)

    If you were hosting someone, what would you want as a gift?

    Good Shabbos!!


    flowers the smell of them fresh yum.




    fancy serving dishes, to beautify table, can get nice silver & glass combo pcs – really beautiful!

    with lower budget – home made pie, cake, salads

    For no time lower budget – a nice bottle of alcohol – one of the newer stuff


    i entertain a lot and i love using and getting and giving little decorative cocktail forks and spoons. I use them for chrain, pickles, olives etc. i can never have enough cuz i keep losing them. also the little dishes that would accompany such a thing are nice. fill them up with shabbos treats. nice gift. Kosher pallette books are also nice, but everyone seems to have them all. Eichlers has a new line of really nice resin washing cups that are very artsy and make nice gifts. My daughter just got one. they are 50 dollars though.


    Milchig truffles from Le Chocolat (the store, not the supermarket brand). They are THE BEST (better than Godiva, for those who care) and by bringing milchigs to a Shabbos seudah you are making it clear that the gift is for the hostess and not something you expect her to share. Unless the meal you come for is breakfast 🙂


    I love serving pieces (bowls, platters, spoons, spreaders, etc.) and I have found great stuff at Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx. They are all part of one chain – Home Goods has the largest selection of serving pieces but the others usually have interesting items too.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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