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    Hi i would like to know which band is the best for a wedding

    and wats your opinion on the Frielich band and around how much is

    a full man band today


    Freilach is the best by far…


    Shloime Dachs and his band are great!

    esther 1995

    depends which country!




    The pro of Freilich Orchestra is that they always play together therefore they will always be in sync, but i do believe they charge more than other 5pc bands.

    S&S Productions puts together great bands and he always tries to get the same musicians (ie. Freilich) but at a much lower cost.


    Mine, of course! MWA HA! (that is, once I start it. Know any good yeshivish elec. guitarists?)


    Pick wisely, it can make or destroy a Chassunah.


    I say if you have the money than go with freilach, evan al is not the same, yes they always play together but they are still kids and not proffesional and like to just make noise. So therefor either freilach or S&S Productions they are also very good and very professional I was by a few weddings already seeing S&S and they are always great

    Just an opinion


    any band you can hear. these days it is mostly booming sounds.


    apushatayid – If the band is coming with a sound system, they can arrange it to be exactly at the level of volume you want. Of course, “you” refers to the person paying, not stam anyone.


    Freilich is most defintly in a league of their own, talented musicians, great sound, and original arrangements. Anyone can put together a band these days but not everyone can deliver real music. Go with Freilich!


    EvanAl Orchestra For Bookings and Additional Information:

    Office: 347-733-2034



    yitayningwut – perhaps in theory. in practice it never works out that way.

    YW Band

    Mine too lol! Email: YWband@yahoo

    For other 1 man Bands id go with: CM Schwartz, Eli Wax, Yossi Neuman etc


    Even al has played secular music even when the contract said not to. they keep it rocky and more rocky….. even deafening and remain oblivious to pleas to lower the volume. When they played at my brothers chassunah they refused. I told them I need to warn the public that they disregard requests about lowering volume and they told me to publicize it. here it is!

    EY Mom

    Neshomah Orchestra is great and their prices are very reasonable. I’ve heard them at a number of chasunahs and they are very leibidig without blasting your eardrums.


    Guitarman. I agree with you in regards to Freilach being in a league of their own, but they are not the only ones that can bring great music.

    in regards to Evanal from what i have seen by the few weddings that i was at that they played by and from what i hear from other people in my community i and they were very not impressed and they sound like very loud pots and pans.

    and from what it was obviously one of their own writing the comment pro Evanal because the literature came straight off their website, in any case it is nowhere near how they describe it to be and people are very not happy with their chutzpa just doing their own thing and not what the customer wants, i would never use them. a few bands that stand out being great music, very professional and very curtious is Aaron Teitelbaum Productions, Shloime Dachs orchestra and The new band S&S Productions they are really nice !



    Your claim that they have breached contracts is ludicrous. Everyone has a recording of their wedding, and everyone has a contract. Why are all these people still paying and not demanding their money back, or at least part of it?

    EvanAl will follow whatever the person paying says. I don’t know who asked them to lower the volume, but they will not listen to you, and they shouldn’t. You want it lower, other people want it louder. It doesn’t matter that your a sibling. No one can please everyone. At the end of the day, the most yashrusdig thing is to go by one person and one person only, the person paying. At the same time, I know the members of the band and they are very amenable and will do their utmost to please the ba’alei simchah and everyone else in attendance.

    ilovegreatmusic –

    Your degrading comment about EvanAl is utter hogwash. They are an excellent band and no one who knows anything about anything would say otherwise. Considering this is your one and only post on the Coffee Room and the fact that this business is full of people who play very dirty, I think it’s obvious that you are a troll. It’s one thing to troll in support of your business. It’s another to do so to ruin someone else’s. Go jump in the lake.


    Mods: I am getting the impression that there should be a set rule against discussing any locally owned small businesses.

    YBC rocks

    yossi newman is a great one man band


    Good ol’ reliable Neginah. Shelly Lang is still doing it right!



    I don’t understand all your fancy words you are using, but if you mean to say that i am in this business the answer is i am not.

    I just love great music and the common denominator between the bands that i mentioned in my earlier post is that they all hire great and professional musicians.


    Yitayningwut- They did not! They said the young people want it and even did not listen to the parents of Chosson Kallah.

    No, the parents did not pay in full. They cut it short because of the breach, but they did not bounce it because the Chuppah and first half was nice.

    The one who booked for them said he would not deal with them again. Facts, not opinion. Ludicrous? Yes! And you only get married once, so go with the odds of those who have not breached and who don’t do what THEY want! I went over after they did notlisten to the parents.

    music lover

    I agree with Rabbaim.I have heard these kids a few times.It is just loud and noisy-not musical.I used and have heard many times Shlomie Friedman Productions.Great musical sound and Fantastic customer service and good prices.Freilich is good but too overpriced for what they offer.

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