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    Call one pizza place and send it to another.


    Is your refrigerator running?

    Do you have prince albert in a can?


    A few days before they were supposed to travel to Israel for two weeks, a close friend of mine asked for a ride to the airport. I called, using a blocked phone number and said, “Hello, Mr. Schwartz this Sarah from El AL, I’m sorry to inform you that you will not be able to bring any luggage on the flight you have scheduled for tomorrow.” Because it was a close friend, I knew most of the basic information (name,address, number of travellers, etc.) plus what time the flight was, so I was able to make my call seem very legitimate. I went on saying that I would be able to book him on a flight, with two connections in Paris and in Frankfurt, with an added cost of $400 and in this way he would be able to take luggage. After a few minutes of letting it play out, I hung up and called him back, as myself, just to confirm the time of the flight…

    Everyone got a good laugh, no harm done.


    +1 Goq!


    ”Hello Mr/s Blank. I am calling from Microsoft. Your computer is sending us an error message…”

    Shopping613 🌠

    Call ranfom number, ask for max, they say theres no max here, ask to leave a message.

    do this a million times till tgey get annoyed.

    Call again and say “this is max, any messages for me?”


    k this is hilarious!!! ready???? k so you call any random number and ask for lets say chana and they say whooooo? and you say chana! and they say whos kana? i dont know a kana! and then you say k wrong # sorry!!! and they say ok wrong # or they get really mad at you but its hilarious and then you hang up and do it again either to that same # or a diff one but its hilarious!!!! i used to do it all the time!!!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Call up Mcdonald’s or anyotger drive in restauraunt and depending on the tine of year ask for something you KNOW they dont have.

    Ex: purin time

    “Hello, do you sell hamentashen?”


    “Hamentashen…its like a cake…filled with jelly”

    “No….ummm i dont think so…..but if you give us the recipe, well think about adding it to the menu….which country is it from? Japan?”

    GG yekke

    someone i know called up a butcher and asked “do you have chicken legs” the butcher said “yes” to which this person replied “then you must look pretty stupid” and slammed the phone down


    haha gg yekke thats hilarious!!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Lol, my friends father used to have one number away from pizza hut, so he got all these calls for them and he said the funniest things to them!


    Call up one person on one phone, call another on another phone, put them together


    Why would one want to cause trouble to another person?

    Just because you are bored and do not have what to do does not mean that you can (ab)use me for your entertainment.


    There is a famous prank about a guy who phones Asda, pretending to be a worried father waiting outside for his daughter who had gone into the shop two hours ago, asking to make a PA announcement. Her name is “Tes Koses-Sheeper”. The stupid lady announced that they have had a call for “Tescos is cheaper”. (I dunno if you Americans know what Asda and Tesco is, but they are two rival supermarket chains)

    We were once doing trick-phone-calls, and my friend decided to try this one out. We totally muffed it up, because as soon as he started speaking, the guy on the other end gave a laugh and said “Nice one, we’re closed.”

    Five thirty on Sunday afternoon…

    Oh Shreck!

    Don’t know about you, I’d rather put my mind and efforts to helping out another Yid.


    Is anybody posting here older than 10? I fail to see what’s funny about annoying people.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Haifagirl- I agree with you about the annoying people part, but the calling McDonalds is funny… no harm done.


    I used to do prank calls…

    when I was 10.

    Then….I grew up (a bit), and realised that annoying other people is not a nice thing to do, even if it may seem like fun.


    I left somebody a phone message from a Mr. Bear. The number was: the Denver Zoo.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    I sometimes reply to texts with prank texts like “Error 90083: The recipient’s inbox is full” Then I don’t have to answer.

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