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    Shwekey: Areivim, Kol Mivaser (New), Ma Ma Ma, Ki Hatov

    Dedi: Zoche

    Avraham Fried: Didoh Bei

    Piamenta: Asher Bara

    Dovid Gabay: Mi Shebeirach, Hagomel, Legabay

    Benny Friedman: Letova

    Baruch Levine: Chosson Hatorah, V’al Da,

    Lipa: Binyan Adei Ad, Gelt

    MBD: Binyan Hasimcha, Amar Rabi Akiva, Im Ain, Usid

    YM Shwekey: Lo lefached, L’cha Ezbach

    Shloime Kaufman: Kol Yisroel

    Yisroel Werdyger: Ana

    Yeedle: Yismach Yisrael

    Shloime Gertner: Nisim

    Shloime Daskal: Poseach

    Michoel Pruzansky: Shteig

    Carlebach: Nigun Neshoma

    I will add more as I think of it, meanwhile any more suggestions?


    Vats de 2nd dance?


    shwekey’s v’ohavta, asher bara, ad bli dai

    that niggun that e/o sings. don’t know what its called. it goes something like nanananananananananananananananananana….. u know? 😉 i know it’s on “2nd dance” and lipa’s project x or next or whatever its called.

    wmbb: its the dance after the 1st, before the 3rd


    Does anyone notice that the second dance is almost undanceable? Aside from the hora, there is no other dance step that you can incorporate to make fit when you choose songs that have so much beat but a slow tempo…


    Didoh bei is one of my all-time favorite horahs

    I wish bands would play some of the songs from 10, or so, years ago

    I had a friend who requested they play some of the older horah, and the dancing at his wedding was awesome

    Also, I would love to hear them play yo’ya, I think that song I makes for a great horah


    wmbb: its the dance after the 1st, before the 3rd

    And what about it that makes it so significant???


    It is the disco/hora set. The 1st dance is usually freilach. If there is a 3rd dance then that is usually rock, if not rock is played towards the end of the 2nd dance.


    miami thaks it is still Greek to me.

    Where I circulate when Choson & Kalah come in the music goes into dance mode and it is a continuous medley of heimishe music or a facsimile for a while, a break, then more dancing until bentching. rock ? vats dat at a Yiddish wedding?

    Feif Un

    I love when they played Chaim Dovid’s niggun. By my brother’s wedding, they started the dance with the slow part. All the guys sat on the floor like a kumzitz singing along. Then BOOM, the fast part starts, and everyone is up and dancing.


    rock is anachnu maminim, melech, zacreini na, yerushalayim, chazak, etc.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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