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    Who gives the best Talmud Shiurim, and what kind of learning is it? Just let me know your favorites, and what they do, if it’s iyun, or bikius, or review, or daf yomi, or halacha on the daf, etc…

    I guess you can mention someone that does mishnayas too if there really good, or someone that does any halachic iyun that involves alot of Talmud but is mostly on the shulchan aruch or other poskem. Thanks to anyone who is able to respond!

    if there not free just mention that they cost (and what they cost if you can)


    YUTorah puts up Shiurim from almost 30 Roshei Yeshivah daily (as well as numerous other speakers and Rabbonim). One of those has to be right for you. Try them out and see what works.


    right now my favorite is Shaas Illuminated, best to download from its own site, but its new and their only up to megillah, and id like something on seder nezekim.

    anyway im not interested in trying out all those people, thats why i made this post, i was hoping someone could tell me who they enjoy and for what reason, maybe someone is good at covering alot of ground, someone might be good at bringing up practical halacha and getting into rishonim, some are just good at explaining the reading and making it easier to learn for a first time…


    R’ Viener’s website

    Kesubos, Navi B’Iyun, Hilchos Shabbos, Sanhedrin, and much more.

    I like listening to R’Viener because he makes everything come alive in the shiur- the understanding is so sharp and clear. I feel like everything is given over with tremendous Daas Torah and humor and practicality, and I truly experience the sweetness of learning.

    Hope it helps! Kol Tuv.


    R Nissan Kaplan of the Mir Yeshiva has shiurim

    Many shiurim on kolhalashon and mp3shiur


    thanks both for great responses!


    My husband is looking for video shiurim as opposed to audio…any recommendations?


    I would recommend R’ Sobolofsky’s talmud shiurim on YUTorah. His iyun shiurim are very clear and comprehensive. He is one of the most popular Rebbeim at RIETS.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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