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    What would you say is the best, most comfortable thing to wear on the plane to Eretz Yisrael?

    polo shirt/button down

    tucked in/ tucked out (untucked)

    nice dress pants/ regular kahkis’s

    Have a Great Day!


    a parachute!


    button down shirt and nice pants, with a hoodie. start out tucked with dress shoes. switch to untucked and crocs about 2 hours in….


    Sweatshirt and slinky skirt! Sorry, that doesn’t seem like it’ll be of much help to you.


    something cool you should be able to come and go freely and sneekers. enjoy your trip. have me in mind, ive never been there.


    depends if you are a man or a woman


    Whatever you wear, make sure it is comfortable enough for you to easily get out of your seat every couple of hours and walk around for a few minutes.

    Long plane flights are known to cause blood clots to form in the legs which can cause heart attacks or strokes, and THIS IS NOT ONLY FOR THE ELDERLY OR THOSE WITH MEDICAL CONDITIONS.

    I recently read of a healthy 28 year old young woman who after a long flight had a stroke!

    With the OK of your doctor, you may also want to take a baby aspirin once or twice during the flight (for the same reason).


    A clown costume.


    Ladies, vlour zip up sweatshirt and a comfy skirt


    Crocs/slippers are good for going thru security – when you need to take them off & put them back on & comfortable for the flight.


    ” A clown costume. “

    I’d ask to sit next to you, but the flight attendants would have trouble telling us apart, so for their sake, I’ll go back into coach. On the return flight, if you want to swtitch, we’ll talk

    not I

    Slinky and a polo with a zip up sweat shirt. i like to put the hood of the sweat shirt over my face so i could sleep with less noise and light! Also you get col/hot up and down so you could always take off the sweatshirt..



    not I

    My father and brothers always wore their suit and I never herd them complain..


    Nothing bulky (security issues). You will have to take off any sweater/sweatshirt you are wearing.

    <Women> : So for those who are wearing velour zip ups as a shirt (with a shell)- you will be asked to take it off or, when you refuse because you are not tznius that way, to step aside into another room with a twa agent.

    Better that doing all of that, wear a long sleeved shell or some other garment! I know frum women who had that problem and it made security a lot longer while the rest of the family had to wait.


    Id wear a juicy sweatshirt, short skirt and sweatpants and naot or crocs …and always wear socks…long story but basically I was in the airport walking towards to my gate and my sandal snapped so I was hopping around the brussels airport…it wasnt only embarrassing, it was totally gross walking on a dirty floor….now I always keep extra pair of socks and shoes in my carryon


    Best things to bring along:

    – iPod!

    – small pillow

    – book

    – gum

    – extra sweatshirt (I always freeze on planes)


    Best thing to do is get rip roaring drunk on the free drinks. Then, nothing else matters.

    This is an especially good idea if you are traveling with kids.

    (Although, many would object to saying “good idea” in the same sentence as “traveling with kids”.)


    The best thing to do is wear layers so that you can adjust if you get hot or cold. Also try to wear things that don’t get crease easily so you wont be fixing yourself to not crease or feel like you just went through the wash/dry cycle by the time you get off the plane. Wear shoes that slip on and of easily so you don’t feel constricted in lace ups for so many hours. The blankets they give are really not warm, the pillow is tiny. So if you can stuff your favorite pillow into your carry-on you will sleep better.

    If you are in business class they will give you ear-plugs and an eye mask. If not buy your own to help you sleep. You might shut your light but your neighbor might not. You might want to sleep and your neighbor might be very chatty or there can be a baby crying next to you the whole way.

    If you don’t mind changing, you can always take a change of clothes in your carry-on and change in the bathroom half hour or so before landing. Don’t bother worrying what other people think or do. Everyone does what they are comfortable doing. Men will fall asleep in their suit on the couch at home anyway, so don’t go by that.


    best thing is something very comfortable that will not look wrinkeled when you get there.

    also wear slip on comfy shoes. you will surely want to take them off during the trip . you will also need to remove tehm by security checkpoints. slip on makes it much easier.



    “Best thing to do is get rip roaring drunk on the free drinks”

    Hmmm, you didnt strike me as the First Class sort.


    Jeans, a comfortable pull-over shirt, nice thick socks, and comfortable sneakers.

    If you are in business class they will give you ear-plugs and an eye mask. If not buy your own to help you sleep.

    I flew Turkish Air last year between Israel and NY and all the passengers got these for free.

    Best thing to do is get rip roaring drunk on the free drinks.

    I don’t think any airline serves alcohol that’s free anymore.


    Bringing noise-suppressing ear plugs is a great idea to drown out not only the crying kids (and the annoying adults) but the incessant droning jet engine noise that can make you CRAZY after a while!

    The kind they sell at a gun range are best, but be aware that while bringing the ear plugs on board is fine, for some strange reason they do seem to frown upon bringing guns on the plane.


    I think most international flights still have free drinks.

    Anyway, you should only be flying on miles you have for opening credit cards, and you may as well go first class.


    I sometimes take a sleeping pill before a flight, which greatly helps…


    comfy clothes and shoes. good reading material. crossword puzzles./word seaches. pen that writes.



    not I

    I remeber flying as a kid, the airlines used to give out stuff for the kids. we once flew around the world and came back with a few decks of cards from the airlines, also backpacks and activity books etc.. Nothing like that exists anymore.. for free!!

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