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    Anyone have suggestions as to what is the best way to lose weight?


    I can think of several. But please elaborate a bit; How much? How fast? How motivated? How old? What gender? Are children (either bearing or raising) a factor?

    All these things need to be taken into consideration before making suggestions.

    And like Shidduchim, this is a topic I (and much of the CR) never tire of discussing. So fire away!


    there really is no ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ with diets. a nutritionist is a good step if you are serious. groups help also because they really cheer you along. walking daily is a great way to start also.


    Increase movement, decrease caloric intake; all the rest is commentary.


    Basically, ideally, 5 small meals as day with equal part lean protein and complex carbs, about the size of the palm of your hand. Drink about six to eight glasses of water. Avoid cream for coffee, salad dressing, sugar, and fat. It is better the exercise also, but the weight will come off even without exercise.

    Among the proteins, skinless chicken breast, salmon, sardines, 1% cottage cheese, beans, are best choices. Peanut butter is good too, but you have to go easy or just use it as a snack.

    Among complex carbs, whole wheat (not multigrain) bread, brown rice, regular or sweet potatoes.

    Eat all the vegetables you want, but watch fruits and have them earlier in the day.

    To avoid hunger at night, about 8pm have protein (no carbs) like a good shake (Integrated Systems from a “kosher vitamins dot come” company, for example is filling and tastes great. Protein burns fat while you sleep.

    This diet works and is easy to stay on once you prepare and get used to it. For me, Shabbos throws the whole thing off, but since it revs the metabolism, by Sunday you can thin out again from the big Shabbos meals.

    I used this diet for an intense “on the mat” workout a few times a week. To the degree I stick to it, I have tremendous energy and feel mentally great.



    my late grandma used to say in her broken english,” you vant to lose veight, trow de scale out de vindow”! lol, i miss her 🙁


    Write EVERYTHING down that you eat, quantity (measure with cups and spoons, not by eyeballing) and time. At the end of the day, tally up either calories or points (if you’re doing weight watchers). It makes a huge difference. Without a record and regularly tallying what you’re eating, you could be eating too many calories or too few. Too few is a problem also, as you can lower your metabolism and burn calories slower, if your body thinks it’s not getting enough food. That’s why eating throughout the day is important, even small amounts.

    This approach helped me lose 50 lbs last year.


    I got very sick last year and my doctor said I wasn’t eating right so he put me on the Rambam diet. Not to lose weight but to increase my overall health and energy level. I ended up losing 15 pounds in a few months so I had to go off of it, but for those of you who are looking to lose weight, I definitely recommend it. Buy the book and stick to it.

    Remember, your health is more important than your weight. Don’t focus on the pounds, focus on how healthy you are and feel and you will lose weight.


    Hi Cinderella.

    Good point about health being more important than weight, even though they do go hand in hand.

    So the Rambam diet is the title of the book? I did a search and found Life Transformation Diet with the Rambam in the summary.

    The diet I try to stick with is really good, but we cannot go wrong with the Rambam. I would like to see his recommendations.

    Continued good health! : )


    The book is called The Life Transforming Diet. It is a week by week plan and the basic rules are:

    1)Don’t mix your proteins and starches

    2)Fruit and/or nuts for breakfast

    3)lots of exercise

    4)Tons of veggies

    5)Water Water Water

    6)Whole wheat bread (The Rambam says that bread is amazing for you, I think the book says to have it daily, I don’t really remember.)

    7)More exercise

    There’s more but I don’t really remember. Definitely read the book.


    one of my favorite diets?

    the garlic diet.

    eat everything you want, but anything you eat must be smothered in garlic.

    drinking water come naturally with this plan, and you will soon find eating isnt as enjoyable as it used to be.



    hope you used plenty of mouthwash with the garlic diet! 🙂


    easiest diet? going to seminary for a year

    most efficient? did south beach for a bit before nursing school when i still had time to prepare every meal from scratch

    most stressful diet? nursing school-no time to eat and stress makes me nauseous so i can’t eat. lost 25 lb and have kept it off.

    serious note, dif diets work for dif ppl. some need points to keep track, others can count carbs and others can plan full meals 3x a day to fulfill diet requirements. as long as you burn more calories than you are taking in-in correct percentages and amounts, then weight should be lost. exercising helps too to spend more calories. if a diet requires starvation, dont do it. the body will save every calorie that comes in and you wont lose weight. dieting is personal and what works for x wont work for y. sometimes it takes a few tries for success


    Most girls GAIN weight in Seminary – at least they did in my daughter’s year.


    my late grandma used to say in her broken english,” you vant to lose veight, trow de scale out de vindow”! lol, i miss her “

    Your Bubby sounded like mine, and yep, I sure do miss her, too!


    its fun to be different. i was actually one of a few girls in sem who lost weight. i did nothing though. didnt change my diet. only thing i did was walk 10 min each way to sem on sheets of packed ice 🙂 any clevelanders here?


    shuli, tell me you’re joking! PLEASE

    I also tried the Ramban diet and I dont know…ok well I did lost 20 lbs at first but,, I didnt like it. IN fact I have tried plenty of good diets , but I think the problem is me.

    I always have good intentions mentally, like tonight for example, I put my head into it and said “TOmmorrow we begin! (that means tommorrow b’ezras Hashem I will go to the track and beginning running again, and weights) BUT BUT…

    but I ate a chocolate bar and a bag of hazelnut filling bamba PLUS a jam filled cookie = about 750 calories. YIKES! JUst typing it makes me feel sick.

    Ok well I missed a lot of calories all day because I was running around town and not eating properly. But truthfully I Should have much more will power against my yetzer hara and its sickening how a healthy, moral , intelligent woman can willingly stuff a donut in her mouth. ..(did i say “a ” donut. ? Make that 10 or more over the course of Chanuka.

    How can I get my old wise strong self back, who ate healthy, who worked towards a better self, a stronger body? Its almost like the pleasure of the choc bar gives me so much pleasure that I feel like “I don’t care” I am going to do it! its so weird.

    any advice?

    BTguy, how do you know so much about diet ? THat is good sound advice what you gave. I know it works. I lost 60 lbs a few years ago doing that. BUt what makes you so into it?


    Hi cinderella,

    Thank you for confirming which book it is. I plan to check it out.

    It sounds like a very sensible and great diet. But like all diets, they have their things, and this one seems to have #7, “More” exercise. lol


    For our Oilam it is easy,??? ??? ? ????? ???? consider it to be like Shabbos a whole week, walk everywhere you need to go, always take stairs instead of elevators, don’t call for deliveries Shoin! You will lose weight very nicely. You want even better weight loss ??? ????????? ? ????? ??? eat on Shabbos as if it was a weekday, a little challoh, a half bowl of cholent instead of cereal, a little seltzer by the kiddush in shul, some fresh fruit for dessert. Presto… you can lose weight easily and efficiently. men can turbocharge this program by following the din to run to shul, and stick to a shul at least a half mile away. I am thinking of writing a book about this heimishe diet plan


    Hi arwsf.

    We HAVE to be kindred

    I also have my “Tomorrow I am gonna start…..” and then there is the chocolate I sneak in since

    I was good for a few hours, usually followed by something salty.

    And on Shabbos and Purim, it is SO easy to “go for it” and worry about it on Monday. lol

    That diet I talked about is great, and easy to follow, if you prepare ahead of time. Sometimes you eat more than you want to, but they recommend you still eat every three or so hours. It is great for losing weight and feeling great.

    I learned about it from where I workout these days. I do MMA with a great organization created by an Israeli fighter. I am not sure if I can mention his name here. They have locations throughout NY, NJ, CT, and one in Florida.

    When I follow that diet, I can really get into the very intense workout. When I dont, I am sucking wind within a matter of 10 minutes.

    I truly enjoy the challenge of eating right, sleeping right, too, and acquiring skill in mixed martial arts.

    They did their research, and while I am sure there are many good diets out there, I dont even see this as a diet. Its more like you can eat, but carefully choose what you eat, and its really not so bad.

    At this point, if I psychologically crave junk, and give in and eat it, I dont feel so good as soon as I finish. I try to remember that and I have much more control now.

    Fitness and diet are a life-long “hobby” so I think we all wax and wane a bit. Like anything else, to the degree we commit, is the degree we benefit. I have to focus on the benefits I want.

    Oh, another thing. If I have it in the house, I will eat it. So I dont buy snacks. It’s usually on Shabbos that I go off my eating pattern. I am not sure how to get past the challah rolls at the meals I am gratefully invited to. I dont want to waste any of it and leave any over.

    Oh, to answer your question about what makes me into it, is that I am the kind of person that benefits if I put effort into something and experiences the consequences if I dont exert effort.

    Also, in my workout, once I am there, on the mat, they get you going, sorta like marine boot camp. You have no option to walk out, like you could at a gym. By the end of the workout, about an hour, I feel awesome, BH.

    Also, the instructor is a very special person. I would say the he, along with my Rabbi, seriously, are the two best supports I have to making the most out of this gift of life. In their separate ways, my life would not be the same without their influence. I am hugely grateful to both of them.

    As to your question as to why I am so into it. I would say, be’H, I have been growing a good deal in my efforts for spiritual and physical well-being. I guess I have a greater awareness of being alive?

    You give me something to think about.

    : )

    PS. That is awesome you once lost 60 pounds. That takes a lot of mind power!


    BTguy, so MMA is like boxing/wrestling no? YOu know what I discovered that I really think is interesting? Krav magra…I would just love to train with those people and learn skills for fighting! Even just to get the adrenaline effect. You might like to see “the Hammer” from Israel on youtube. Try searching for it. He is from morroco or yemen and he comes from a lineage of body guards who served for the emperor or something. Very interesting.

    I know what you’re talking about with your rabbi and your gym instructor being essential in your life. I have had the fortunate experience of having an amazing crossfit instructor at one time in my life. More than anything else it was her attitude that spoke volumes.

    My husband use to to do martial arts. You know, I have this funny little imagination that I become efficient in martial arts,someday, And what if one time I am coming home late and walking under a bridge and I get jumped by some body and then “Bam, are they ever in for a surprise when this scarf clad wearing hasidic lady knocks them out. LOL ok …back to reality now…

    So i ran today, it was great. Next time I’ll do some weights too. Can’t wait to get strong again. Im yirtze hashem. I will try to do more of that diet you described. I Like eating like that.


    BTGuy, there really isn’t so much exercise. Truth is, I didn’t even exercise when I went on that diet. I wasn’t doing it to lose weight so I just skipped that part lol


    you have to google the “hebrew hammer”


    i heard if you always run around with scissors fast you lose a lot of weight, your sanity, and eventually will crave taking up something like MMA or boxing 😉

    that wasn’t so nice….lol..arwsf, you are hilarious, and I’m a big fan of your posts!


    i also had the I’ll start on Monday mentality. That is, until the day my doc told me I was not borderline anything, but full-blown Type 2 diabetic. That was my wake up call. FInally. By making serious carb changes in my life, the weight was a happy by-product. Everything must be balanced, fat is necessary in a healthy diet also. But it should be healthy fat (like olive oil). We need carbs to functiona nd for energy. But we need to get them, from complex sources like sweet potato, brown rice, whole wheat, as opposed to “white” forms of those foods. A regular potato is not necessarily unhealthy for most people. Just not for me, right now. And bake it, don’t fry it. You can safely oven fry potatoe wedges with spray on cooking oil, and get virtually the same effect as deep fried.


    HI arwsf.

    MMA does include boxing, grappling, and conditioning…and if you find a ladies class, I recommend taking the time to go. The process is amazing and it makes you feel great. On top of that, it’s pretty cool to have some jab, cross, and power front kick combos in place, if not just to show off…BH.

    Continue what you are doing, and you will grow stronger, iyH.

    I tell my students that the mind and the body are the only two machines that the more you use them, the better they run.

    Hi cinderella.

    I dont mind the exercise, really, but I do need the motivation. What happens to me is I would go to the gym and get results in about three months, and then start skipping to the point of not going for a long time..and then starting over again.

    What I do now is get in the door of where I train. Once on the mat, the instructor (sensei) does not let you off the hook. He gets you to do a little more than you think you can do, and it is fantastic. One does not need to exercise to have weight come off if they are watching what they eat. Many people work out hard and dont watch what they eat, and do not lose the unnecessary pounds.

    Hi oomis1105.

    I think type 2 is the kind people can reverse. Is that true? If so, I hope you get to that point very soon! Hatzlacha!


    oomis, are you telling us that as a type II you really watch what you eat, and are successful in avoiding those things which you should not have? Kol Ha kavod, if so.


    All these diets are great. The problem is they don’t address the folowing scenarios.

    The accountant who has to work late during tax season and doesn’t have time to excercise.

    The guy who has to commute to work and ends up staying late due to a deadline – and then won’t get home before 9:00.

    The serious masmid who learns in the am and the pm for an hour. He has to commute to and from work for an hour each way. Where is his time to plan food, excercise, get the right amount of sleep, help with kids homework etc…

    This is why people burn out. They try the diet and then they get busy and it’s all over.


    lap band


    Lap band works – but enjoy walking around with a barf bag for the rest of your life


    Lap band works – but enjoy walking around with a barf bag for the rest of your life

    Is it easier to carry than the weight?


    Healthy diet and excercise is the right way – unfortunately frum lifestyles with every event centered around a seudas shlomo hamelech combined with our lack of time to be physically active makes it nearly impossible. But not undoable.

    I know someone who when going to father/son learning program where they gave out free pizza would eat a piece of meat prior to going. When he went the desire just wasn’t there because he knew he can’t break the 6 hour rule. Using this logic – self control is possible – we just need to figure out a way to tap into it.


    “walking around with a barf bag”

    Oh, SG, do you say it like it is. A friend of mine had the banding, and vomiting is a (sad) new fact of life.

    Please, people. Anyone considering a band, don’t ask them what their experince has been. Ask their FRIENDS, and you will see that it is really not the soloution it seems like it is.

    Portion control (I won’t use the “D” word) and exercise can solve almost every weight problem.


    While I am not an expert in the area, I have heard that one of the best methods is to simply cut down the quantity of food you eat (smaller portions) and if at all possible, cut down the junk food completely. I agree with the poster above concerning work and exercise. That being the case, I have found that walking part of the way home (let’s say from a slightly farther bus/train stop) helps with busy schedules.


    Standard diet – increase your proteins, decrease your carbs and make them brown instead of white-drink water-exercise every day-just put on the music and do it before anything else.

    DO NOT ALLOW SNACKS INTO THE HOUSE -if they are not there you can’t cheat and if you are on this blog, you are probably not so good at the control you need.If you need snacks for your life,get stuff you don’t like.

    Stress and busy times-PREPARE- try to have a bowl of sliced cucumbers available-add as little salt as you have to to make it a palatable salty snack for you – if there’s no peeling/slicing available, get sliced pickles. Prepare some plain tuna with some vinegar (or pickles) it will give you something to grab, Chicken cutlets cut into strips and prepared with hot pepper/mustard/cayenne/cajun whatever you like is a very delicious grab food- you can put a bunch into a baggie and bring it with you-it doesn’t taste bad cold either, etc.etc.etc.

    Whenever you are hungry, start with a bottle of water.

    Psych yourself up-don’t take the first bite of that because one bite always leads to the next, to the finish the bar/bag and i’ll start tomorrow-do it for the mitzvah,say it, i am skipping this yummy slice of cake for you Hashem-do it for your family,do it for you,whatever gets you going-we all need our health and the looks is a nice bonus-make little rules-like don’t eat in public, don’t eat after 8:00, keep a diary-like the man said – it’s all commentary!


    The big question I have is why is physical fitness and good nutrition something that frum people are failing in. The reality is that if you walk around to a typical shul you will see at least 60% of the people obese and 85% overweight. There isn’t a doctor in the world that will say these are good.

    Why are we as communities not encouraging fitness more? We do all sorts of chesed but when it comes to this no one really makes the effort.

    For example – if every shul organizes a maos chitim campaign and arranges for bikur cholim meals when it’s mispallelim are sick or whatever, then why shouldn’t we be pushing inter shul basketball games or frum excercise team programs?


    Many gentiles abuse drugs and alcohol, among many other things. Jews don’t suffer so much those ills, but often abuse food instead.


    why is not a question? How long do you hear about THANKSGIVING dinner like it was who knows what kind of a meal – we have that every shabbos, umpteen yomtov meals, simchas b”h. Not hard to understand that a good piece of cake and some rugelach with your cup of coffee is a lot more comforting and delicious than your quinoa strawberry concoction that tastes like glue. Latkes,blintzes,donuts,chulent,flanken,kishke,potatoes are the favored vegetable, and tova ulecha bracha if you find a way to wrap everything in a dough, and fry it mit a bissel shmaltz,etc. etc. etc. It would be a major culrture rewrite, but good luck -would be a great accomplishment!


    The popa diet. Works like a charm.

    Breakfast: 250 calories of whole wheat bread. Best is the Jerusalem bread from Franczoz in williamsburg (sold throughout NYC).

    Lunch: Fruits and vegetables.

    Snack: Fruits and vegetables.

    Dinner: Whatever the blazes I want, though I try to eat healthily, and not just junk food like pasta or potatoes.

    After Dinner snack: Beer.

    Shabbos: Whatever in blazes I want.

    Lost like 40 pounds, and kept if off pretty consistently.


    I’m so tired of band bashing. Please do not comment on the lap band if you yourself do not have one.

    I have one, it saved my life, I DO NOT carry around a bag for vomiting.

    If someone really needs to lose weight, and to keep it off, the lap band may be a very good option, but so many speak negatively of it that it scares off some very good candidates.

    I’m not saying there arent drawbacks, I’m not saying there are no concerns, but let every overweight person decide for themselves. really, carrying around 80+ extra pounds has its own set of dangers.

    You need to speak to a qualified surgeon and get the facts, do not try to research on the net.


    IN MY OPINION consult you’re doctor before you start

    A lot depends why you’re losing weight health, cosmetic shidduchim etc.

    It also depends how much you are overweight and need to lose.

    I offer the following suggestions

    1. do this under the care of your physician see him/her before you start, talk it over and perhaps you may want to go back during and after you lose your desired weight.

    2. You must have a partner, a person close to you on board, you can’t do this alone. Your spouse/parent/roomate etc. must be there to support you, help, and give encouragement.

    3. Dieting is expensive and takes time. You need to buy and eat certain foods that might cost more than you usually spend, they need to be prepared properly to make them enjoyable to eat, and you need to eat at the appropriate time and pace. You also need to take the time to excercise consistently.

    4. Do not drink soda perion only setzer or water, do not eat after 7:00PM only soup or drink, take the time to eat three healthy meals a day, try to eat five fruits a day, drink a cup of dry red wine a day, only whole wheat bread or pasta and only one meal a day, no cake, candy, Pick one day a month to cheat usually rosh chodesh but then fast in the morning to cleanse your system and go back on the diet. eat before you go to a simcha at night and then tell the bal simcha not to set you a place but you’re coming to share their simcha Fish is very healthy as well as chicken. Do not mix carbs with protien as much as you can. If you like pizza eat two slices for an ealy supper and then nothing till the next morning. If you go to a kiddush don’t eat, remember you have healthy food at home that will fill you up. If you need a snack keep enticing looking fruit available for impulse eating. Shabbos eat whole wheat one slice, 2 bowl of chicken soup leaas everything else, salmon or white fish instead of gefilte, and limit the kugels.

    good luck


    Momofsix – no one is bashing the lap band – however, I think you will agree that it should only be used if all else fails. Excercise and diet should always be tried first.


    Also – not everyone is a candidate for a lap band. I heard it’s only for people who are over 100 lbs overweight. People that are 70 lbs overweight won’t be covered by insurance but are health risks.


    the garlic diet sounds like something that makes you lose friends, not pounds


    try not to eat anything much besides lots of coffee and sugarfree jello. This obviously requires lots of self discipline. I’ll admit that it’s hard, but if you do slip up on this plan, there are still ways to “make up” for it. It may not be the healthiest way, but from personal experience I can say it helps me look good, at least on the outside.

    Just a note: don’t do it for too long – or you’ll lose too much weight. And you want to look good, don’t you?


    Well lap band is out it seems like most doctors are now pushing the gastric sleeve surgery.

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