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    what are the best wines to drink for the purim seuda, but not have any signs of a hangover the next day?


    we had ths post like a week ago


    ask the liquer store. the salesman will tell you himself he is very familiar with these type of things i assume.

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    you’re right chayav!!

    (It was started by me)

    FYI: if you want to post check the sticky on the top and put in what you want to talk about

    BTW the best way not to have a hangover is to go to sleep it’s the best sleep ever and you feel better the next day

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    search Lost Tribes Brew.. seems something interesting is Brewing, read about them the other day


    The best wines are the Wines that are Sulfite Free. Ask the Manager at the the Liquor store for sugestions. Dry Wines are healthier than Sweet or Semi Dry. The less Sugar added, the lower the Alcohol content. Sweet Wines may be more taxing to the body because of their Alcoholic Content. This may be more of an important consideration during Pesach, when drinking 4 cups for the Seder.


    Semi Dry and Dry Wines (hopefully without Sulfites) are better for Diabetics, because there is less Sugar added than Sweet Wines.

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    Usually, I drink Malvasia or Moscato d’ asti, made by Bartenura.

    It tastes good and not high alchohol volume.

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    Are sulfite free wines permitted in the US? I think our local kosher wine is sulfite free and I can really tell the difference.


    Anything dry and red with nothing added and nothing taken away should work…

    provided that you don’t mix with other kinds of alcohol and that don’t over-over do it…

    Also make sure that once you’ve stopped drinking wine -you start drinking water, and plenty of it.

    And don’t drive after drinking!

    Ah freilichen peerim!

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    see, I don’t get it!

    the first person to post on mine went onto this whole diatribe abt getting drunk on purim and over here there are normal answers!

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    Generally the nausea which results from wine is caused by the sugar.

    When drinking more than 2-3 cups it is recommended to use either dry wine or a semi (semi-sweet is dryer than semi-dry). Beginners are often recommended to start with a cabernet, though i found merlots to have more of a dead taste which is easier to stomach for those of us who don’t enjoy dry wine and only drink l’sheim shamayim.

    Hangovers and alcohol poisoning generally have more to do with dehydration. Always match 1 cup of water for every cup of wine – don’t just down a bottle and hope for the best. In addition it could be dangerous to drink on an empty stomach and to drink in a short time-span (spread it out over the day).

    drink responsibly-AFREILICHEN PURIM!!!


    spread it out over the day. Depending on how much the kids come home with for Maggid, determines how spread out the 4 cups are.


    147, you have to be pretty drunk to have a Purim seder.


    A major part of the purim story DID happen on pesach

    shmutz face

    i heard achashveirosh used to have a purim seder… thats where achentashin comes from



    Avram in MD

    The best wines are the Wines that are Sulfite Free.

    Anyone know of good ones that fit this bill?

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