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    Good job democrats. Another step in destroying the country.

    yaakov doe

    Cite a source. The 11 million number is an estimate of the undocumented persons presently in the country. Included in that number are the people who clean your homes and deliver your groceries as well as many construction laborers and skilled workers.


    1 Many are children. Children can’t vote.

    2. Many (if not most) of those are coming from socialist dominated regimes that they can’t stand. Based on most recent immigrants from those countries, they are hard workers who wish to keep the money they make and not turn it over to the government. While some people such as Trump who was openly anti-Hispanic (calling all Mexicans “rapists”) could scare them into being Democrats, many will end up as Republicans.

    Reb Eliezer

    Immigrants are not robots. They have a mind of their own. If the Democrats satusfy their needs, they will vote for them, otherwise they will not.


    akuperma: Children tend to reach 18 years of age eventually.


    ujm: but by the time immigrant children reach adulthood they are so assimilated that it doesn’t make any difference — if you are really concerned about socialist radicalization, work to close down the elite universities. Kids who become hard working stiffs will turn into “deplorables” whose votes are up for grabs


    No. Each undocumented voter will get TWO ballots, one to make up for the prior elections in which he/she was unable to cast a ballot.

    Seriously, though, if you even bother to read the draft Biden proposal, it will be many years before most of these voters actually are able to earn eligibility for voting.


    To ujm: An 8-year old immigrant takes about 10 years to become eligible to vote. And 18-year-old eligible voters take several more years before they actually exercise their right to vote.

    Does anyone have reliable data on voter participation by new immigrants? I am sure that lakewhut does not. Is it possible, maybe, that immigrants, even Hispanic ones, have something valuable to contribute to America. And, lakewhut, how far up your family tree must we climb to find immigrants?

    Fixed that for you. Must be your autocorrect is broken.-29


    akuperma no many are criminal able bodied men


    To lakewhut: Crime rates among illegal immigrants are lower than among US citizens. More immigrants means lower crime rates. Sorry to confuse you with facts.


    Given that a criminal is much worse off as an illegal immigrant (due to prejudice in any country against aliens, and the fact they can be deported even if found innocent), criminals generally prefer to follow their life of crime in their home country. By definition, a foreigner sticks out, and the last a criminal desires into stick out.

    Trump shocked the Democrats by the respectable percentage of Hispanic votes he got. A Republican who sticks the core of Trump’s message, aimed for the working class (the “deplorables” in Democratic eyes), and avoids some of the off-color racist messaging that kept getting Trump in trouble, will undermine any Democratic advantage among new immigrants. It should also be noted that historically, it does not take very long for new immigrants to become nativists (and to start objecting to ever newer immigrants). Note by the way, that with a 19th century standard, Trump would be considered a new immigrant (1st and 2nd generation native to the USA, depending on parent).


    Lakewhut is busy posting LIES. What a surprise, NOT.
    11 Million illegal immigrants are NOT being brought in by President Biden. He is proposing a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants who are already in the USA.

    IF, President Biden arranges it so additional immigrants can enter the USA, then those immigrants will NOT be illegal, they will enter legally.

    Keep spewing lies and hate and xenophobia. That’s what led to the refusal and death of Jewish refugees such as those on the ST. Louis.

    All of us (in America) should remember that our families were immigrants to this country, some did not enter legally. Were we saved from the army of the Tsar, pogroms, famine, the Shoah?

    Reb Eliezer

    CTLAWYER, according lakewhut’s understanding he is not lying as they are currently not citizens and can’t vote and he thinks they will vote for Democrats.


    I believe most new economic immigrants tend to vote for a party that provides more benefits.
    Exception are political immigrants and refugees with prior experience of socialism: Cubans, Russians, East Europeans. Including Jews from those countries. Not sure where Chinese stand on this. Later on, some move to more conservative positions, but many stay behind (Reform Jews).
    Eventually, it evens out, as most all voters are descendants of immigrants and the country is split 50-50 (in electoral results)


    I would not trust statistics quoted about illegal immigration one way or another. They are most likely propaganda. Many quotes say “immigrants have less crime”, for example, intentionally confuse legal and illegal immigrants. The other side often brings spectacular cases that may not be representative.

    Legal immigration is much safer as people are to some degree vetted for their background and have known connections to people or companies in US. Congress should agree to the number we are willing to accept and stick with the numbers. If you want more, maybe organize private charity and sponsor more (may need some legislation also). Soviet Jews, arriving as refugees, were faring better in the communities that helped them directly, v. those that offloaded them to government services.

    In extreme cases, like Syria, the most practical way to support refugees is to resettle most of them in nearby countries. Bringing 10,000 of them to US is taking focus away from the millions left behind.


    Lakewhut is lying when saying President Biden will bring in 11 million illegal immigrants.
    If they are already here the President is not bringing them in. If the rules are changes to allow entry they are not being brought in illegally.
    I never used the word vote or voting. The headline Lakewhut chose for his post is a LIE.


    Yes, the idea that Biden is “bringing in” illegal immigrants is indeed a lie, but that is to be expected from the Republicans. They are already here. Ronald Reagan “brought in” three million illegal immigrants by that logic.

    About half of these illegal immigrants are originally from Mexico. Most have been here over a decade; many were brought here as children by their parent. Illegal immigration, particularly from Mexico, has declined significantly and in fact the net migration to Mexico has been in the other direction as many Americans have moved to Mexico in the past decade. Mexico is a more hospitable country.


    Didn’t Israel allow a million or two Russians to immigrate without checking Jewish status in part to water down the rapidly growing Chareidi vote?


    >> in part to water down the rapidly growing Chareidi vote

    such ahavat israel .. Or maybe to be sure that all Jews will come given how many mixed families were among them?


    Apparently, Bidenistas are canceling agreement with Mexico on preventing Central Americans move through their territory (which they did in lieu of paying for the wall, I guess). What is the justification? If I understand correctly, international laws on refugees say that they should apply to the first country they enter.


    You are so wrong. I have tremendous ahavas Yisroel. Why not throw stones while in your glass house? The Medina is petrified of the Chareidim becoming the majority. That’s poshut. The wholesale importation of many non Jews has caused immeasurable problems. Including additional intermarriage. All Ethiopians undergo geirus misofek. Why not all Russians?


    >> All Ethiopians undergo geirus misofek. Why not all Russians?

    Because Ethiopians went through hundreds of years of having their version of Yehadut. Russians started coming in the 70s – 60 years after Soviets destroyed religious life, or just 30 for those from Lithuania and Latvia. A competent beit din can figure out who is Jewish or not by talking to their grandparents.

    FYI, when the student movement for Soviet Jewry was starting in US in the 60s, both Rabbis and Israeli government were not eager. R Feinstein, R Teitz, Lubavitch Rebbe all called for a quiter approach to a different degree, partly being afraid of Soviets, partly to protect their own quiet efforts. R Soloveichik, when asked by students, consulted Israeli government, and also suggested restrained, but later changed his mind, when he realized that he based his halachik ruling on false advise from Israelis – he asked them “what is best for Soviet Jews”, and they replied “what is best for Israel” (as they hoped for diplomacy with USSR).

    You seem to be making a similar logical error – making conclusions about a group of Jews not based on what they are, but how it immediately affects you.


    >All Ethiopians undergo geirus misofek.<

    Not all and that is a real problem.

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