Biden calls his second-in-command ‘President Harris’

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    Not the first time Biden did this. On the campaign trail he made a similar “mistake”. Is it dementia or is Harris really the President? Either way the 25th needs to be applied to Biden and remove him from office and arrest Kamala for helping him steal an election.


    Rav Yohanan called Vespasian Ceasar, so it is OK
    He used “President Harris and I” rather than me, so I would say Mr. Biden is a pretty educated Senator.


    AAQ, his wifes a doctor too, so I guess thats good too lol


    Torah, as in the famous cartoon, the restaurant owner taking phone reservations: “Is it for a real doctor, or just a PhD?”, Dr Biden will be embarrassed to answer: Sorry, just an EdD earned while my husband was a senator.

    I was first envious to see that her thesis is in “top 20 most read” theses this year. But then I opened it (and some twitter chachamim who pointed this out), and I feel her embarrassment. First, it is pretty revealing that her first page is about counting how many different sub-groups are in a typical community college. But then, she does math – “out of typical 20 people”, 3/4 are white, 1/4 are African-American, 1 is Hispanic, and the rest are Asian. CALLING MR. YANG’s MATH


    Mr. Biden is also following in footsteps of

    1) Dubno maggid, who explained his amazing parables – “I first shoot, and then paint the target around it”. So does Mr. Biden – first, found 100 mln doses that Trump left under the table for him, then declared the goal, and then achieved it EARLY!! We need to acknowledge that he is a baki at creating good impressions.

    2) Urim VeTumim and respected poskim – rather than making a detailed point and risking mixing up the names or the reasons, he simply responds to prepared question with a nod: Is Putin a kill? A nod. Is Harris a President.

    Reb Eliezer

    AAQ. the joke goes that someone passes on and the gate above is asked, who is there? He answers, it is I. They wonder, another English teacher?


    >> He answers, it

    Well, at least if someone says “President Harris and I”, we know exactly who he is. Or maybe her future VP, lo aleinu.


    It’s impressive that he can remember her last name.


    >> he can remember her last name

    Of course he does – after she accused him on throwing little her under the bus. Maybe after his own bitter VP experience (*), he decided to torture her.

    (*) Biden recently started opening up how Obama’s people disrespecting him. He is dissing them more than he is dissing Trump now. BidenCare = ObamaCare + Trump’s vaccines

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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