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    You smug Dems living in the suburbs better watch it. Biden and Kamala Harris are set to destroy the suburbs. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


    Atleast that will help Jews in Kiryas Joel and Lakewood as they want to turn the suburbs into cities


    “destroy the suburbs”????
    Yup…..the Democratic platform will feature a proposal to require pink plastic flamingos and “Black Lives Matter” signs on every lawn, allowing greedy landlords to subdivide single family homes and bus in low-life tenants from the “big city” to ruin the neighborhoods and disallow above ground backyard pools. Suburban life as we know it will be gone forever.
    Thanks for the warning.


    As I said many times before , the Trumpists have nothing to show for 4 years except hate and scare tactics.

    Trump has destroyed the party and is going to lose so big(ly) in November that the Republicans will be eating crow for years to come.


    Tax cuts, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital if Israel, decimating ISIS, a more stable middle east, a better economy than the democrats would run


    BLM and ANTIFA used by the DNC hate Jews. A vote for a Dem is a vote for ANTIFA and BLM.


    freed rubashkin!!!!!!

    Ed in Miani

    For the first time in years, I’m thinking of purchasing one or more guns for protecting my family and myself. Fortunately, I don’t live in a “blue state.”

    History Buff

    How did the suburbs get into the discussion? Trump supports people who live in mansions. He gave them enormous tax cuts. They are not affected by COVID in their isolated environments helicoptering from mansion to vacation villa. They are laughing at Trump voters.

    ☕️coffee addict

    History buff is obviously not an economist major


    Dear Jackk,
    The Republicans can easily walk away from Trump if he loses badly. There has been a post trump Republican movement since 2017! We could put together a long list of Repulicans who campaigned against or said they will not vote for him this year.


    Now they are laughing but they won’t be if Biden wins


    1 –
    He will never mention even one of the things you mentioned to get re-elected because they are all his failures.

    Tax cuts are worthless when you can’t pay for them and the economy did not get better for the majority of Americans.
    Obama added 8.588 trillion to the national debt in 8 years.
    Trump added 5 trillion to the national debt in his first 3 years . He promised to eliminate it.
    The are millions of Americans currently unemployed . Trump’s economy is terrible.
    The 130,000 people dead from Covid can’t vote for him. But their family members who are suffering will remember his pathetic response.

    He is running for President of the USA , Most Americans couldn’t care about where the American embassy is or Rubashkin. If you said the name Rubashkin to 99% of Americans , they wouldn’t know who you are talking about. His also pardoned many traitors that he deemed worthy of pardoning. He uses his pardoning power to curry favor with people he want to keep loyal.
    His great Peace Plan for the Mid- East is nowhere in sight and DOA. Wouldn’t you like there to be real peace in the Mid-East?

    Russia payed the Taliban to kill Americans and Trump did nothing. That is not a good Commander In Chief.

    Please feel free to vote for him but there are many Americans who believe that we can do much better with a Biden presidency There are even many Republicans who will never vote for Trump. They have a Lincoln Project group and show what a disaster his presidency has been for America.
    Racial Strife , division and Police brutality – including the protests – are a direct result of his presidency.
    He is a great divider.


    There won’t be peace as long as there are Palestinians in Israel. Are you Jewish?


    Yes Biden has a fifty plus year record of saying that anyone who wants to should be able to live in a suburb. Especially blacks and Jews. (He has Jewish grandchildren.)

    The racists and anti-Semites are worried that their world will be shattered. May it happen!

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