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    This fake president.approaches every issue the wrong way. Like Carter, terrible on foreign policy, high gas prices, short supply. The guy is clueless Joe.


    1. High gas prices is seen by Democrats as a “feature”, not a “bug”. He is accomplishing his goal. Most of what went wrong with Carter was in spite of his policies (i.e. his policies didn’t work).

    2. Comparing Afghanistan to Ukraine (and rejecting the idea that the difference is that the Afganis are “off-white” Muslims), it appears the Biden is capable of learning from his mistakes. Most politicians tend to feel if something doesn’t work, they need just to keep trying. We should note that Carter’s stance of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, which continued under Reagan, was a major factor in destroying the “evil empire”.

    3. So far, Biden has managed to get Ukraine to tie up Russia in knots without starting World War III. This all might fall apart, but so far it hasn’t. Failure (for Biden) would, on one extreme, mean that within a few hours Putin had installed a puppet government in Kiev and effectively annexed Ukraine (back) into Russia – or on the other hand, started a full scale war (in which case, we would all be Olam ha-Ba).


    To (clueless) lakewhut:

    a. Biden is the real president, in every sense of the word.

    b. What should he be doing differently?


    lakewhut: what’s the right way, oh wise man



    Well for gas he made a policy decision to make the US more reliant on foreign countries. His head of transportation the symbol for Toeivah says let them all drive teslas.
    He could have maybe done something to prevent Russia from invading. Now he’s acting after the fact and looking tough. If he really cared about Ukraine he would have done something before but this is just a distraction away from the terrible job he’s done.
    Was it a good idea to give the Taliban billions of dollars in weapons?
    Either he’s stupid or someone like Soros is pulling his strings.
    He made people lose jobs over his vaccine mandates now boasts how jobs have gone up… because he eliminated them first.
    The stock markets are doing terribly. Overall everything has gone worse under Biden’s leadership. He saw russia take crimea as VP and invade Ukraine now as president. He hasn’t learned from mistakes; he’s using an opportunity to look tough on Russia after the fact but he’s going about it completely wrong. Cancelling everything in Russia is hurting the American economy. Not everyone can rely on subways to get around or can have an electric car. He’s a moron.


    So far Biden seems to be doing fine, although he has a political tin ear and really slow on optics. He should have made the point that for NOW and the short-term, it will have to be “drill baby drill” until we get through the immediate Russian induced price shock, while in the longer term continue the steady market-driven transition to renewables. He could win more votes now by telling those on the left fringes on his party to “stuff it” for now and focus on getting oil/ga to Europe from wherever we can. Any increased domestic supplies will take at least 6-9 months to come on line so increasing supplies from Venezuela et. al makes sense to help the Germans et. al. forego purchases from Russia


    @GH So now we should help Venezuela? That makes sense. We should be fracking here and drilling. And open the keystone pipeline.


    GH how is he doing fine? Everything he touches gets worse.


    To clueless lakewhut: I asked you what you thought Biden should do about Putin’s attack on Ukraine, and you answered, “something.” Not sufficient. And, to paraphrase Hillel, all the rest [of your response] is gibberish. But you did finish strong: you called Biden a “moron.” Nothing more persuasive than name-calling.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I think what Gadolhadorah said makes sense (and lakewhut didnt read it properly btw) but due to biden being controlled by the far left, it will never happen

    biden isn’t programmed to say the word drill


    Oil companies are recording record profits. They really don’t care how much you suffer when you pay them at the pump.
    In the third quarter of 2021 alone, 24 top oil and gas companies made more than $74bn in net income. From January to September, the net income of the group, which includes Exxon, Chevron, Shell and BP, was $174bn.

    Psaki was speaking directly to Fox news’s Doocy when he brought up the same issue.
    “There’s no question” the price hikes are a “direct result of the invasion of Ukraine,” Psaki responded. “Federal policies are not limiting the supplies of oil and gas,” she added.

    When Doocy interrupted her, Psaki fired back: “Peter, let me give you the facts here. I know that can be inconvenient, but I think they’re important in this moment.”

    Biden administration officials have been “clear” about the need for the U.S. oil supply to meet demand while also pushing for a shift to renewable energy sources, she said.

    Psaki pointed out that the U.S. is one of the world’s largest producers of oil and gas, noting that oil production in the nation is at “record numbers.”

    Meanwhile, there are “9,000 approved drilling permits that are not being used, so the suggestion that we are not allowing companies to drill is inaccurate,” Psaki added. “I would suggest you ask the oil companies why they’re not using those if there’s a desire to drill more.”

    TL;DR, Facts can be inconvenient.

    Dr. Pepper


    b. What should he be doing differently?

    Your question reminds me of a story my father told me some time ago. He’s sitting in his office when one of the partners storms in furiously and slams the door. After throwing himself down into a chair he says- “you’ll never believe what happened to me last night”!

    Here’s what happened- His daughter called and woke him up at 2:00 A.M. and asked if he could pick her up from down town. He wanted to know what she was doing down town at that hour and she explained that the bar she works at was going strong when her shift was over and her manager asked her not to leave. He yelled a string of profanities, told her to have her boyfriend pick her up and warned her to never call him in middle of the night again.

    Then he looks at my father and says, “you’re a smart guy- would you have handled the situation differently?”

    My father said, “I honestly don’t know how I would’ve handled it because that situation would never happen for the following reasons-

    1. I wouldn’t go to sleep unless I knew that all my kids were in a safe place,
    2. If one of them would call in middle of the night needing a ride I’d be out the door to pick them up before I had a chance to ask what they were doing wherever they were,
    3. My kids would never work in a bar,
    4. My daughters would never have a boyfriend,
    5. I wouldn’t talk to my kids (or anyone else for that matter) with the kind of expletives that you just used.
    6. I specifically let my kids know that if they ever need my help at any time they should call and I’ll be right over.”

    So to ask what the president should be doing differently- he shouldn’t have gotten himself into the situation in the first place.

    None of this happened while Former President Trump was in the White House.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    “Facts can be inconvenient.”

    guess that explains why you left out the response from the oil companies?



    Response of oil companies to what ?


    1. You are definitely numero uno in terms of your ability to cram more misstatements into a single post than just about any other poster. I won’t bother with them all but as an example, your rant included the following tidbit:
    “He [Biden]made people lose jobs over his vaccine mandates now boasts how jobs have gone up… because he eliminated them first…”

    Sorry, but most of the mask mandates at the FEDERAL level never became effective due to court stays or injunctive action. Most of those who lost their jobs were from vaccination requirements imposed by companies in the private sector who decided that it was good business practice for THEM and their customers. For example, United Airlines decided early on that most passengers would feel a bit safer if flight crews were vaccinated and they achieved roughly 98% vaccination rate.
    Some state and local governments also imposed vaccination requirements for certain public sector jobs like first responders and health care workers. If you bothered to google, you will see the attrition rate at hospitals attributed to vaccination mandates was about 2-3% of total employees. In NYC, the number of first responders who lost their jobs because of vaccination requirements was about 1.2%
    The highest national estimate of individuals terminated as a result of failure to adhere to vaccination requirements was about 180,000 jobs compared with 6.34 million new jobs created during 2021, Biden’s first year in office. That really high job loss estimate has been criticized for including some who used the vaccination requirement as an excuse to claim unemployment in several red states that offered the option to anti-vax employees or for other reasons.
    Sorry, facts are inconvenient but occasionally do matter.


    Hulu the reason why we are in this situation now is because Biden didn’t act on time. He’s escalating the conflict even more with these all out sanctions and it’s hurting America economically. He’s reacting not preventing.


    > What should he be doing differently?

    US seems to do some reasonable things – after declaring and trying everything else… most important: they consistently act according to some great theories – until theories fail, instead of analyzing things deeply and listening to multiple views. In this case, they follow the idea that deterrents should be gradual because if you use all of them, there is no more deterrent. So, we first don’t do SWIFT, then we do. We buy oil, then we don’t buy oil – when Congress threatens to embarrass the President.. . We don’t transfer planes, then we say we do, but Poland doesn’t, then Poland does, and we don’t know what to do. We don’t do no-fly zone, but maybe later we will.

    This seemingly did not work at all, and continues so. Every time, Russians see this as a weakness. Imagine if a month ago there would be 100% sanctions, all european MIGs would be flying Belorussian border and all Javelins in place. Putin would have ended up saying – what are you talking about? I told you this was an exercise, why are you overreacting. Western leaders would look silly, apologize, maybe even lose elections, but there would be no war. Possibly. This is not simple. Just outlining a possibility.

    Another: Kabul. Many people immediately said that the weakness invites Russians and Chinese to do something. They were right..


    Hashem granted Carter a long life so that he does not stay a worst President. That means Hashem accepted his good intentions despite poor results.



    ” Imagine if a month ago there would be 100% sanctions, all european MIGs would be flying Belorussian border and all Javelins in place. Putin would have ended up saying – what are you talking about? I told you this was an exercise, why are you overreacting. Western leaders would look silly, apologize, maybe even lose elections, but there would be no war.”

    Have you been listening to him this past few weeks ?
    Have you been watching him destroy Ukraine and his own country’s economy and place in the world ?

    The more likely scenario would be that Putin would say, “I told you that NATO and the Ukraine are a threat to me. They keep provoking me. I am going into Ukraine to remove the threat from my border.”

    America’s exit from Kabul having anything to do with Russia invading the Ukraine is pure speculation, mostly propagated by Republicans who seize on anything to denigrate Biden.
    Trump being able to prevent Russia from attacking Ukraine – if he even wanted to prevent it since he might have been willing to just let him have it – is pure wishful thinking.
    John Bolton claims that Putin didn’t attack Ukraine under Trump because Trump was weakening and dismantling NATO for him. Whether that is true is also pure speculation but it is just as valid.


    Bolton is a professional liar. Trump didn’t weaken NATO; he made the participating countries pay more.



    Was Bolton a professional liar before, during or only after Trump fired him?


    To AAQ: I like your theory of Jimmy Carter’s longevity. I though it was all the peanuts in his diet.

    I remember being sorely disappointed with the failed attempt to rescue the hostages held by Iran in 1979-80, though I was not sure whether the failure was attributable to him or the US commandos and their military superiors. Years later, I heard him give a speech, and it was clear that he was very knowledgeable about national and world affairs.


    Huju So did he know that he was empowering radical muslims in Iran? He was a fool. There’s a reason he lost in many safe blue states in 1980



    Good intentions?

    Peanut farmer Carter was a horrible President. He is a also an outspoken Israel hater and thereby one of the world’s greatest anti-Semites. There’s a nice warm place waiting for him, right next to every Democrat’s hero, FDR.


    jackk, you list things as pure speculation. They are not. They are _predictions_ by a number of reasonable people that came true. Your explanations are excuses. Yes, things can go badly without President’s responsibilities, but here there are many and they were predictable.

    For example, right now, we can’t find people willing to sell oil at $130 a barrel! Arabian prince is not picking up the phone; US oil companies do not trust the government not to stub them in the back. Looks like they can only find some commies who feel good about increasing production. This is way underperforming the image of a statesman. Maybe call Kushner and ask him to negotiate, or he does not pick up the phone also? And yes, I am sure you can explain why Saudis are not helping, despte helping numerous other US Presidents.


    Dofi, I agree with you. Still, he had some good intentions, not just parroting party line, and he was knowledgeable in some issues, being a nuclear engineer. See how he spent his post-presidency: mostly doing small things, rather than flying around partying, I think.

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