Biden tries to claim credit for cease-fire between Israel and Hamas

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    Here’s the career Plagiarist taking credit for something else he didn’t do. An example of actually brokering a deal is Trump at the Abraham Accords.



    You clearly did NOT listen to his 3 minute remarks because he did NOT take credit for the cease-fire.
    In fact, he thanked many people and many nations that were involved in the effort.
    He also prayed to G-D publicly that the peace should continue since he is a obviously a very religious man and is not ashamed to say so.

    Sarah S

    In what religion is he “obviously a very religious man and is not ashamed to say so.”? The religion of abortion, deviant relationships, funding of Iran and terrorism, protection of Rashanta Tlaib and her fellow behaimos, etc.? If so, then I agree with you. He is extremely adherent to the religion of “progressive” liberalism and destruction of everything this once great nation stood for.



    Why are you more of an apologist for BidenHarris than anyone on these boards have been for Trump? BodenHarris have consistently shown themselves to be much worse for Jewish causes, Jews and Israel than the previous administration. Possibly even worse tahn teh Osama administration.

    Ben Levi

    It is an objectively true fact that whomever votes for the Democrat Party is voting for the party that
    a) Has a strong base of at least 20 to 30 percent that is actively opposed to Israel ( how many voted for Bernie.

    b) Has a core of rising stars that are visibly opposed to Israel ( The “Squad”
    The Republican party may have isolated cases of individuals who are anti-Israel however the leadership and core are visibly and actively pro-Israel

    a) Donald Trump was and is acknowledged by all to have been one of the most beneficial Presidents in History for the Israeli State.

    Ted Cruz, McCarthy, Hannity, DeSantis & others who have leading voices in the Republican Party were not shy about forcefully speaking up and defending Israel and forcefully condemning Hamas.

    It is also objectively true that while Trump was in office there was peace in the Mideast.
    Permanent Peace treaties were signed not temporary truces.

    The USA stopped send hundreds of millions of dollars to those who killed Jews.

    As soon as Biden entered office the Hamas terrorists saw fit to start another war.

    As a wry Isreali commentator said

    “we are glad the Jews who voted for Biden are no longer bothered by Trumps tweets, Instead, now we are bothered by Hamas rockets”


    Sarah S,

    The answer to your question has been asked and answered at least 100 times on YWN.

    (Funny, how you never asked how Trump was religious when he stole from his 8 different charities and can’t operate a charity anymore.)

    Suffice it to say that Biden is a very religious man and his religion does not prevent him from allowing people of other religions and faiths, or people of no faith and no religion, to live freely in America and worship as they choose.

    He did not protect her. He rejected her and her fellow beheimos. (Beheimos ? Is that a Torah concept for Tzelem Elokim’s ? Do you want the goyim to believe that we believe they are beheimos ?

    Maybe you can give us a history listen on what you believe this great nation once stood for that Biden is destroying?

    Reb Eliezer

    The Biden diplomacy was through the allies to both sides behind the scene as President Theodore Rolsevelt said, speak softly and carry a big stick.

    ☕️coffee addict


    It is due to Biden that we have a ceasefire

    He kept out of the negotiations so it didn’t get messed up



    Because there are posts everyday that are either outright lies or completely biased about Biden and democrats.
    More than Trump defenders?! Please check Health and Lakewhut and many others on this board who defended Trump from every criticism for 5 years and still continue.


    “permanent peace”? Please tell that to the people who died, suffered property damage, and were forced into bomb shelters in the past 2 weeks.

    Trump lost because he never expanded his base.
    His own party rejected him and ran ads against him.
    The Jews who voted for Biden never made a difference in his loss.

    Reb Eliezer

    Biden gives credit to his team for negotiating.


    CA it is due to Israel hitting back and threatening to do more that there’s a ceasefire.


    Ben Levi -“As soon as Biden entered office the Hamas terrorists saw fit to start another war.”

    This is True.
    Of course the Libs that post here will deny it.

    I saw a video from Sky News who had on a Former British Colonel that said the American weakness from the Biden Administration signaled that Now is the Time to attack!
    They wouldn’t dare start up with Trump.

    Are the Jewish Libs gonna take credit for all the Jewish Deaths in the last few days?!?


    Jackk liberal jews like soros Bernie and Zuckerberg didn’t make a difference? You just struck out big time there.

    Reb Eliezer, Biden can’t stand up the extremists in his own party; he’s weak. Doesn’t carry anything.


    >> The Biden diplomacy was through the allies to both sides behind the scene

    I still stand by my evaluation: Biden’s team is very focused on how they look politically. Within hours of ceasefire, there are well-sourced articles describing in detail how smoothly they worked behind the scenes, even how they were much better than Kerrey and Hillary during similar fighting. This means that these people had enough time during the crisis to work with journalists developing the story.

    This does not mean that they did something wrong, but it also does not mean that you need to believe the press releases.

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