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    Congrats dem Jews. Selling us out one election at a time. Trump was great for Israel.


    And what is YOUR long-term strategy for governing Gaza w/o engaging in some fantasy about expelling 2+ million Gazans to Arab countries that won’t take them or requiring tens of thousands of IDF troops to become a permanent occupation army? I’m sure Bibi would greatly appreciate your advice as to what he should do in several months from now.


    Hadorah: Why are you against the IDF permanently occupying Gaza?


    It’s a sakanah for Jews if a Palestinian state is made directly following October 7. It signals to the Palestinians that if they kill enough Jews, they’ll get what they want. Nothing to do with pride or not wanting to be defeated – it’s just putting more Jews in sakanah.



    [1] Every time Israel expresses willingness to make major territorial giveaways in exchange for worthless promises, they give new hope to those people who want Israel to vanish completely.

    [2] Every time Israel expresses willingness to make territorial giveaways, they convince more people that the land does NOT belong to Israel, because if the land really belongs to Israel, then why would they be willing to give it away to their enemies?

    [3] Israel’s willingness to make territorial compromises is misinterpreted by Arabs and Muslims as a sign of weakness; and the perception of weakness inspires Arabs and Muslims to attack Israel, not to make peace with Israel.

    [4] In Arab and Muslim culture, written contracts and treaties do not have the same sacred binding character they do in Europe and the Americas. One possible reason for this is the historically very-low-rate of literacy among Arabs and Muslims.

    Another reason for this:
    Islam teaches that treaties that Muslims make with non-Muslims can be broken, as soon as it is to the advantage of Muslims to do so.

    Therefore, written Peace Treaties with Muslims are worthless, and only work temporarily, for as long as the Muslims know that they are not able to conquer the non-Muslims.


    Jonathan S. Tobin said:

    “As our Evelyn Gordon wrote in a prescient COMMENTARY [magazine]
    article published in January 2010, by signaling its willingness to withdraw
    from some territory, the Israelis did not convince anyone of their good intentions.

    To the contrary, such concessions reinforced the [false]
    conviction that Israel was a thief in possession of stolen property.

    The reaction from the Palestinians and hostile Europeans
    was not gratitude for the generosity of the Israelis
    in giving up land to which they too had a claim,
    but a demand that it be forced to give up even more.

    Land-for-peace schemes and a belief in two states
    on the part of Israelis has always led most Palestinians
    to believe that their goal of forcing the Jews
    out of the entire country was more realistic, not less so.”

    SOURCE: article titled: Israeli Peace Gestures
    Not Only Don’t Work. They Make Things Worse
    by Jonathan S. Tobin, 2015 March 31, Commentary Magazine

    Sarah N. Stern said:

    “Like many Jewish organizations, J Street is seduced
    by lofty slogans like ‘pro-Israel/pro-peace’.

    These words are intended to give the impression that
    all that Israel has to do is immediately withdraw from the territories,
    and then peace would ultimately break out.

    This ignores the empirical evidence of what happened after
    the withdrawal from southern Lebanon in May of 2000,
    giving Hezbollah and their 150,000 missiles easy striking distance to Israel.

    It also ignores the internally gut-wrenching Gaza withdrawal of 2005,
    where the land has been used to launch thousands of rockets*
    and incendiary devices launched from kites and balloons,
    making life for those on Gaza’s neighboring communities a living hell
    and destroying thousands of acres of Israel’s agricultural land.”

    * NOTE: more than 10,000 rockets

    SOURCE: Notes on the J Street conference
    by Sarah N. Stern (President of the Endowment
    for Middle East Truth), 2019/10/31 www (dot) JNS (dot) org

    Abdul Hameed al Ghabin [Saudi writer and political analyst] said:

    “How can we achieve peace if the Palestinian people
    remain without a place to call home? The answer is simple:

    Jordan is already 78% of historical Palestine.

    Jordanians of Palestinian origin constitute more than 80%
    of the population according to U.S. intelligence cables leaked in 2010.
    Jordan is essentially already the Palestinian Arab state.

    The only problem is, the King of Jordan refuses to acknowledge this.”

    SOURCE: A new Saudi perspective for peace
    by Abdul Hameed al Ghabin 2019/8/21, www dot JNS dot org


    “People tend to forget that the doctrine of territories for peace
    was used by [Adolph] Hitler in [year] 1939,
    when he declared that he would leave Europe in peace,
    if territories in Poland that Germany lost
    in World War I were ceded to Germany.”

    SOURCE: Moshe Arens, former Member of Knesset
    and Israeli Minister of Defense, HaAretz, 2004/1/22

    Retired Lt General Tom Kelly
    (Chief of Operations of the 1991 Gulf War) said:

    “I cannot defend this land [Israel] without
    that terrain [the West Bank]…

    Without the West Bank, Israel is only 8 miles wide
    at its narrowest point. That makes it indefensible.”

    SOURCE: The Jewish Connection Magazine,
    2012 January 6 edition, page 14, article titled:
    The 2012 Arab Street Driven Security Requirements
    written by retired Ambassador Yoram Ettinger

    “J-Street and Peace Now and practically the entire
    Democratic Party and all of Western Europe take it as
    axiomatic that a new State of Palestine would bring peace.

    Voices who point out that Israel concessions
    in the past to Palestinians has brought less,
    not more, peace have been drowned out.”

    SOURCE: article titled: Large majority of Palestinians
    say the conflict should continue even AFTER they get a state
    ElderOfZiyon dot blogspot dot com



    If Israeli soldiers were permanently located inside Gaza, they would be daily targets for Hamas terrorists.

    The losses would be terrible.


    jackk, the loses were pretty bad after the experiment to never go into gaza and let them govern themselves, but with free Jewish supplied utiltiies and healthcare of course.
    This rush to invent a new state, and put it inside Israel for whatever reason reminds me of the race for either Obama or Clinton when the media said they needed it for their “legacy”. Since we have a guy in DC who has been there since the 1970’s, it might be the same morbid motivation. Or maybe some satire writers have it right. If all it took was to kill and defile enough people to get what they wanted, maybe they should’ve tried it years earlier.
    Which is it?

    word revision 




    Are you for the stationing of Israeli soldiers permanently in Gaza or not? If you are for it, then you can take the responsibility of every 19 year old soldier who dies in Gaza.
    I hope that Israel completes the job of destroying Hamas and then get out of there as soon as possible.

    This has nothing to do with any legacy or Hamas getting what it wants. It has to do with the reality that Israel will complete it’s goal of destroying Hamas and then needs to decide what to do afterwards. If your only suggestion is that Israel should stay there and become the policemen forever in Gaza , I think you need to reconsider.


    Jack, what was different between 1967 and 2005?


    RE: “Jordan is already 78% of historical Palestine. Jordanians of Palestinian origin constitute more than 80%
    of the population …” — Meaning that if a Palestinian state is established in Jordan, it will be well situated to start to work recapturing its lost territories (Israel). The flaw in the Zionist movement was always that they forgot that the Arabs have been the largest group in Eretz Yisrael for well over a thousand years, and are very unlikely to ever agree to settlement that leave Eretz Yisrael other than under Muslim rule. This was pointed out in the last century by Hareidi gedolim, and ignored by the various types of zionists. One should consider how the Americans would acted if the indigenous Americans attempted to establish an indigenous state in place of the United States (and American control of the United States has been for a much shorter period – 200 years most of what is now the United States was under indigenous control).


    This idea of moving millions of Arabs in The West Bank & Gaza to the Palestinian country of Jordan (or elsewhere) is pure nonsense.
    What would you say if you were told you the land you live on is being given to Native Americans but don’t worry, we have a similar piece of land & house waiting for you in Calgary Canada. What’s the big deal? It’s also a democracy. They speak English. You can freely practice your religion. No big deal, Boro Park or Calgary same thing.


    Jack and Dora

    You’re right, defending ourselves against the Gaza Nazis is too costly and complicated.

    We should just let them overrun the entire state of Israel like they did on simchas Torah. Much simpler



    You are seriously comparing boro park to Gaza.


    Is anyone calling boro park an open aired concentration camp?

    Gaza actually is; albeit because of Hamas And not because of Israel.

    Please go live in Gaza for a week and then come back and tell me if anyone whose main goal in life is not killing Jews would remain there.

    The fact is that given the chance virtually all Gazans would leave in a heartbeat. Probably end up in boro park. Or Calgary. As long as it’s not Gaza.

    If only you cared about Gazans as much as you hated Jews

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