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    Surrender to the Taliban, leaving our entire arsenal with them
    Empower Venezuela, Iran, Hamas, Farah, and China
    Start a war with a NATO ally im Russia who has a history of actually winning wars and defending itself


    What about betraying Israel, by micro-managing Israel’s 100%-legitimate efforts to destroy Hamas terrorists?


    Viewed from the perspective of the radicals of the Democratic Party,
    President Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy failures are not really failures,
    because the Democratic Party is dominated by radical fanatics
    who HATE America, and want America to be weak, or even destroyed.

    Viewed from that evil and insane perspective, President Joe Biden’s
    Foreign Policy failures are actually successes, as strange as it may seem.

    These radical fanatics include: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC),
    Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Jamaal Bowman, etc.

    For more of these radical fanatics who HATE America, go to:



    Lakewhut doing the good work in changing hearts and minds on YWN

    ☕️coffee addict

    “Viewed from that evil and insane perspective, President Joe Biden’s
    Foreign Policy failures are actually successes, as strange as it may seem.

    These radical fanatics include: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC),
    Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Jamaal Bowman, etc.“

    Square root,

    Even they say they’re failures because Biden isn’t going far enough in their eyes


    From the title of this post, I am not sure whether lakewhut is a MAGA supporter or a AOC,Ilhan,Rashida,Ayanna and Jamaal supporter.
    Most Americans – both Repubicans and Democrats are very supportive of Biden and his highly successful Foreign Policy wins.
    Israel is a major win. (Mike Johnson who is toast and will be gone very soon needs to let the votes come to the floor.)
    Ukraine is a major win.(Mike Johnson who is toast and will be gone very soon needs to let the votes come to the floor.)
    The border bill is a major win. (Mike Johnson who is toast and will be gone very soon needs to let the votes come to the floor.)

    Trump and his minions have only failed foreign policies. They love Russia. RUSSIA and PUTIN. THEY HATE NATO AND ALL OF OUR ALLIES.

    Dr. Pepper


    Calling Bidens Foreign Policy “very successful” is simply a lie (and extremely offensive to anyone who lost loved ones in the wars he allowed to happen). The only Americans that support it are those that hate America and / or are totally clueless. (I’ll let you decide which category you’re in.)

    President Trumps Foreign Policy was a smashing success. The US was a feared country and there were no new wars while he was in office. The despots stayed peaceful and anxiously awaited for a Democratic president to restart their rabble rousing.

    I can’t say that I knew what he was doing at the time he was cozying up with Putin or the despot from North Korea but in hindsight it was a brilliant move from unarguably the most successful president ever. His IQ is sky high and light years ahead of mine but if that’s what it takes to keep the world peaceful then so be it.



    Nearly two-thirds of the country believes that Brandon, the useless turd that you and your woke anti-Semite besties AOC, Ilhan, Rashida, Ayanna and Jamaal love so much, has taken this country in the wrong direction.

    YOU CAN SCREAM YOUR POSTS IN CAPS but it doesn’t change reality.



    How do you come on here and say Israel is a major win? He isn’t letting them go into Rafah and is tying their hands for months. During the first month he was amazing. But since then Biden has allowed himself to get bullied by the muslim arabs who obviously seek to tie Israel’s hand. (he isn’t intentionally hating Israel). He drinks all the kool aid and lies of Hamas.

    Hunger and famine while its citizens play volleyball at the beach and its markets are full of food. The food given to them is stolen by Hamas too.

    He falls for the lies about 33K innocent civilians. He fails to see that,
    1) 10K is exaggerated
    2)14K were terrorists
    3) 5K were killed by friendly fire like PLJ rockets landing in gaza.
    4) The other 5-6K are mostly “civilians” where adults were complicit in their deaths like shooting from behind children (often their own).
    Yes there were a few tragidies like the 7 aid workers but its rare.

    Biden has been an obstacle at every point slowing the IDF down and emboldening Hamas. And then oh he and the “shomer yisroel” blame it on Bibi. As if the rest of israel feels differently about this war. Or that Bibi is extending this war to stay in power. But oh if you only would them take Rafah the war would move quicker. They forgot that its Biden slowing down the war. But lets not let facts get in the way of your anti trump religon. Biden must be a saint becaue trump is all evil.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “Most Americans – both Repubicans and Democrats are very supportive of Biden and his highly successful Foreign Policy wins.“



    Responding to Jackk:

    President Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy has not been
    “highly successful”, as you outrageously claimed.

    [1] President Joe Biden withdrew American troops from Afghanistan,
    in a way that left the Muslim terrorists with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS
    worth of high-quality American weapons and high-technology.

    President Joe Biden also suddenly abandoned America’s allies in
    Afghanistan, so the Muslim terrorists could torture them and kill them.

    That incident projected American weakness to the entire world,
    and it may be reason why Russia’s Vladmir Putin decided to invade Ukraine.

    [2] President Joe Biden permitted a Chinese Spy Balloon to study
    North America from the West Coast to the East Coast,
    until he finally had it shot down, much too-late.

    [3] President Joe Biden freed BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Iranian assets,
    which significantly increased the spending power
    of the world’s most anti-American and anti-Israel nation: IRAN.

    Not merely millions of dollars, but BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
    1 millions X 1,000 = 1 billion.

    [4] President Joe Biden micro-managed Israel’s 100%-justified
    war in Gaza, to save Satanic Hamas and thousands of “innocent civilians”
    who are supporters and allies of Hamas. This is also public humiliation for Israel.

    [5] President Joe Biden permitted around TEN MILLIONS ILLEGAL ALIENS
    to enter the USA, which violates American Law in many ways.

    Many of those TEN MILLIONS ILLEGAL ALIENS are:
    illegal-drug-dealers, members of violent gangs, convicted criminals,
    spies, terrorists, people with infectious diseases, and people who only
    came to the USA because they want to collect welfare payments.

    What I said is far from a complete list of President Joe Biden’s failures,
    which I do not have the time to describe completely.

    Calling Biden’s Foreign Policy “very successful” is simply a lie,
    and is not even close to the truth.
    It is also very offensive to people who love Israel or the USA or both.


    Quote from Shari Goodman on Arutz7
    It was not President Trump who refused to enforce our immigration laws. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who opened our southern border to 10 million illegals from across the globe. By erasing President Trump’s Executive Order, worked out with Mexico, to house illegals there, it was you, Biden, who is responsible for the entry of drug cartels, criminals, gang members, rapists, and terrorists from enemy countries into our collective home. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who secretly and illegally flew 325,000 illegals from across the globe to cities across the U.S. at taxpayers’ expense. It was YOU

    It was not President Trump who allowed CCP affiliated military age men to enter our collective home illegally. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who erased our energy independence by shutting down the Alaska Pipeline and making us once again energy dependent on foreign sources. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who enriched Russia by removing sanctions he put into place. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who shut off our domestic supply of energy. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who handed over Afghanistan along with billions of dollars in military hardware to the Taliban. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who left behind Americans and Afghanis working with the U.S. to die at the hands of the Taliban. It was YOU!

    It is said Afghanistan contains $1 trillion dollars in mineral deposits and the largest lithium deposits needed to produce batteries used in electric vehicles. It was not President Trump who left behind a country rich with minerals to the awaiting Red Chinese. It was YOU!

    When President Trump left office the inflation rate was 1.4%. When Biden took office inflation rose to 9.1% in 22′ and although it has since fallen, prices today are up to 19% higher than when President Trump left office. Under President Trump we had the lowest inflation in 50 years. YOU erased it.

    It was not President Trump who has increased unemployment to record levels due to unnecessary lockdowns forced upon Americans. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who erased the tariffs placed upon Red China to correct the trade imbalance. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who went on a spending spree thus raising our national debt to $34 trillion. It was YOU!

    When it came to law and order it was not President Trump who defied our Supreme Court by erasing a $7.4 billion dollar student debt left for taxpayers to foot the bill. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who has allowed domestic terrorist organizations (Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Hamas proxies here in the U.S.) to assault Americans verbally and physically in urban areas throughout the country. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who weaponized our DOJ, FBI, and CIA to target the opposition (Trump staffers, Trump supporters, attorneys, journalists, and Trump himself). It was YOU!

    Before the 20′ Presidential Election, it was not President Trump who coordinated with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as a means to censor information about the Hunter Biden laptop, your role as the “Big Guy” in Ukraine’s Burisma, and the effort to censor critics of the Covid vaccine. It was YOU!

    Joe Biden has had a history of selling out the United States to the Red Chinese, Russia, Ukraine, and Iran. It was not President Trump who gave our enemy Iran a total of $80 Billion since coming into office. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who enriched an almost bankrupt Iran by removing previous sanctions. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who in 2022 sent our CIA to Brazil to aid in the overthrow of democratically elected President Jair Bolsonaro in favor of the installation of Communist Lulu da Silva as president. It was YOU!

    Under President Trump’s leadership and the Abraham Accords which he enacted; he left behind a stable thriving Middle East with no new wars under his dime anywhere in the world. Look what has happened since. Trump would never threaten Israel. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump who got us into a proxy war with Ukraine. It was YOU!

    It was not President Trump that enabled and allowed Hamas to conduct a massacre in Israel on Oct. 7th. It happened under your watch. It was YOU!

    Due to the failure of the Palestine Authority to recognize Israel, President Trump closed their offices in NYC and Washington D.C. It wasn’t President Trump who opened the once closed offices of the P.A. headquarters here in NYC. It was YOU!

    It wasn’t President Trump who resumed funding of UNWRA, (a Hamas proxy). It was YOU!

    It wasn’t President Trump who threatened Israel with an arms embargo. It was YOU!

    It wasn’t President Trump who left American hostages in Gaza. It was YOU!

    It wasn’t President Trump who refused to veto a U.N. anti-Israel resolution which called for a cease fire thus enabling Hamas to regroup and survive. It was YOU!

    And it is not President Trump who is currently working with the Israeli Left in Israel to conduct a four-part plan for a Color Revolution in an effort to overthrow the democratically elected government of Bibi Netanyahu. It is YOU!

    You cannot differentiate between Haifa, Israel’s thriving northern port, and Rafah, Hamas’ tunnel-ridden terror city. Trump is not dictating to Israel. It is YOU!


    Julie Strauss Levin said:

    “Biden claims he’s a friend of Israel but it just isn’t so.
    Let’s walk down memory lane with the most hostile,
    anti-Israel administration in American history.

    It was Obama-Biden that rewarded the Palestinian Authority (PA)
    with taxpayer dollars despite it handing out millions of dollars
    to PA terrorists for killing Americans and Israelis.

    It was Obama-Biden that pressured Israel to withdraw to
    indefensible borders, release Palestinian terrorists from jail,
    divide Israel’s capital Jerusalem, refrain from building homes,
    and more. Deafening silence from Obama-Biden regarding
    the PA’s murderous track record and
    its refusal to recognize Israel as the one Jewish state.”

    SOURCE: Biden Is No Friend of Israel; He’s an Adversary
    by Julie Strauss Levin TownHall (dot) com

    Julie Strauss Levin said:

    It was Obama-Biden that refused to oppose the anti-Semitic
    Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement,
    whose goal BDS co-founder admitted is to eliminate
    “any Zionist state like the one we speak about [in present-day Israel].”

    Even WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin (not exactly a friend of Republicans)
    succinctly titled her piece, “Obama Winks at BDS”.

    SOURCE: Biden Is No Friend of Israel;
    He’s an Adversary by Julie Strauss Levin TownHall (dot) com

    ‘Reema Dodin, announced on Monday as a deputy director
    of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs for the
    incoming Biden administration, once praised suicide bombers
    during the Second Intifada.

    In 2002, Dodin, then a student at the University of California,
    Berkeley, spoke about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    with residents of Lodi, Calif., saying that
    “suicide bombers were the last resort of a desperate people,”
    according to the Lodi News-Sentinel.’

    SOURCE: Incoming senior Biden staffer
    justified suicide bombers during Second Intifada:
    2020 November 24 www (dot) jns (dot) org

    Vice President Joe Biden said this
    to President Obama about Jonathan Pollard:

    “Over my dead body are we going to let him out before his time.
    If it were up to me, he would stay in jail for life.”

    SOURCE: Jonathan Pollard Home at Last
    by Jerold Auerbach 2020/12/30 www (dot) algemeiner (dot) com

    Caroline Glick said:

    “…there was massive evidence five years ago that Iran’s actions
    and intentions in relation to its illicit nuclear program were aggressive.

    Israel shared that evidence with the Obama administration,
    and Barack Obama and his advisors didn’t care.

    They drove forward and demonized Israeli leaders
    and their American supporters as warmongers.

    The same people who dismissed Israel’s evidence then
    are now leading Biden’s national security team.”

    SOURCE: Israel goes back to the future
    by Caroline Glick 2021 January 15, www (dot) CarolineGlick (dot) com

    Joe Biden NEVER expressed regret for United Nations Resolution 2334,
    which states that ALL [100%] of Israel is stolen land,
    including Jerusalem and THE KOTEL.

    Caroline Glick said:

    “Last week [USA President] Biden held a Passover seder
    at the White House which erased the Jews and God
    from the story of their deliverance from Egypt.

    The White House invited the progressive, anti-Israel
    “rabbi” Sharon Brous to officiate at the event,
    which rewrote and de-Judaized every aspect
    of the Jewish festival of Jewish freedom.”

    SOURCE: The threats American Jewry refuses to face
    by Caroline Glick, 2021 April 4: www (dot) jns (dot) org


    <b>Daniel Greenfield said:</b>

    The Houthis lived up to their “Death to America” slogan by
    repeatedly launching cruise missiles at the USS Mason
    which had been protecting shipping in the area.

    And they lived up to the second half of their slogan by
    ethnically cleansing the remaining local Jewish population,
    locking them up, and confiscating their homes and land.

    Local reports stated that the Houthis were “cutting off water &
    electricity to Jewish homes and preventing Jews from purchasing food.”

    “No Jew would be allowed to stay here,” one of the Jewish refugees said.

    The Iran-backed Islamic terrorists fight using 18,000 child soldiers.
    The soldiers, many abducted, some as young as 10,
    are taught to hate America and to kill enemies of Iran.

    None of this stopped Biden’s State Department
    from taking the Houthis off the terror list.

    SOURCE: Biden Takes “Death to America” Terrorists off Terror List
    by Daniel Greenfield February 2021 www (dot) DanielGreenfield (dot) org


    Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton criticized President Biden’s
    approach to Israel’s reaction to Iran, alleging that the administration
    exerted “enormous pressure” on Israel’s response to Iran’s recent attack.

    “I think what Israel did, as far as it went, was fine,” Bolton said Friday
    on the “Cats & Cosby” radio show, hosted by John Catsimatidis and Rita Cosby.
    “I think they were under enormous pressure, I mean, enormous pressure,
    from the Biden administration not to do more.

    SOURCE: Bolton Criticizes Biden’s ‘Enormous Pressure’ on Israel
    2024 April 21 matzav (dot) com


    Jackk, go join your heroes at the Columbia u protests. You are one of them



    No I am not. If you can’t tell the difference , you lack basic understanding of who they are.


    So it is better under Biden?

    Under President Joe Biden:

    Afghanistan disaster with our soldiers and allies killed on his watch.

    Afghanistan disaster with BILLIONS of dollars worth of
    American weapons and high-tech in the hands of terrorists.

    Hamas kidnapped, raped, tortured, and and massacred around 1,500 Israelis,
    including: teenagers, children, infants, and babies.

    Russia invaded Ukraine and committed many thousands of War Crimes.

    China is closer than ever before to invading Taiwan.

    Food prices at an historic high.

    Gasoline prices keep rising.

    Insurance rates at an all time high.

    Inflation is at a 50-year high.

    Credit Card debt at an all time high.

    Credit Card delinquencies at an all time high.

    Car prices at an all time high.

    USA catering to 1/100 of a percent of people (Transgenders).

    USA colleges openly practicing anti-Semitism.

    Coordinated marches all over the country in favor of terrorists.

    Bridges blocked and roads blocked by people supporting terrorist groups.

    10 million ILLEGAL ALIENS crossing the border and nobody
    has any clue who many of them are, with
    more and more crossing every day with no end in sight.

    ILLEGAL ALIENS get much better benefits than native-born USA citizens.

    Cheating American taxpayers by transferring college-student-loan debts
    onto taxpayers who never attended college.


    You honestly want this man back in power?

    He cannot even attend a public event without cue cards.

    Even when he reads then he gets it wrong.

    He was given custom shoes to try and prevent falls.


    Are we doing so much better now under him then we did under Trump?

    You are so blinded by hating a man you turn a blind eye to what is really going on.
    Until a migrant steals your job or harms your family you will not care.

    Until a terrorist pulls off a coordinated effort and you gets you maimed
    or your family member gets hurt you will not care. By the time you care,
    it will be too late.

    The country will never be the same going forward,
    no matter what happens in the next election.

    Throughout time everything that goes wrong will be
    tied back to the Biden administration until the end of time.

    By the time you open your eyes and see what has happened
    over the last 4 years, you will be sorry you did not act sooner.

    What happened in Germany with Hitler did not happen overnight.
    It was slow and steady till it was too late. Just like now. You are have been warned.
    Choose to listen or not is your choice but do not cry when it is too late to make change.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I did not write this short essay. I copied it from Craig’s List,
    and made some corrections to spelling, punctuation, and grammar.


    It’s too bad you weren’t alive in 1933. You could have gone bat up jews alongside your brownshirt heroes


    Jackk can’t go to the protests as police might arrest him.. Trump media is going after alleged illegal short selling of djt.

    Hopefully Jack will be able to point to the ywn posts to prove that he did it out of sinat hinam with no financial goals. Djt $48+


    Sorry jackk you have obtusely demonstrated time and again that you’re one of them.

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