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    Joe Biden just announced that he will release almost all of the available vaccine supply in order to speed up the vaccine distribution, rather than holding back doses to ensure that second doses are available when needed.

    I guess Mr. Biden doesn’t read the news. If he did, he would know that most states have only distributed 20-30% of the doses they’ve received. The problem is not a shortage of doses, the problem is lack of efficiency. Releasing more doses will just mean more doses not administered.

    All the people who have been counting the COVID deaths caused by Trump should get ready to start counting the COVID deaths caused by Biden.

    Reb Eliezer

    Biden provides to the states their vaccine needs and delegates them the proper distribution.


    Reb Eliezer,

    Ok, so why does he think it would be a good idea to give the states more vaccines if they can’t properly distribute the ones they already have?

    It’s a completely illogical solution to the problem at hand. If Trump did something like this you would be all up in arms calling him a murderer.


    Since the vaccine was rushed without proper testing, there is no reason to believe one theory over another. Allowing politicians to decide based on focus groups and social media is at basically letting a random selection replace anything that can pass for science. Trump might be right, Biden might be right, they might both be wrong, and there is little chance either has the foggiest idea of the science involved, especially since no one had the time to do the necessary research.



    Nothing you said is relevant to this thread.

    Assuming the vaccine is effective in general, Biden’s plan is terrible.

    Baal Teshuvah

    Meno, I would agree with you though that relies on the assumption that our vaccination capability does not increase. I would expect that vaccination capacity will increase greatly over the next few weeks, for instance if de Blasio can implement his mass vaccination facility plans (though given that it’s de Blasio planning it I don’t have much faith). I hope that Joe Biden has enough sense, or at least enough sensible advisers around him, to not distribute the vaccines if there is not the capacity to actually vaccinate.


    I would think that as time goes on, and this mass distribution, and handling of this special type of vaccine becomes more routine, the vaccination process will accelerate quickly. Of course this will coincide with when biden takes office, after which he will credit for saving the world …


    You would think. Just like testing ramped up real quick.


    either way it’s stupid. better double prick the elderly than half everyone.


    There are lots of interesting ideas floating around – decreasing each dose (sounds more reasonable than giving just one), prioritize older v. essential, etc. I don’t think there are easy answers.

    It well may be that Biden’s centralized approach may pick up on a good idea. There is a risk that it will be a bad one. So far, US does as good as UK and a little ahead of EU. Other than Israel, nobody found the best path. It well may be that it is just noise who many people were vaccinated by now: after figuring out the system, most of available vaccine will be used, and we will be limited by manufacturing for months to come.

    It is a clear test of integrity for Biden: he can say that he continues/improves what was done under Trump, or he can continue saying that everything was wrong under Trump, and he will be do everything better. He has an incentive to follow the second path – things are getting in place, more people are getting vaccinated, so he can just surf the wave and claim the success


    In some states, you cannot expect elderly to line up and wait 8-12 hours in the cold like they do in South Florida. It shouldn’t be that difficult to set up online appointments so that you can go to a designated location within a 2-3 hour window and get vaccinated. Some states are “overthinking” their plans and making this sound like brain surgery rather than something akin to a flu shot, albeit with a bit more post-vaccination monitoring for 15 minutes.


    Distribution is pretty even by state. Percentage of those used varies from 20% to 50%, excluding several outliers. I don’t see ideological difference – Dakotas and CT are at the top and Deep South and Left coast are at the bottom. Geography gives a better pattern – NE and MidWest are doing better, Deep South, Industrial North MidWest and Left Coast are doing worse.

    It looks like biggest problem is that states are trying to follow rigid rules – do Group 1a and only later 1b, including that, Ch’V, minority groups do not suffer. So, they are not opening up to next group until they deal with previous groups, including getting written permissions, dealing with those who do not want it. Some hospitals are scared to even give left-over vaccine to the unapproved groups. This requires advanced planning, so some states complain that Feds have chutzpah to send them vaccine without giving a multi-week advanced notice to plan everything right… Sounds like some leaders are seeing the light and opening up – FL, TX and now NY.

    This appears to be discussed in, IIRC, Bava Metzia – when there is a river, we allow those who get water first to take as much as they want “l derech shalom” – instead of having government measuring how much everyone takes to make it fair.

    State/Territory/Federal Entity Shots per Distributed (CDC, Jan 9, ordered from highest)
    West Virginia 69%
    North Dakota 68%
    South Dakota 54%
    Connecticut 53%
    Nebraska 48%
    New Hampshire 47%
    Vermont 46%
    District of Columbia 44%
    Montana 44%
    Maine 43%
    Tennessee 43%
    Iowa 42%
    Rhode Island 42%
    New Mexico 39%
    Colorado 38%
    New York State 36%
    Kentucky 35%
    Oklahoma 35%
    Ohio 35%
    Utah 35%
    Texas 34%
    Massachusetts 34%
    Indiana 32%
    Maryland 31%
    Kansas 31%
    Missouri 31%
    Wisconsin 30%
    Illinois 30%
    Florida 30%
    Minnesota 29%
    Hawaii 29%
    Delaware 28%
    Pennsylvania 28%
    North Carolina 27%
    New Jersey 27%
    Virginia 27%
    Alaska 26%
    Louisiana 26%
    Wyoming 26%
    Washington 26%
    Oregon 26%
    California 25%
    South Carolina 25%
    Nevada 24%
    Michigan 24%
    Arizona 23%
    Idaho 23%
    Puerto Rico 22%
    Mississippi 22%
    Alabama 20%
    Guam 20%
    Arkansas 18%
    Georgia 17%
    Northern Mariana Islands 17%
    American Samoa 12%
    Republic of Palau 9%
    Virgin Islands 5%
    Federated States of Micronesia 2%
    Marshall Islands 0%

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I think Biden’s plan makes sense. One of the reason the states are so sluggish in giving out the vaccine is because of their silly prioritization rules. If they had more vaccines, they would just give it out to whoever wants (as, in my opinion, they should already be doing).

    By the time the second dose is needed, there will have been more doses produced, so hopefully everyone can get their second dose regardless.

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