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    Be Happy

    I would love some original ideas to cheer someone who is ill. She appreciates short visits. I can send some food. What else to say can I do to say “refuo Shlaimo” or “thinking of You”?


    sometimes are so sick they cannot read, maybe u should go read to them


    depending on her energy level, give over something that you got from the Rabbi’s drasha or a shiur that you attended.

    I think I would appreciate it if a friend would get me “caught up”…

    Refuah shelaima!


    Maybe you could help out with the little kids. (if there are any) or help with housework?


    Depending on what’s wrong, keep visits short, don’t talk TOO much, but be upbeat. If the person can eat anything at all, bake or bring some yummy food for him or her, maybe bring a book or magazine. Ask what errands you can run for the patient (PLEASE do not say, “let me know if you need anything,” or “What can I do to help?” Tell them you are running to the grocery or pharmacy and ask what they need from there. Offer to drive their carpool (if any), pick up their dry-cleaning, throw in a load of laundry for them. Having been a recent patient recovering from surgery, I can tell you that many well-meaning people phrased their offers to help as a “let me know,” statement. Most people, myself included, are not going to want to bother anyone. Just show up with groceries and offer to drive them somewhere if they need to go. That is way more helpful than an ambiguous, generic, let me know if you need anything.


    Oh, and use common sense when visiting and calling. Don’t show up at late hours and don’t keep on calling because they may want to rest.


    wow oomis1105 that should be laminated and given out! i spent months in the hospital if i had that paragraph to hand out things wouldve been alot easier!!!


    oomis1105, couldn’t have said it better


    Nice fresh flowers, liven and freshen up a room, also a card with a personal

    message of you wishing them well, Sometimes people express themselves better

    when writing a letter, having time to put their feelings on paper.

    Also there is something about the written word that penetrates

    more, sometimes than your just saying it,

    especially with women who are more emotionally in tune.


    give them a box of chocolates and go and talk to her , when someone sick sees a friend it cheers them up and forget about serious things and put them in a good mood.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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