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    is it very important for a kohen to wash his hands before birchas kohanim so the bracha works better?


    that’s not the reason but yes he has to wash his hands- probably has to do with tumah taharah see hilchos tefila


    mhmm i thought if he, well we, wash our hands the bracha is transferred through the hands more efficiently, lehavdeel like if you take the internet router out of the closet you will get a better signal without the door blocking it so you could post in the yc better.


    AFAIK Depending on who you ask, the washing is/isn’t maakev. My Rav, a descendant of the Rambam says it’s not meekev, which I believe is the shita of the Rambam. When I take a long time to daven and have little time to wash, I don’t wash as per his instructions. He wants me to go up immediately at Ritseh. The first Mishna alludes to that. The Kohanim go in immediately at Tsait to eat their terumah.

    As far as the bracha working better, that’s not our cheshbon. We have to do our hishtadlut the best we can. Hashem will do the rest.


    First siman in mishna Berra chelek bies “nesiyos kapyim” or as we know it birchas kohanim

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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