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    Does anybody have a good recipe for Black and White Cookies? I know I could search for one online, but I was wondering if anybody had one that they tried and know it came out good. Thanks.


    a perfect topic for conversation after the recent election! 😉


    This is a great recipe! The original called for 1cup of butter but I used 2 sticks of margarine and it came out fine.

    1cup margarine or butter (2 sticks)

    2/3 cup Sugar

    1tsp salt


    2 cups flour

    mix marg and sugar, add vanilla,salt,eggs,flour mix well. With floured hands make balls put on baking sheet flatten slightly. bake 10-15 min at 375′

    White icing-

    1 cup confectioners sugar

    1/4 tsp vanilla sugar

    2 tbs boiling water

    1 tbs oil

    drop of lemon juice

    Black icing-

    3/4 cup confectioners sugar

    2 tsp boiling water

    4 tbs cocoa

    1 tbs oil


    THANKS im gonna try it tonight


    Thanks, Baker. I will try it.

    Very funny, Feivel! 🙂


    Why is this particular type of cookie always half one color and half another color? And why, when one color is replaced with a bright color, it’s always the chocolate flavor that is replaced with the bright color?


    First I didn’t understand what RebYidd’s post had to do with this thread: it has nothing to do with the recipe, but questions the whole premise of black-and-whites altogether. Next I wondered what his question was supposed to mean. Why “this particular type of cookie”? Because it’s a black and white. By definition it’s two colors–that’s what makes it a black and white, and that’s why it always has two colors.

    Then, I realized that kushya mituretzes b’chaverta–if the OP wanted a recipe for black and white cookies, and not black and white frosting, then there is obviously only a certain cookie which could be made into black and whites.


    When making a bracha on the cookie do you hold it the way it was baked (frosting down) or the way it was frosted? And is it flipped over after the bracha?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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