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    In the 1980s, there was a labor dispute between the New York Yankees baseball players and Mr. George Steinbrenner, who owned the New York Yankees baseball team, at that time.

    Mr. Reggie Jackson, who was an African American member of the New York Yankees baseball team, made this public complaint, which was reported by the news media. He said:

    I am absolutely certain that those were his exact words.

    Mr. Reggie Jackson never apologized for that remark, and he never needed to,
    because even in the 1980s, African Americans were given free-passes for anti-Jewish remarks.

    Mr. George Steinbrenner was NOT Jewish and did NOT have any Jewish ancestors.


    Jackson was criticized multiple times in the 70s and 80s for using Jewish stereotypes and memes. At the same time, in 1978 he also accused Billy Martin, Yankee manager, of making anti-Semitic jokes about Yankees pitcher Ken Holtzman, who was Jewish. Jackson himself grew up with many Jewish friends who repeatedly came to his defense as being grossly politically incorrect in his jokes about other Blacks, Hispanics and Jews but not really someone who was antisemitic.


    AA’s were not given a free pass in the 80’s, it was a different time & PC hadn’t fully kicked in.
    While you did you research most do not especially in the 80’s. It’s certainly reasonable for a Non-Jew (moreso an AA) to assume a wealthy team owner with 2 very “Jewy” names like “Stein” & “Brenner” is Jewish.
    As a frame of reference that it was not only AAs who could get away with this stuff in the 80’s too. The White morning DJ in the Baltimore-Washington area in 1986 when MLK Jr Day became a federal holiday said, “If one Black guy getting killed gets us a day off work we should kill 4 more & take the whole week off.”
    His punishment? An apology & 5 day suspension. If he said that today millions would be calling for his execution.. But in the 80’s not so much.


    Jesse Jackson and hymietown. Al Sharpton and the diamond merchants. And these were from the milder examples. The list goes on and on and on.


    Sadly Black antisemitism has a very rich history, first of all Reggie was just an overpaid athlete so who cares what he said, you want to talk 80s? how about Sharpton, Maddox and company and Crown Heights riots?, how about Freddys? how about Jesse J? and things got worse from there, I am hard pressed to remember last time a black public figure said something positive about the Jews



    You are going with “Some of my best friends are Jewish” defense for Mr. Hymietown? Jesse Jackson is a bigot. No different than Al Sharpton. Who are championed by the democrats because they are the “right type” of bigots.


    Common, you’re right about black voices in general, but there are some, like Ritchie Torres, who are very pro Jewish(or at least pro Israel)

    Conservative Black leaders (Thomas sowell, Clarence Thomas, others) also are not known to be Antisemitic


    The most violent antisemitism in America comes from the black community, very disproportionately.


    Ujm, before Oct 7, it was almost all from black people and a few muslims here and there, plus the one-off mass shooting from a white supremacist. But now, there have been assaults from various types of young people who are anti israel and lump all of us together; it’s not as disproportionate as before, but the everyday incidents from black people in crown heights and Williamsburg has increased too.


    January 6th was so much worse than this


    Do any of the posters have citations for the “facts” referenced in their posts? Memories from 30+ years ago
    can be inaccurate.


    1. Fact: Yankel Rosenbaum was chased down and stabbed by a black mob yelling kill the Jew.
    2. Fact: Al Sharpton Yemach shemon instigated the mob
    3. Fact: Freddy’s a Jewish owned clothing store was burnt own by a black mob.
    4. Fact: Jesse J called NY Hymietown

    Want more facts? download the Govenor’s report a 616 page document.

    PS you are a poster child that liberalism is a mental disorder.


    “The far-Left is unapologetic in its embrace of Louis Farrakhan,
    who has very publicly described Jews as satanic,
    and regularly rants about Jewish power and abuse.

    Today’s identity politics often calls for unity against Jewish power.

    Many college campuses have become extremely hostile to Jews,
    with Jewish students being targeted for
    both subtle persecution and outright violence.

    In many arenas and in support of many important causes,
    Jews have been called upon to reject their faith.

    In many far-left circles, being Jewish makes our social justice activism illegitimate.”

    SOURCE: Do We Really Want To Return To Normal?
    by Cheryl Moore (BA, MBA, BSN), 2018 December 9

    “[Louis] Farrakhan asserts that Israeli and Zionist Jews played key roles in the 9/11 attacks, and that Jews received text messages warning them not to come to work on September 11.”

    SOURCE: article by Manfred Gerstenfeld, 2018/12/14
    Louis Farrakhan: America’s Foremost Antisemite, algemeiner dot com

    Mark Steyn said:

    “It is embarrassing that this nut [Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan]
    is a power broker in the Democrat Party, and the media won’t cover it.”

    SOURCE: Why don’t the media care about Democrats’ ties to Farrakhan?
    by Fox News, 2018 March 8, on Youtube


    “The number of African-Americans with
    strong anti-Semitic beliefs remains high at 32%.”

    SOURCE: article by Libby Goldberg in
    Hadassah magazine, January 2008, page 57

    Marvin Hier said:

    “Many Jews have proudly expressed their solidarity for African-Americans in the wake of the horrific deaths of George Floyd and other Blacks at the hands of police.

    American Jews, in large numbers, and leaders of the American Jewish community, have been outspoken in their support for racial justice and police reforms.

    So we believe it’s fair to ask why there hasn’t been any condemnation or criticism by African-American leaders of Louis Farrakhan’s hateful rhetoric.

    Why do they remain silent, when he defames not only Jews but others…”

    SOURCE: Who in the Black Community Will Speak out against Farrakhan’s Hate?
    by Marvin Hier and Richard Trank, 2020 July 14, Algemeiner (dot) com

    Jonathan S. Tobin said:

    “Indeed, the recent surge of anti-Semitic comments from some African-American athletes and celebrities like DeSean Jackson, Nick Cannon and Ice Cube were largely ignored by BLM activists rather than condemned.

    While there were some blacks who did speak out, like basketball Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabaar and sports commentator Jemele Hill, they were the honorable exceptions who proved the rule and testified to the acceptance of Jew-hatred among many blacks.

    Jewish groups, some of which are diffident about confronting African-Americans about anti-Semitism, aren’t likely to rally BLM advocates to confront this issue, let alone seek its sources, such as the widespread influence of hatemonger Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam.”

    SOURCE: Want to fight racism? Begin by resisting BLM ideology
    by Jonathan S. Tobin 2020 July 16, JNS (dot) org


    Alan Dershowitz said:

    In 2016 I wrote an op-ed demanding that Black Lives Matter rescind the portion of its platform that describes Israel as an “apartheid state” involved in “genocide … against the Palestinian people.”

    I pointed out that the platform refers to no other country but Israel, despite the egregious records of many foreign countries with regard to police brutality.

    It is now four years later and these provisions of the platform remain intact.

    SOURCE: Is the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Platform Anti-Semitic?
    by Alan Dershowitz 2020 July 9 www dot Algemeiner dot com

    Ben Cohen said:

    According to [Louis] Farrakhan [leader of the “Nation of Islam”], who pals around with Holocaust deniers among other conspiracy kooks, the Holocaust was just another Jewish swindle. “International bankers financed Hitler and poor Jews died while big Jews were at the root of what you call the Holocaust,” Farrakhan declared in 1995.

    [Louis Farrakhan said:]
    “Little Jews died while big Jews made money.
    Little Jews were turned into soap while big Jews washed themselves with it.”

    SOURCE: NAACP’s failure to deal with Rodney Muhammad’s anti-Semitism
    by Ben Cohen, 2020 August 7, www dot JNS dot org

    Even after speaking many vicious lies against Jews, Louis Farrakhan is still one of the most popular and respected people among African-Americans.

    Melanie Phillips (a columnist for “The Times of London”) said:

    Anti-Semitism in the black community has been a significant problem since the emergence in the 1960s of the Black Power movement, which blamed the Jews for outrages stretching from slavery to gentrification.

    Black Power politicians, as Barack Obama noted in his memoir “Dreams from My Father”, peddled conspiracy theories such as the claim that Jewish doctors were injecting black babies with the AIDS virus.

    Demagogues such as Rev. Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, have long whipped up black and Muslim communities with their talk of “Hymietown” or “Satanic Jews.”

    SOURCE: Anti-Semitism is the ultimate marker of cultural derangement
    by Melanie Phillips, 2020 January 2 www dot JNS dot org


    Former NFL star running back Larry Johnson has posted a series of anti-Semitic tweets, one of which blamed “the Jewish cabal” for human trafficking, sex trafficking, pedophilia, ritualistic child torture, perversion [and] human sacrifice/murder.”

    NOTE: Larry Johnson is [or was] African American.

    SOURCE: article titled: “Former NFL Running Back
    Blames ‘Jewish Cabal’ for Abuses in World”
    2020 August 4 www (dot) JNS (dot) org

    Hannah E. Meyers said:

    A few weeks ago, Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving returned to the basketball court after his eight-game suspension for promoting the anti-Semitic film Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America — and initially refusing to denounce anti-Semitism.

    Before his NBA reinstatement, Irving gave a 21-minute interview in which he spoke about how the controversy affected him: the discomfort he and his family have felt, how he loves all people, and finally, how he didn’t realize that it wasn’t safe to criticize certain groups.

    The “deep apologies” that he did offer focused on how thoroughly he was misunderstood, saying that he didn’t “stand for anything close to hate speech or anti-Semitism or anything that is ‘anti,’ going against the human race.”

    But Irving’s trespass did not consist in accidentally comporting himself like an anti-Semite. It involved tacitly promoting ideologies that call for violence and harassment specifically against Jews — such as have already been gaining in the U.S.

    Over the past few years, attacks on American Jews have risen by almost a third.

    Thirty-two percent of Jewish college students report having personally experienced anti-Semitism. As seen recently in Manhattan’s Central Park and Penn Station, credible threats on Jewish lives are multiplying.

    In fact, Irving has neither apologized for any unintended incitement nor even acknowledged the phenomenon of growing animosity and violence toward Jews—especially among American blacks.

    SOURCE: article titled: The Need to Curb Black Anti-Semitism
    by Hannah E. Meyers 2023 January 5 www (dot) City-Journal (dot) org

    Charles Fain Lehman said:

    “Black anti-Semitism is nothing new.

    It has appeared in the works of black intellectuals since at least the early-20th-century black nationalist Marcus Garvey, as Elliot Kaufman observed in Commentary, and defined politics in New York City — the American metropolis where blacks and Jews most often rub shoulders — for generations.”

    SOURCE: article titled: Black America’s Anti-Semitism Problem
    by Charles Fain Lehman 2022 December 21 FreeBeacon (dot) com

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