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    Why do people wear black hats on Shabbos? Are there any mareh mekomos? Is it bad to wear it if no one in your family does?


    Blackhat- does your mom post here? πŸ˜€


    Interesting halacha sheila on wearing a hat(umbrella too) on shabbas in Shulchan Aruch and Mishna brura 301:40(


    Sam4: I love it when people quote the first half of that sentence without quoting the second. It’s the epitome of taking a quote out of context.


    I wear a black yarmulke.

    However, since it’s knit, that probably doesn’t count according to some shittos. So I guess, ultimately, you could say that I walk around and daven bareheaded.

    Just another sign of the wickedness and evil that is me.

    The Wolf


    Sam2: I was not implying anything just showing the source.


    Sam2, how can you accuse sam4321 of quoting half a sentence out of context when he provided a link to the whole page?


    It’s the current style. Style’s change over time.

    Not all frum Jews wear black hats. Many people prefer a fur hat, and some prefer just a yarmulke. Of those wearing black hats, fedoras are currently the most popular though it is not uncommon to see other styles (homburgs).

    Jews have a tradition of dressing up for Shabbos, which probably goes back to ancient times. American goyim had similar customs of wearing their best clothes on Sunday until the mid-20th century, and some still dress up (African Americans in particular). However we dress up in our “interview suits” (well, HaShem is the Boss, isn’t he?).

    Jews have always prefered modest and solemn styles, so even in centuries where men wore highly colorful outfits and women wore outfits designed to show up the parts that are normally covered, Jews tended to prefer more somber clothes. This in part reflects mourning for the destruction of Jerusalem.

    It’s interesting the frum kids trying to being “rebels” currently dress up in colorful shirts without jackets and ties (the “in style” of 20 years ago), whereas the “cool” goyim are now preferring suits and ties, often with white shirts, and some are beginning to wear hats again. However, in general we tend to be late in imitating goyish styles. Note the late adapation of long pants by frum Jews, and the survival of fur hats, or how double-breasted suits survived longer among us than among the goyim — often we haven’t given up a style that the goyim long gave up on, and it comes back among the goyim.


    bh – People wear also on weekday. I don’t know about in Five Towns, but in other communities its worn on weekday too.


    And what is the reason or mekor for wearing it on weekday? Some do in the Five Towns also



    Why does wearing a knit yarmulka make someone wicked and evil?

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