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    Murder of Destau Bisset: The suspect’s detention has been extended, Shilo Freid, Makor Rishon, 20 Av 5781. 29/07/2021.

    The Magistrate’s Court in Rishon Lezion today (Thursday) extended the detention of the Arab boy suspected of the murder of Destau Bisset, 74, in the city of Ramla during the days of Guardian of Walls. The suspect’s detention was extended until Monday. Some of Biest’s family members came with Adv. Haim Bleicher for a hearing to extend their detention …. The family members of the deceased said earlier this week about the arrest and the proceedings opened against the suspect: “All along we have claimed that our father was murdered on nationalist grounds only because he was Jewish and it turns out we were right. We hope that from now on all the security forces will come together and interrogate the suspect. Locate the other suspects and bring them to justice. It is very hoped that justice will be done soon and that the murderers will rot behind bars for many years to come. “

    “He is the third victim of the riots done against our people”.
    Miriam Agadi, Srugim News, June 27, 2021.

    About a week after he died of his wounds after being hit by 2 rioters riding an electric bicycle, a rally was held today (Sunday) in memory of Destau Beast, with the participation of MKs and public figures

    At this time, the rally begins in memory of the late Destau Beast at the site of the murder near the mall in Ramla.

    Arab youth arrested in fatal ramming attack on Ramle resident], Ido Ben Porat ,INN,  Jul 25 , 2021 

    Destau Bisset was critically injured in the incident which took place on May 30th, during Operation Guardian of the Walls.

    The youth, it is suspected, was one of two people riding on electric bicycles who rammed into Bisset on May 30th, knocking him down and then fleeing the scene. Bisset was taken to hospital in critical condition and passed away two weeks later…

    Last month, hundreds of people came out to protest on the streets of Ramle, demanding that Bisset’s murderers be apprehended. Bisset’s family have insisted all along that the incident, which occurred during Operation Guardian of the Walls, was nationalistically motivated…

    “If not for the family, no one would have known about this incident,” said Immigration & Absorption Minister Penina Tamano-Shatta. “Destau Bisset was the third person to be murdered in the riots here, and we are going to make sure that his murderers face justice. I have no doubt that here, in the heart of a Jewish city, the police are doing all they can to bring the murderers to justice. Omer Bar Lev will be monitoring the case,” she added.


    Hanak said weeks ago, the two Arabs tried also to ramm into a couple right after that but were unsuccessful.


    The following tweet from an Israeli Ethiopian : Boaz @Boaz36822374:
    26 jul. 2021 –
    ‘Why are Ethiopian left-wing activists not condemning the murder of the late Destau Bisset by young Arabs? Hypocrisy dressed in a slap in the face.’

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