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    Hey, you two have your own thread..


    Ubiq -“Lol! “always”?”

    It doesn’t mean that it’s always for free!

    But it is always, no matter what you say!!!


    Health, the statistics you posted there had nothing to do with racial violence. Blacks killing blacks in Chicago is not racial violence. Are you claiming that it’s so obvious that there’s more racial violence now than in the LA riots of 1992? Over 50 people dead, 2000 injured, $1 billion in property damage? Where is all the violence today? Is the liberal media covering it up?


    YY -“Are you claiming that it’s so obvious that there’s more racial violence now than in the LA riots of 1992? Over 50 people dead, 2000 injured, $1 billion in property damage? Where is all the violence today?”

    Because they weren’t prepared for the violence! It has nothing to do with the outcome. In NC they aren’t as liberal as California and NY, so they do what has to be done!

    From the


    BLM is a Hate group. The have become the people that they hate. They are black supremacist hidden behind the guise of victims. Black America needs to abandon this identity of victim , there must exist something more. African American males make up just 6% of the U.S. population yet they have been responsible for 52% of this nations homicides for the last 3 decades(don’t take my word for it look at Federal statistics) …. that is Alarming. 90% of all black American homicides are perpetrated by black males ,, so there is some real soul searching that has to occur among st the African Americans in this country.


    Reflublicans have been messing up for years!

    Ben Levi

    Has anyone seen the devastation that the current riots leave in their wake? Literally hundreds of stores have been looted, burned, and destroyed throughout the USa Ferguson, pwerhaps the place that started it off still hasn’t recovered!

    And people have the nerve to compare this to chareidi protestors who burn garbage cans and get themselves thrown in jail?


    I hereby would like to extend sincere condolences to the World Trade Center A’H, upon your 17th Johrzeit tonite. I shall NEVER forget you, Dear World Trade Center. I witnessed the 2nd aeroplane crashing in, and this has etched an indelible unforgettable permanent dent in my memory.

    The little I know

    Is there a thread titled “Black Hats Matter”?


    Baltimore baltimore baltimore


    From an article somewhere on the interwebs:

    Four years ago, the national media and liberal activists converged on the city of Baltimore, Maryland, following the shocking and unconscionable death of Freddie Gray, a man who died in police custody in 2015. Intense protests and riots occurred in the aftermath, and the city engaged in a consent decree with the Department of Justice to reform itself. The government’s investigations did indeed find corrupt and unconstitutional practices by some of the city’s police force.

    But as Baltimore engaged in much-needed reforms to prevent police brutality and heal relations with the citizenry, it also effectively de-policed much of the city. There were 39,654 arrests in Baltimore in 2014, compared to 25,820 arrests in 2016, while homicides increased from 211 to 318 in that period. By November 2017, gun arrests were down 67 percent from the previous year.

    Reverend Kinji Scott, a community activist in the city, told me last year that he blames this de-policing for the spike in homicides. “We saw the police department arrest less during a period of high crime,” he said. “So what happened is you have a community of emboldened criminals.”




    The “All lives matter” response to “Black lives matter” misunderstands the
    meaning of the original statement.

Viewing 13 posts - 51 through 63 (of 63 total)
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