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    What is with the people who calls anyone who disagrees with them a “liberal american”?

    Here are some things you should know:

    Do you know that it is because of “liberal america” we as Jewish people can practice our religion without prejudice.

    There are many other things Liberals have helped come about in America; Equality for all (that’s including Jews), many safety acts, retirement benefits, and more.

    Plus your wives can; get an education, vote, work, drive, etc. – if this was never allowed, how would the men in kollel be supported ? The husbands would have to drive everywhere, including driving their kids to school, driving to the supermarket, etc.

    I know there’s going to be a lot of hostility towards this post, but I just thought you should know the facts before making another ignorant remark on this matter.

    In conclusion, I don’t agree with all of liberalism, nor do I conform with all of conservatism, Extremest in any group, religion and such, is not always a good thing. You have suicide bombers, you have Obama wanting to “negotiate” with terrorists, and you have some Jewish people pushing others away from the religion because of their harsh judgmental treatment towards them. If someone has a remark that differs from yours, don’t be so quick to judge and be thoughtless with your responses, it makes you sound foolish and juvenile.

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