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    “What is with the people who calls anyone who disagrees with them a “liberal american”

    thats not quite fair, nor truthful.

    certainly i dont call ANYONE who disagrees with me a liberal american, it just happens that i hold by the Torah and liberalism is generally opposed to it, so often those that need to be taught something about Emes happen to be heavily influenced by liberal americanism

    what you say about the benefits of living in america are true, but dont necessarily have anything to do with liberalism. Jews were quite comfortable under bush and nixon as well.

    liberal americanism is based on watered down, made up ideas of what they would LIKE to be true, not what is true. their tenets are generally anti-Torah:

    killing unborn babies on whim

    acceptance and celebration of homosexuality

    men and women are the same

    everyone is a victim, (especially criminals)

    criminals are victims of their environment and should be empathized with and treated gently

    profiling is evil (meaning using logic and experience to distinguish between who is likely to commit a crime and who isnt)


    yes liberal ideology has led to some good innovations as well, so?

    hit-er-ys also greatly improved the economy of that hideous country, and was greatly responsible for the formation of the state of Israel

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