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    I have a huge love for the sefer Chiddushei Rabbeinu Chaim Halevi al Harambam. I “Hurev” over his chiddushim day and night. I believe that i have a very clear understanding of what he was saying and what he was NOT saying. It pains me when i hear/see people asking “kashas” on reb chaim when in reality, if they would truly understand the shtickel, they would see why their kasha is literally a joke. All his torah is so true and beautiful. I would like to start a blog that would explain all reb chaim’s shtickels (i would post one at a time as i learn through the sefer). My question is, would it be well received by the people who it would attract? I am nervous that people will ban it for one reason or another and rosh yeshivas will give shmuzin about it during shalosh seudos. I really don’t want to offend anyone, i just want to share my insights with the world. I think it can be of great benefit. What do you think?


    I’m just wondering if Reb Chaim Brisker was here with us in 5775 what he’d think about a Blog on his Chiddushim.

    And what he’d have to say.

    And if we could reach him on his gmail account to ask.

    As for the Hailiger Rambam, I feel uncomfortable even trying to imagine such a thing, so I won’t ask.

    But please don’t take offense, Z7. I myself have not learned a single one of Reb Chaim’s chiddushim. And I know there’s a lot of Torah on the web.

    Wait and see if somebody more learned has some advice for you. Do you have a Rebbi?


    I have a rebbi, but he can’t be reached on his GMail account like you suggeste.


    Zev7- Go for it! You will have the tremendous zechus of being Marbitz Torah. Also, if you do it PLS post a “link” (if allowed) here.



    Go for it. I doubt it will be well known enough to deserve a ban or speech at shalosh seudos, you should be so lucky!


    As someone who does has to do a lot of his learning online these days, I think it’s a wonderful idea, for purely selfish reasons. Most of the Torah available on the internet (with one or two exceptions) is either primary sources or “light” shiurim. I’d like to see more serious lomdus.



    such a major undertaking such as this requires step by step guidance by a rebbi.

    talk to your rebbi b4 opening the blog to see what he has to say.

    show to your rebbi each shtickle that you are mechadesh b4 you post it online.

    ask your rebbi if he can give a haskama or the like, which you can post as the first post on your blog.

    etc. for evreything

    hazlacha raba and may you be zoche to be marbitz true pshat in R’ chaim to the world


    There’s nothing to be afraid of. Nobody will yell at you for it. At worst, you just won’t get any visitors.


    Waiting with great anticipation for the first installment!


    Do you really feel you have a gift in understanding R’ Chaim’s chiddushim? That’s fascinating. Is this gift meyuchad to R’ Chaim or does it extend to clarity in the other achronim as well? Is it only on Chiddushei R’ Chaim HaLevi or does it work with other Kesovim?

    I’ve never heard of such a thing before!


    Sharing Torah is always admirable!

    That said, I have an issue with your post. You said, “It pains me when i hear/see people asking “kashas” on reb chaim when in reality, if they would truly understand the shtickel, they would see why their kasha is literally a joke.”

    Isn’t asking questions part of learning? When you hear people asking questions, it should make you happy to see/hear people trying to understand! It means they want to understand, and are working hard at it. It should never pain us to see someone working hard in learning, even if they don’t yet understand something.

    I wish you hatzlachah in your worthy endeavor of sharing the Torah of R’ Chaim!

    Brisker Rov

    What about me? You dont like my clarity?

    Brisker Rov

    Is this blog ???? in the ???? posting or the ???? of the blog being posted on?


    So is a table really a cow?


    I think this was a troll thread.


    Seeing as you’re still around, Zev7, how’s this endeavor going?


    Did you ever do this? I’d be veery interested.


    Gevaldik. One interisting thing i heard bshem Rav Chatzkel Abramsky ZAtzal about the hagaos Chazon Ish on Reb Chaim.
    He said the first way to understand their machlokos is…This is Reb Chaim and this is the Chazon Ish.
    Very deep insight.


    NU Reb Zev ….The oilam is waiting for the first instalment!!


    On behalf of the sefardi oilam id like to introduce “The maran daily” a podcast centered on truly understanding the gadlus of rishon l’tzion maran harav ovadia yosef ZT”L


    How about Rambam daily for the Sefardim.
    Oh I’m sorry Chabad grabbed that already.
    So Machaneh Efrayim or Mishne Lemelech……


    @amiricanyeshivish, Yemenites had that first, sorry.

    As for the OP, instead of being painted that ppl have a question on R’s Chaim, why aren’t you painted that R’s Chaim had foolish questions on the Rambam? Rav Ovadia had a great joke about R’s Chaim, goes like this:
    In Yeshiva Shel Maalah Moshe Rabbeinu gives the main shiur, and Reb Chain would give a shiur after that (because his shiurim we’re fun and dessert like). After giving a masterfully done shiur on a stirah in Rambams this old Sephardic man walks over to Reb Chain and asked him if the Rambam was possibly referring to one Gemara here and another Gemara there and the context was different so no question? To which Reb Chaim turned to HKBH and asked “how did this Frank get into my shiur? And with these BaalHabatishe answers?!” (A jab at brisk that gives a hard time getting into the RY shiur) to which HKBH answered, “what can I do, he’s the mechaber of the Rambam”. Listen to some shiurim from Rav Ratzon Arussi, he’s an alta teimanishe Yid that has a real mesorah on learning Rambam without twisting things to the point they’re no longer the words of the author.

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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