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    I have recently seen an increase in instances of Jewish publications and websites referring to Mayor Bloomberg, The President, and other public figures in a very disrespectful manner and posting demeaning pictures of them as well.

    Is this appropriate? Doesn’t it also affect our middos? Doesn’t it lower the credibility of these publications and websites?


    I agree it is inappropriate. Especially when people call our current President “Barry”. It is not respectful.


    I agree. There are dozens of insulting nicknames for politicians and political parties out there and every time I see mention of one, whether or not I support the politician in question, it makes me cringe. Major pet peeve.


    He’s called himself Barry since his college days.


    One can argue that you should be respectful to secular kings, especially ones who aren’t especially antagonistic me – and that American presidents should be considered in that class (though the job is more like a British prime minister, since under American law either the Congress, or perhaps the “people” and “states” fill the legal position that the “Crown” fills in the British system).

    However the mayor is merely the employee of the people, and especially for one who is clearly antagonistic to frum Jews, calling him nothing worse than “Bloomy” is showing moderation.


    “He’s called himself Barry since his college days.”

    To his friends, sure. But do you think he introduces himself as “Barry” when meeting people for the first time? Would you mind someone who is not your spouse calling you “honey” or “sweetie”?

    “Barry” is disrespectful not because it is an inaccurate name, but because using it indicates a degree of intimacy with the president which most people do not have.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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