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    How to stop your face going red when you are embarrassed?? Any ideas?? Thanks in advance! You see girls can get away with it cause they can say it’s their blush but guys… What can we do to avoid it??


    look down and pretend to sneeze? 😉


    Well, have you ever seen a girl with blush ALL OVER her face and neck? Sorry, no good excuse! Especially since you don’t wear the “blush” all the time – it comes suddenly.

    When my self esteem was terribly low, I blushed for the dumbest things. I mean, REALLY blushed. Even if I just raised my hand in class. B”H, now, I rarely blush (although it’s more often than others). Good luck!


    Don’t worry about it, it only adds to your charm.


    I don’t think a girl can get away with her face visibly turning red, and claiming it’s her magical mental makeup…….


    are you that nervous about your first date? chill and just be yourself. i can tell you its not that bad!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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