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    Bentch Kvetcher

    Does anyone know how many Zmanim it takes in BMG to get a BTL?

    I would ask the office, but they throw you out if you do.


    First of all, don’t make up stuff. They will not throw you out for asking questions. Second of all, I think it is 4 years. Come to think of it, they might make it take 5 years so as to maximize the pell grant.


    I’m not sure but I know that Pell grants cover 12 semesters.


    I would ask the office, but they throw you out if you do.

    I doubt that as well.

    And, if it’s true, ask yourself this question – do you *really* want to attend a yeshiva that would throw out a student for asking that question?

    The Wolf


    It was a patently false meant to be inflammatory.


    I don’t know how long it takes.

    I heard that they made it take longer then they used to because they don’t want people coming to BMG as an easy way to get a BA and then going to the college/law school etc. they really wanted to go to in the first place.The person who started this thread is probably scared of looking like such a person. Who really believes they will throw him out just for asking?

    The office will probably give an evasive answer to a new student because of the reason I mentioned above


    On this topic, does anyone know what their policy is regarding transferring credits from other Yeshivas?

    My brother just got there from the Mir (Isreal) and was told that BMG does not honor credit from the Mir (nor the bais medresh he went to before that).

    Is that the case? Does anyone have any suggestions how to combine credits from the different Yeshivas he learnt in?


    Most Yeshivos aren’t looking to make it easy to get a BA from them.Their purpose is Torah L’shmo.Not to be draft dodger… I mean college dodger yeshivos.

    I was told that even Ner Yisroel won’t accept someone who perceives them as a place to get college credits through learning, instead of wanting to go there to learn Torah L’Shmo.(And get credits in the process.)

    Ironically from the most difficult Yeshivos to get a BA from (or at least used to twenty years ago I don’t know the situation today) is Torah Vodaas. Even thought they allow their bochrim to attend college.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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