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    “Veshavu Banim Legvulam” ‘Bnei Menashe’, one of the ten lost tribes, return back to Israel. A sign of a learning Geula? You decide! Click on the following URL to watch an amazing video-article, brought to you by Yiddele Multimedia.



    I don’t believe that there is any real proof that these people have any connection to the 10 Shvatim.

    It looks and smells like a program of mass conversions where Freund is seeking to solicit converts which is against the way we do things. I can’t believe that Ruach Chachomim is pleased with this activity which has a high likelihood of bringing false converts in Israel.


    tzoorba, what exactly is bothering you?

    a. That they have a 2500 year tradition, including a map of how they

    ended up in India

    b. That they underwent conversion al pi halacha and the presence of 50

    shuls and two mikvas in their communities to indicate that the

    conversions were sincere

    c. That they’ve received smicha in Israel from the Chief Rabbi and

    have been trained as Sofrei S’taam?

    Even if they can’t prove their connection conclusively, any community that maintained

    that tradition for so long and prevented assimilitation and sought conversion and aliyah should be welcomed with open arms.


    Any video that begins with “Kol Isha” can’t be too frum, in my humble opinion. Until I see the Gedolim endorsing this, I won’t buy it.



    I also tend to be skeptical about these peoples’ claims to be one of the shvatim, and I agree with you that it seems like they’re being led on to mass convert, which has not been our way of doing things BUT BUT BUT I’ve had the zchus also to meet some of them in E”Y. I don’t think you can call them “false converts” either and to do so violates “v’ahavta es ha ger”. They are super-sincere have INCREDIBLE mesirus nefesh for Torah and Eretz Yisroel halevai all Jews were like them. I think the story that they come from the 10 shevatim is false. And I disagree with so many articles stating it like it’s 100% true, without a healhty grean of salt, ok? And Freund and the ShaveiYisrael have another agenda–which I don’t buy into. But–nevertheless–these are wonderful people. Even if they aren’t Benei Shevet Menahshe they really BELIEVE that they are! And they are true gerei tzedek, all the ones I met. The frum velt should embrace them, with open arms.


    By the way, Litvisher have had a history of questioning the validity of anyone who didn’t come from Europe. They questioned the Yemenites and later the Falashas. Apparently the Sefardi Chief Rabbi HAS accepted them as he had two mikvas built for them in India.So, I would amend boruchhashem’ and tzoorbas statements to read “that Ruach ASHKENAZI Chachomim ” and “the ASHKENAZI Gedolim endorsing this, I won’t buy it.


    tzoorba – I’d be just as skeptical of the Ethiopians claims.


    lesschumras — NO ONE ever questioned the Yemenites. (The Falusha and Bnei Menasha are different and rightfully highly questionable.)


    my question..is wy is a shomer shabbos business club, and a religous organization making a video with kol isha???

    As per the legitimacy of the bnei menasheh..what can be done?, they converted already with sincerity and a kaballah to do mitzvos, so they’re already jews, I persoanlly do not think they are actually the bnei menasheh – if they are, how come they were ignorant of halacha before being taken in by shavei yisroel? We all now how strong mesorah is; yemenites had their mesorah from the rambam, with great authenticity, and this is why no one questioned them – but to say that a community that did not know halacha or have all the essential texts(gemoras, midrashim, geonim shailas vetshuvos, and rishonim) is likely enough to be jews such that we should take them in..is a stretch, and smacks of missionary work.


    Dear ‘boruchhashem’

    This video, like other videos on Yiddele.com does not have any ‘Kol Isha’, as you can see it’s a strictly kosher site. The voice is a young singer from E. Yisroel and his name is Medad Tasa.



    One thing that greatly dissapointed me about the video was that it seemed to me that all they were asking for was money.

    From the way YWEDITOR put it, I thought I was going to be seeing their “arguments” to their validity as jews and about their culture before this orginization got involved.

    (from all of the ads on the sidebar, it seems someone was paid to post the link)


    What ever happened with this story

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