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    I am yeshiva guy who is now working and has limited time to learn. I would love to see how others in the same situation structure their learning around the job, family, etc.

    Do you attend Daf Yomi?
    How do you structure your limudim and what has been working for you?

    The little I know


    Your contribution to Klal Yisroel is appreciated. I do not need to quote the countless psukim and divrei Chazal that support your position. If you were unable to make your career as Klai Kodesh, then go to work, fulfill the huge number of mitzvos in that environment, and remain a dedicated ben Torah.

    Now for some personal experience that might be useful to you. I have yet to meet someone that can manage to maintain learning without a structure. The Yeshiva environment provides that, by way of many elements, and you need to know yourself to recreate those forms of structure for yourself. Among these are the location, as in the beis hamedrash. Aside from the access to seforim, you have a place that is less likely to be filled with distractions. No doorbells, hopefully no cell phone, and a Kol Torah that is motivating. Another is schedule. The hour (or whatever length of time works for you) that you reserve for learning has been sanctified. Knowing that the hour belongs to Torah and not the many other possible responsibilities (or entertainment) can help anchor you to the sefer. Another is a chavrusah. Knowing that the time belongs to someone else is another deterrent from abusing it.

    Making your home a place where learning always occurs is a useful ingredient to your home. This is additional to the learning in beis hamedrash. Setting benchmarks, such as a time limit by which a certain amount of ground will be covered (to finish a perek or mesechta by a deadline) is often helpful. Setting a goal to complete a mesechta has many benefits, besides contributing to structure.

    Know yourself, and experiment if needed to determine what motivators work best for you. As long as the will to maintain yourself as a Ben Torah doesn’t waver, you will find the method by which to succeed. HKB”H should give you hatzlocho in all you do.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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