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    Does anyone have information about bnos chaim seminary in lakewood?

    Does anybody know anyone who went there ?



    I should hope Chaim’s daughters attended. If not that’s suspicious.


    no one could have attended because it is a brand new seminary opening this year. I believe it is named after R’ Chaim Shmelter zt”l from Telz. From what I have heard they are trying to give the girls a similar year to the Israeli sems. They are supposed to have amazing teachers and an excellent program.

    Mr Taxman

    Its impossible for any yeshivah or sem to give boys or girls the Israeli experience in Chutz la’eretz. One has to go to sem or yeshivah in Eretz Yisroel to have the Israeli Esperience.


    Chaim’s daughters will not attend, as they are all married, and one is already a bubby. His granddaughters may, though.

    It is being run by Rav Ari Mintz, a son in law of Rav Chaim Schmelczer, zt’l. Rav Mintz was a rebbe for a number of years in Yeshiva Gedola of Los Angeles. More recently, he was menahel in Bais Yisroel in Flatbush.


    Thank you ! Is there.a way to reach them , except by phone ? Cause they never pick up.

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    Here I just copied and pasted some info from their pamphlet. Hope it’s usefull.


    Bnos Chaim Seminary will be opening its doors ? ???”??September 2011/Elul 5771 in Lakewood,

    NJ. The Seminary offers High School graduates the unique opportunity to attend a comprehensive full-time, high-level Seminary that features a strong student-teacher kesher and

    serves as a valuable alternative to traveling overseas.

    The Seminary is under the leadership of Horav Ari Mintz, a veteran Menahel and experienced seminary teacher. The Seminary is being established to offer talmidos a first choice option to

    remain in the U.S.A. while pursuing the full Seminary educational experience. Our program is

    geared to bnos aliya who will appreciate a full schedule with a close student-teacher kesher and

    an emphasis on acquiring a derech hachayim.

    by imbuing them with a derech hachayim that will enable them to fulfill their ultimate roles as


    Teacher/Member of Hanhalla. Her shiurim on ? ???? ??????are based on the shiurim of Horav

    Shternbuch and Horav Miller of Gateshead.

    An outstanding team of Rabbonim and Mechanchos have been selected to teach at Bnos Chaim

    Seminary. In order to develop a close bond with their students, the teachers will be available to

    meet with talmidos outside of class time.

    Mrs. Miriam Reiss, a warm dynamic personality, is the Seminary Coordinator. She is known for

    her close kesher to seminary talmidos and for building a positive ruach. She was formerly a

    popular staff member at Mesores Rochel Seminary and Shoshanim Seminary and is very beloved

    by all her students.


    The Seminary aims to instill in every student the highest level of preparation to become exemplary wives and mothers. The talmidos will be imbued with a ? ??? ??????so that they will be

    adequately prepared to fulfill their role as ? .??? ????Among the many classes and workshops on preparation for marriage is the stimulating course being given by the renowned, Rebbetzin Esti



    Phone: (732) 534-2078

    Fax: (732) 965-2675


    Bnos Chaim Seminary is dedicated to offering a stimulating, high-level educational program,overing a broad range of subjects.

    The Halacha curriculum includes ? ????? ???, ????? ?????, ???? ??? ????and more. Classroom instruction is offered in ? ????, ?????and ? ???????besides for independent study of ? .???? ??????A

    variety of textual Hashkafah shiurim will cover a broad array of ? ,???? ???? ???????including:

    ? ,???? ????, ???”?, ???? ??????, ????? ??????, ????? ?????, ?? ????????etc.

    An extensive Teacher Training Program and Preparation for Life/Marriage curriculum will also

    be offered. An innovative ? ???????program will enable students to prepare material on their own

    and review class work with peer and staff support.

    Tuesday afternoons are dedicated to Mini-Series featuring relevant, contemporary topics of interest to the Jewish woman, presented by a variety of speakers. The Mini-Series will also

    encompass panel discussions and question/answer sessions. The Enrichment Program on Wednesday evenings features courses with a focus on practical life skills.

    Every Rosh Chodesh, a ? ??? ?????will be dedicated to dealing with specific, relevant issues such as

    ? .????? ????, ??? ??? ??????, ????? ??? ????? ??????Noted Rabbonim and Mechanchos will address


    Thank you , it helped me a lot. I have another question, do you know other good seminary in the area ? (Ny/NJ)

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    My pleasure! I dont know much from NJ but there are a couple in NY. There is the bais yaakov teachers seminary (seminar l’moros)in brooklyn. I hears its really good. I could do some more research and let you know. I have been doing alot of research for other girls going to seminary but most were sems from Israel.


    seminaries in NY/NJ area: monsey, intensive, BY half day, Machon, Lakewood (has a few), bulka (if you want college as well). further out there’s Ma’alot, Yavne in cleveland.


    thank you !!

    i love coffee: i would really appreciate (if it doesnt mind you) if you could make the research !!!

    taking a break: thank you !!

    i dont ‘love’ so much textual type but i have no choice.


    does anyone know when should we be done with sending the applications?


    Does anyone know what the dresscode at bnos chaim is? and does anyone know if they teach you how to find a job at seminary bnos chaim?

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