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    Does anyone have any information about Bnos Chava interviews….it’s urgent!!


    I didn’t apply to Bnos Chava, but just wanna tell you about interviews in general –

    Don’t worry, be yourself, try to show them the best side of yourself. I think that really what seminaries are looking for is to see if they can see you fit into their seminary. They know what type their seminary is and they know which girls would do well there and which wouldn’t. If you think that you would fit into Bnos Chava and do really well there, then just relax and be yourself. Just try to show off your mature and knowledgeable and yearning to grow side as much as possible 🙂

    (Then again, I applied to a seminary and the interview went so horribly I literally walked out embarrassed of all the things I messed up on and did wrong, and I had a friend who had a really good interview with them. And I got in, and she didn’t. Getting accepted to or rejected from seminary is totally in the hands of Hashem, it has nothing to do with logic, as far as I’ve experienced.)


    I don’t remember much about my interview, but one question that Rabbi Geisler commonly asks is what you want to work on during your year in seminary. He told us that that tells him what the girl’s strength is, since human nature is that a person wants to work on what’s easy for them. So if you say you want to work on tefila, or tznius, or whatever, he’ll understand from that that you excel in the area.

    Otherwise, I think it was pretty comfortable and nonthreatening. Relax. Hatzlacha.


    does anyone else no anything


    Oooh, good luck. Not to scare you or anything, but Rabbi Geisler takes great pride in making girls squirm at their interviews. (And no, that’s not my opinion, that’s the truth – he told us himself before he went to America when I was in seminary. We all told our “horror stories” and he was very pleased with himself.)

    He will most likely pick out a long meforash for you to read, and you will most likely stumble over it and not understand it. DON’T WORRY! That’s what happens! Just don’t pretend to know what you’re talking about if you really don’t – just say, “I don’t understand this part. What does it mean?” I had to read two complicated meforshim and could barely make heads or tails of them (because they were hard, and because I was nervous), and he had to explain it all to me. Very uncomfortable.

    He also wanted to know my SAT scores and what the breakdown was, he asked about my family and my school life, he asked about my favorite subjects and extracurricular activities, he asked why I wanted to go to Bnos Chava, and no, he did NOT ask what kind of animal or fruit I’d want to be or anything ridiculous like that. (But he has done it – it’s not just urban legend! So be prepared, but stay normal – don’t say “I’d like to be a bird to I can sing shira to Hashem,” say what you really think – “I’d like to be a cheetah because they can run fast” or whatever.)

    Be prepared for him to question your answers and make you feel uncomfortable. IT DOES NOT MATTER. I walked out of that interview feeling like I’d NEVER get in, and guess what – I did! And I didn’t even have to get pushed in! There’s nothing to be afraid of, even if you feel that the interview went horribly. Just be yourself and be honest. Worse comes to worst – you won’t get in! And it’s not the end of the world!

    Ma Chovaso

    For Rabbi Geisler you really need to know where every male member of the extended family went to yeshiva and for how long and with what Rabbeim…even if it was 50 years ago…and camps…and i’m not kidding…really be prepared and hatzzlacha


    hey im applying there too and my interview’s in 2 weeks im starting 2 get nervous, does any1 know what rambans he asks? like is there a few that he generally asks or is it one on the parsha…??


    I applied to Bnos Chava a few years ago. Rabbi Geisler dozed off while I read the Ramban…

    Dont be so nervous- it wont help anything it will only harm you


    QT101 (and all other applicants)

    Keep in mind, the bocher you will eventualy date, when thru NONE of this grief to get into bais medrash (not in the USA or in EY).

    Nor did his parents shell out $10,000-$12,000 for the year.

    I would not know bnos chavah from bnos on shabbos for 8 year olds, but to put someone with your credentials trhu this? They are messing with your head. If you fudge this sem, there are 10 more to pick from, and in the final analysis, you still come back to the states to face an uphill battle in the job / shidduch market.

    Don’t play into the fear factor. Remember, you’re grades thru HS prove you’re a winner. Don’t be treated like a shmatteh.

    pet peeve

    bp totty, i know this is not the point and is off topic, but 10-12 grand? ur kidding. try 16-19 grand for the 2011-2012 year, thats more like it………. (not to mention other expenses)


    $16k? All the more reason to stop being treated like a rag. Were I to put out the word that I’m ready to hand out a $16k donation to a yeshiva, I’d get my picture in the paper, be asked to join the board of various orginaizations, my Mrs would be hostess of the next 10 tea parties in the BP area, ect.

    And here, you have bright girls who are paying top $, and get the run-around during an interview?

    Gosh, does this system need an overhaul.


    This is ridiculous, when are they gonna stop treating people like trash. You’re a human being for goodness sake, why do you need to go through this? How is this gonna help you in life?



    thanks for all your comments but the bottom line is we are all pawns. if u dont go to a good seminary you don’t get a shidduch…! however, i would appreciate if people who went through the interview process could please enlighten me as to what exactly does he ask? and for those who went to bnos chava, what are the pros and cons of this seminary?


    qt101; If you are truly a good girl, than you will truly get a good shidduch! That’s that. I know girls that went to great seminaries and are still around. All you have do,

    is do your best and not worry.

    bygirl123; that goes for every girl.


    qt101, first of all, get it out of your head that “good” seminary = shidduch. Many many people who don’t go to seminary get shidduchim, and many who do go, unfortunately, don’t get shidduchim. Do what you can but your life does not hinge on this one year. Relax!

    No interviewer asks the same questions to everyone. You and your friends will compare afterwards and see that they are all different. Some seminaries will have two or three meforshim preprinted for the girls to read, but not Rabbi Geisler. He picks and you read from a Chumash. He may grill you for half an hour, and he may ask you nothing. See my above post for a general idea of the types of questions he’ll probably ask, but you never know.

    As for pros and cons, it’s been many years since I went, and I hear that there have been lots of changes. New aim habayit (is that true, anyone?), a few different teachers, and apparently Mrs. Tarshish opened her own seminary, so I’m sure her classes (which were my favorite, incidentally) have been reduced drastically. The medrash report (if it still exists?) was hard but worth it. The classes were (mostly) great. The seminary is a big one if you’re not comfortable with that, and one big con is that you are in two dorm buildings, so you may be separated from your friends. But overall it was a great experience – keep in mind, though, that every year is different and it is, to a large extent, what you make it.

    Good luck!

    Baruch Bohm

    so sad that a young woman must feel nervous about a sem interview because of the marriage implications


    bein hasdorim: thanx!! what you said is so true!


    LAer: thanx u really helped me out with your previous post about what he generally asks. for those kind of questions you really must prepare because if he would ask me what kind of animal i would want to be and i wasn’t expecting it i would be so caught off guard that i would for sure stumble… so thanks! and yes im curious if anyone who went more recently could explain how bnos chava really is. i heard from many girls that it is “jappy” what is that suppose to mean?

    And boruch bohm: that’s just one reason why we go to seminary but there are more reasons than just that, like for the experience and learning… and we want to get into the best place for ourselves so with all that pressure we get nervous about the interview because we want to get into a place we will fit in and feel the most comfortable!


    Do yourself a favor:

    Don’t mention college.

    Just say you want to live in EY and support your husband in Kollel by being a Gannenet.

    Basicly, act like you are already a product of their seminary.


    Gavra_at_work you took the words right out of my keyboard! I decided to be honest on my interview since technically, how can I support a learning boy without getting a college degree (please don’t send 100 posts explaining how) but apparently honesty isn’t always the best policy. B”H I married a great learning guy without going to BC. If its bashert, its bashert. Good luck!


    qt101, like I said, it’s been many years since I was there, but even then BC had a “jappy” reputation. I was nervous because I knew a lot of girls (from camp) who were going and were indeed jappy, not my type at all, and even ended up with a classic jap for a roommate. But you know what? The seminary is not jappy. Yes, there are japs. You’ll have them in every seminary. In BC, like the other seminaries, there are japs, but they are not the overwhelming majority. Just don’t make friends with them if you don’t care for that! It is a big seminary, and you’re bound to find at least a few friends who are your type.

    But again, every year is different, and every seminary is different. I don’t know what it’s like there now, but it’s highly unlikely that you won’t find at least 3 girls who you like and can be friends with.

    Good luck!


    When Rabbi G asks what your fathers job is, make sure you sound like your dad is loaded. When he asks what you want out of Seminary, say ‘I want to strengthen my relationship with Hashem, I want to change, I want to become closer to Hashem.’ I was told to say that, – it worked, Rabbi G’s eye nearly popped out his head, he LIKED it!! Am convinced I got in bc of that!! I had no clue what the Rambam was about, could hardly read it, had no idea about that. It was that comment that got me in!! I highly recommend BC & as for Shidduchim, – its all in Hashems Hands but for some reason the guys wanna go out with girls who have been to ‘Bnos Chava’ !!! good luck but remember its all bashert!


    “for some reason the guys wanna go out with girls who have been to ‘Bnos Chava’ “

    Perhaps. But in just as many cases, the boys want to go out with girls whose daddy’s have the $$$ to send their kids to BC.

    Just as well. They’ll soon find out that the BC grad and Daddy are tough cookies and not one to mess with.


    Im in shidduchim and i never even heard of Bnos Chava. Am I missing out on something here?

    Im just looking for a kindhearted person. Should it really matter what school they went to? Will it make much of a difference some years down the line? as long as she’s a good person why would i care which seminary she went to, or if she even went at all.


    1 day, you are correct. as one who went to top seminary, while a good sem is a nice addition to the resume, in reality, long term is not so significant.

    A mench, good person, good middos, common goals. will be a great spouse, friend, mother. Will help you build iyh your beautiful empire of a good jewish home you will be happy with and proud of.

    Stay focused.




    Thanks for the chizzuk




    Give me a break.

    A girl is a girl; they are all the same.

    I’ve read a thousand resumes and the only difference is the phone number.


    im a little confused, if rabbi g wants to know about all the yeshivos e1 in your family attended and wants you to answer that you want to marry a boy sitting and learning then why does he also want your father to be loaded? cuz then obviously he works and is not in chinuch…! so which one does he want a worker or a learner?? also i know that bc has mostly girls that their fathers work so he wants us all to lie at our interview and tell him that we want someone sitting and learning for the rest of our lives??


    “I’ve read a thousand resumes and the only difference is the phone number.”

    that’s kinda harsh Popa you have to treat people as people and not as a number, maybe you can’t learn enough about someone from a resume but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more there that meets the eye


    they asked me about behaaloscha es haneiros! gluck ps rabbi g asked me what time shkia was too


    thnx so his rambans are pretty random? and omg he asks the most random questions! im getting nervous!!


    Hi!I just saw this page. I also applied to Bnos Chava and b”h my interview went well. Did you get in?


    just wondering, why do seminaries want u coming in like a product of their sem. how can they change u then.



    “Keep in mind, the bocher you will eventualy date, when thru NONE of this grief to get into bais medrash (not in the USA or in EY).”

    Not necessarily true at all; in many of the top yeshivos, the faher is very difficult indeed. Instead of just reading a Ramban, a bachur often must make his own shtickle Torah, and then say it over to some of the top Roshei Yeshivos of our generation. In one particular yeshiva, the faher is not just given by one person; rather, the bachur must say his shtickle Torah to a “panel” of three Roshei Yeshivos, all of them “bombing” questions at him. Not exactly a walk in the park.

    Really, the guys do not have life handed to them on a silver platter, as some here seem to believe they do.

    “Nor did his parents shell out $10,000-$12,000 for the year.”

    True… but Beis Medrash isn’t quite that cheap, either. At $6,000 (which I believe is a fairly conservative estimate) for 3-4 years, we’re in the ballpark of $18,000 – $24,000 for the Beis Medrash experience. Definitely not spare change.

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