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    Hi does anyone know about this touring camp in israel, what its like, what kind of girls go there and anyother info. thanks in advance!



    i dont know much but from what i hear its bais yaakov girls from all over, many from NY. it is supposed to be a very good program and they have a lot of gr8 staff.


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    My daughter and her friends are going this summer. They are Prospet Park/Mesores girls. Alot of my daughter’s friends went last year and they’re going back again. I met the director, Mrs. Chava Goldstein. She’s a wonderful person. As a matter of fact, she and her husband, Rabbi Dovid Goldstein, are starting a 1/2 term seminary program beginning this Sept. called Lahav- it’s for BY type girls.



    If your looking for a camp in Israel thats a little less bais yaakov although there were prospect and masores girls too you should look into sdei chemed. I had two awesome summers there and the girls were fantastic. Also you can get scholarships if you apply early.



    Anyone know what it’s like now? Or is anyone going?



    hi i was actually looking into bnos machanayim for this summer. to me it seemed like its a very bais yaakov/yeshivish crowd but idk much. maybe ask them where the girls are from etc…


    It sounds really good! Are you going girlygirly? I thought it was like that but the director told me a bunch of girls are coming in from Cincinnati, a large group from mexico, someone from france, another girl in belgium I think, and mostly from out of town communities. She said it’s more non NYers.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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