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    I’ve been reading the CR for a while and wanted to register every time someone mentioned “how ultra Yeshivishe” Hadar is to put the record straight. As iluvhashem said – it’s a mix of girls and there has always been many many “normal” girls there. I’ve been out of Hadar a while and don’t think it actually changed all that much except that some of the more Yeshivish have left to the newer seminaries. A girl from Hadar usually has her head on straight and is a BY girl that isn’t just frum ‘because’ but because she puts thought into what she does.

    That being said – most Hadar girls do want long-term learners or at least short-term but not because they were brainwashed in Hadar. Rather most of the girls come in with that value from their families and high schools.

    I was actually thinking Hadar would be a great place for monseygirl because Hadar girls are known for being full of personality and real ‘tochen’ as my husband puts it.

    I also live in Eretz Yisrael now so I’ve seen the recent Hadarlings and they seem like great girls and also a lot of fun. 🙂

    pet peeve


    your post had no substantial content in it to tell us anything factual about hadar or its “type”. maybe be a little more specific? thanks.


    proudhadarling and iluvhashem- maybe your definitions of yeshivish and other peoples are different? it could be the people that are saying that hadar is yeshivish ARE less yeshivish than you and therefore consider the girls in hadar yeshivish, the same girls that you consider to not be so yeshivish.

    “most Hadar girls do want long-term learners or at least short-term but not because they were brainwashed in Hadar. Rather most of the girls come in with that value from their families and high schools.” this actually sounds pretty yeshivish to me, the fact that its b/c of their families and schools that tells me that they DO come from yeshivish backgrounds, as opposed to those girls that come to it on their own. perhaps you dont consider that yeshivish, but i do and im sure the people who are describing hadar as yeshivish do as well.

    snapplegrl- thank you so much for actually answering my question! what were the girls in BC like? some people say that they are jappy, is that really true and if it is, does it really matter for someone who isnt? also what are the teachers/classes/learning like? please tell me as much as you can thanks so much!


    bymeidel – as I said ppl. seem to think the girls in Hadar are “ultra Yeshivish”. While I agree that it’s a Yeshivish seminary I know many of my friends from families just as Yeshivish went to Bnos Sara and Bnos Chava which are the two schools you are asking about. Therefore I was just pointing out that Hadar is Yeshivish but not “very very” as I think Smile E. Face called it.


    Hadar…back in the day it was punch line of every yeshivish shidduchim joke. Guess things have changed. Or course, BJJ got it’s fair share too, but Hadar always took the cake.


    I loved it when someone would say “In Hadar Mrs. O says such & such” and I would say “Actually I heard that was Rebbetzin David”


    the girls were not jappy my year (but since Mesilos closed down it could be they got the more jappy flatbush type) im a regular By type from Flatbush. I chose BC because it is a well established seminary that my school really speaks highly of. back in the day it was the most popular sem to get into.. The teachers were good and normal cant say that all were jaw dropping lessons. but we had 2-3 amazing ones. i gained more from the expereinces being there- shabbasim, shabbatons, tiyulim, yom iyun, extra curricular there is great (rochel imeinu yartzeit program, rav shach program) they also arranged for us to go to meiron lag baomer so we dont have to make our own arrangements. if you have few friends going to make a great group youll meet others.. and youll have a great year…


    proud hadarling>> the truth is i would love to go to HAdar i guess I”ve always been scared off by the ultra yeshivish thing. i have some questions for u bout it. first of all what is the learning like?? is it very intnse, tons of work and stress// (in comparison to bjj) what are the majority of the girls like hashkaficlly before they come? also my family isnt as yeshivsh as i am do u think that will affect my chances??? i B”H have straight A average, i am a pretty good student i dont reaaly work hard but i love to be challenged with intense iyun,meforshim and deep haskafa classes.


    I am SHOCKED at what Sacrilege wrote about Yavne! Smile E. if you are looking for an amazing, intense, “no fluff” sem, you should look into Yavne – if you are willing to sacrifice the E”Y experience. Make your sem. year one of learning and growth, not of riding camels! Stay focused on the purpose of your sem year. Chap Arein!!

    Yavne is 24/7 learning but it is SO geshmack! You get to really delve into your learning and sharpen your mind. True there are no seperate Hashkafa classes but thats because in Yavne we believe in learning Hashkafa through Torah, Navi, Halacha, Mussar seforim, etc. It is very text based – but that makes it No Fluff. You never have to worry if the teacher is making things up – its all in the sefer in front of you! There are plenty of extra curricular activities but they do not interfere with the classes. Classes end at 3 so there is plenty of time to do fun stuff afterwards without missing out class.

    The girls that go there are diverse and from different backgrounds but it doesn’t make a difference. Everyone ends up very close – and everyone loves Yavne intensely by the time they leave.

    ~a proud Yavne Girl


    semgrad- i really want info on nachlas what can u tell me about it? what type of girls go there?


    It’s awesome! Really, really warm and down-to-earth. They try to help the girls grow in a grounded way without fluff….The girls are a massive mix – the first day e/o is always wondering what is going on cause it seems so random but in the end e/o learns to appreciate each other. There are a lot of out-of-towners and the girls usually also apply to BJJ, Hadar, BYA, Bnos Chava, Masores Rochel….do u have a specific question?


    monseygirl –

    The classes are different from what you’re used to (as are all seminary classes) it’s a different style from high school. I enjoyed the classes and also the prep becuse I like looking into the meforshim and figuring them out. They aren’t intense but if you are the type that drives yourself nuts before a test – you can stress yourself out. Most girls study a little bit before each test at least and it’s nothing to BJJ pressure-wise. There are many classes in Iyun/Meforshim as well as once a week Hashkafah class. I don’t know which school you are in but if you’re coming from BYM you should find them easy without being too easy. Don’t worry about being more Yeshivish than your family. I am as well and it took going to Hadar to realize how many values and Hashkafos I had learned from home – it really taught me to appreciate my parents even though they may not look like the “typical” Hadar parents or so I thought. Mrs. Orenstein will look at you for you, and not care about how yeshivish your parents are.

    Most of the girls my year came with pretty strong /hashkafos, they were Tzniusdik without being nebby, and knew they wanted their husbands to be learning. When I visit Hadar these days – it looks like pretty much the same crowd.

    If you have any more questions I’d be glad to answer.

    I tried to answer everything you mentioned but I’m not sure I got everything because unlike the Chacham I didn’t do “al rishon rishon v’al achron achron”… I hope it’s clear 🙂


    proud hadarling

    little question….. u think once a week hashkafa classes r enuf??

    r we in seminary to master the whole neviem rishonim(which hadar does) or to know what we want in life, where were headeing i.e. haskafa ?


    iluvhashem – it doesn’t mean u don’t learn hashkafa the rest of the time it just means that 1 class is dedicated only to that. Most sems want u to learn hashkafa through the text. That is the point of all those rambans… usually when u have a speaker or s/o just spouting hashkafa without a text it’s very interesting but doesn’t stay with u for very long


    iluvhashem –

    truthfully I didn’t go to seminary for the hashkafa – I had all my hashkafos down pat from high school. I didn’t go to learn Navi either. I went mostly for a year in Eretz Yisrael together with like-minded girls. But did I learn new things in the hashkafa class – based on my high school experience if you listened in high school you really weren’t hearing anything new. But then its the norm to think the high schools don’t answer questions and are scared of discussions about hashkafa. I felt differently.

    I personally loved the Navi & “Gemara” classes but that could be because I love learning and reading meforshim – I almost decided to go to BJJ…

    I can’t imagine by the way what reason there could be for more Hashkafah classes – did you think there was many more times she could’ve said “Torah is the be all and end all?” 🙂


    proud hadaling>> thanks for answering my questions so thouroghly. just a few more: does hadar have a uniform?? i need u to shed light on many rumors i”ve heard over the years bout it. thats its so supppper yeshivish and everyone is like rebitzens. that they dont let u go to relatives for shabbas. whats it really like obviously the thngs i”ve heard r prob not true at it a very big sckool, r the girls close with each other and with staff??if u can just fill me in on anything else cuz i”m really considering it and i want as much info as poss. thanks



    Yes – Hadar has uniform – It’s blue shirts (I think light blue but I’m not sure – when I was there we just had to wear any button-down) and blue pleated skirts. Many girls wore black and “got away with it”. I remember hearing the rumors before I was applying but I knew a few girls older than me that I really admired and figured I don’t mind turning out like them if that’s what a Rebetzin is. Also – while I was waiting for my interview and looking around at the other girls I got reassured that it wouldn’t be suppppper yeshivish. I was thinking – I can’t imagine all these girls coming out next year like Rebetzins…

    I don’t know about not going to relatives on Shabbos. You aren’t allowed to go to certain areas because of security reasons and I think you can get permission if you are going to family.

    I remember waiting the whole year for Mrs. Orenstien to say something really controversial in Hashkafa so I’d understand where all the rumors came from at least. We asked the madricha and she said – oh just wait till she talks about tznius.

    I asked why – does she say to “close your top button” or you have to wear long sleeves and not 3/4s or something?

    She said – no she just tells you what needs to be covered and how it’s not just about clothing and inches. Now, I’d been hearing the same thing throughout school – especially high school so I didn’t find anything new – I think the madricha came from a school that never mentioned tznius, so I didn’t see where she was being controversial…

    It’s a big school so we did feel sometimes like there were 2 Hadars and you couldn’t manage to know everyone but I personally am the type that even if I wasn’t friends with everyone – I could shmooze with anyone and now if I meet anyone from my year I really feel a connection. With staff – if you want to be I think you can get close to some of them (not all) but I was not the type to so I can’t tell you for sure.


    I was just wondering, do Sephardim go to Bnos Chava?

    Busy As A Bee

    Slurpygirl – Of course! My year in Bnos Chava there were quite a few Sephardim.. And the Aim Bayet is Sephardi (well she’s not originally but her husband is), and on the topic of her she is amazing, seriously made such a difference in my seminary year.

    One thing about Bnos Chava staff that IMHO puts it apart from the rest is the connection they make with their students.

    One of my best friends went to BJJ and she always says how if she has a question about something in halacha or hashkafa she doesnt feel comfortable calling any of her seminary teachers. Not only do most Bnos Chava alumni feel comfortable calling Rabbi Geisler or Mrs Baumol etc etc. They recently put out a website for alumni with constant new shuirim and articles and live classes and the ability to ask questions to Rav Ganz or any teacher its unbelievable.

    never mind

    im in new manchester and its the best!!!!!! its quite yeshivish though there are some girls that are more modern. it has the morning with shiurim, and afternoons are courses for professional qualifications. i would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow!!! by the way there are girls from all over the world!!!


    is it true that the girls who go there are jappy? or is that just a low percentage?


    the only real dif btwn bs and bc is that bs is the girls come from a more yeshivish backround- not by that much though- and only a minority of bc isjappy- but define jappy- b/c my meaning is jappy can also still be nice- its not neccesarily a bad thing- its just dif


    Is the info in this thread still good? Has anything changed?


    I dunno what Proud Hadarling is talking about. Every single girl I have ever met from NY who went to Hadar is extremely yeshivish. The out of towners are maybe a little more interesting. And Hadar has the strictest rules of any seminary.


    bnos sara is very yeshivish


    hello! someone can help me by telling me exactly how much does seminary Bnos Sarah cost? it will be a very helpful information… thankyou!

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