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    BP Totty

    Make sure the PI is good. The one my father hired was way too obvious lol


    K- I know a girl in seminary right now and I know a boy in Yeshiva in isreal now. They both went good and shtark. Now? The girl slowly slowly started hanging out and then this, then that. The works. And she is in one of the very good seminaries. Her family is a family of rabbonim. And about the boy? pretty much the same story! and hes from the same yeshivish background as her.So for them obviously it was not such a great choice. Well, the year isn’t over so they could still turn around. But what i want to say is yes, there are these stories but can you count the amount of yeshiva bochurim that went to yeshiva in Isreal and the girls who went To sem who came out Amazing?? just compare and judge for yourself before making the decision. Which results will most probably come out of your child?

Viewing 2 posts - 51 through 52 (of 52 total)
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