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    Feif Un

    I just looked at their website to see a list of winners from the Chinese Auction last night. The link for the winners isn’t working, but I did notice something else.

    They show the PIN number of the most recent success story they’ve had, and what number baby it is through their organization. Well, today baby number 3,000 is listed! Amazing – that’s THREE THOUSAND children born through Bonei Olam!



    WOW!! ??? ??? ???



    They are a great org.

    But that said, I think the following statement taken off their website now is a fact not publicised previously. Judge for yourselves.

    “Sorry, this auction is now closed – For a list of winners click here. An “exclusive” selection of prizes will be drawn the night of Lakewood Auction. The remainder of prizes will be drawn on Nov. 23 at Boro Park Auction.”

    The last line about waiting till November…


    Feif Un

    So I didn’t win anything in the Chinese Auction (oh well!) but I did look at their website again today – and they’re up to baby 3,180. In just under 2 months, they’ve helped with almost 200 new babies being born. That’s almost 100 babies per month. Amazing!


    ED IT OR

    oh wow what a ????

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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