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    The use of Boomer a new internet meme should be banned


    Most YWN readers are Doomers


    Ok, boomer


    I don’t think that it should be banned, for the sake of freedom of speech.

    That said, it’s dismissive of a generation of voices, which deserve to speak.

    That said, the saying is also a backlash to all the talk about Millennials that we’ve been hearing and reading about for how long now? Too long.


    WB Lightbrite.


    Well many people think it very offending just like the n-word.


    Where does the n word come in?

    catch yourself

    I’m not a boomer or a millenial.
    I don’t think it’s an offensive term per se (it has never been considered one), I just think that using it in a dismissive, disrespectful way to show the contempt in which you hold an entire generation is offensive.
    It is offensive to me as a human being, because it shows that the people who use it really do not appreciate the value of another person.
    More than offensive, however, it engenders a profound feeling of dismay. When I hear people in general (and especially members of governments!) use this term, it makes me worry about the future of human society.
    It is precisely in opposition to the attitude the Torah teaches us to have towards our elders.
    Use of this term reflects very poorly on those who use it, and not at all on those against whom it is used.


    Where was the outrage and angst when millenials were subjected t oyears of”millenials are so lazy” “so entitled”
    millenials ruined… (google the phrase millenials ruined… or millenials killed…

    Now that we are finally answering back, suddenly ” using it in a dismissive, disrespectful way to show the contempt in which you hold an entire generation is offensive.”

    Cry me a river

    catch yourself

    Perhaps the difference is that “okay, Boomer” went viral and became a motto, so it caught my attention in a way that the other didn’t. For example, “Millenials…”, after all, as far as I know, was never used on the floor of Parliament to dismiss an opposing politician.

    Maybe the difference is that I never saw the “Millenials…” epithet used directly at a specific person (at least, not that I recall at the moment).

    It’s possible that I see them differently because it’s one thing to decry a particular character trait that a person (or generation) has, and quite another to write off the person himself (or the generation itself).

    Personally, I never used the Millenial epithet, and I do not agree with it, or with stereotyping in general.

    Whataboutisms aside, I do think that using pejoratives reveals poor character. Same for not appreciating the value of an older generation.

    And I reiterate that the Torah attaches great importance to respecting elders.


    This is so offensive. You should be ashamed of your-self, Zoomer from the Future. You must remove this immediately. This is an outrage.

    One screen name per customer 


    Well so should it be banned? in general


    “Whataboutisms aside,”

    You missed the boat. This isnt a whataboutism

    The term ok boomer, is a DIRECT response to years and years of millennial bashing, and being told that our opinions don’t matter. And no problems are their generations fault .
    “Back in my day I worked waiting tables and covered my rent and college and I had enough for a down payment, why cant you millennial do that, youre just lazy and entitled” (almost a verbatim quote)

    “OK boomer” is a direct response to that

    From an excellent washington post oped “The United States, challenged all over the world, is receding and turning inward. The economy still hasn’t recovered fully from the financial collapse of 2008, the worst since the Great Depression. The federal debt is out of control, and inequality is worse. Boomers expanded entitlement programs that are wrecking the nation’s finances; they failed to act on global warming; they presided over declining faith in virtually all institutions, from religion to the Supreme Court; and their children may be the first generation with dim prospects of doing better than their parents did.”


    (The OP should’ve read “OK, boomer.” The term is old and not inherently pejorative.)


    How about geriatric frogs with anti-semitic memes or a chassidish looking bochur with a MAGA hat instead of a Borselino? where does it end??


    its all hate speech and must be banned or else the mellenials will take over

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