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    im a teenager and its not right cuz i have nothing to do! theres nothing to do in lkwd besides for eat! theres no where togo! can someone give me a good idea…. we have vacation and help!!!!!!!


    go to the mall

    go to the park

    hang out withh friends

    if u have vacation live it up while u got it

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    im a teenager and its not right

    Yes, unfair, you should have been an adult. Don’t worry, though, iy”H you will be (and then you’ll wish you were a teenager).


    volunteer in a hospital, office, or any job you might be interested in doing when you “grow up”… you’ll have a head start as to what you like and don’t like!


    Hi Rezdy

    Long time no see.

    Need something to do? Hang out over here!!!


    Play ball, excercise, tutor a weaker Talmid, help at The Center, pack for Tomchei Shabbos, visit kids sick in the hospital and lighten up their lives, visit a home which has a sick child or parent and take the healthy ones out for a few ours, say Tehillim, learn Mishnayos, collect for aniyim in Eretz Yisroel, shop for shut ins, make phine calls to shut ins, interview holocaust survivors and video it…… not enough yet? You should be able to make a great shmorg to fill out time…. eternally as well!


    Rabbaim those are certainly very erstwhile things to do but this is her VACATION she wants to do something fun.


    lol im in bklyn and have the same issue!!!!


    GOQ I wasn’t aware fun and meaningful are exclusive. My friends had the best Bain Hazmanim doing kiruv work in SEED and SEED like programs. My Talmidim LOVE working with Camp Simcha kids all year long They look forward to do it even on VACATION! Many I know enjoy being clowns and entertaining in hospitals and nursing homes.

    They say it is tremendous fun.


    Dear RABBAIM the op is as far as i know a teenage girl who from my experience are overloaded with schoolwork and helping out at home this is her break let it be a break and not another duty she has to perform why cant she do something fun for fun’s sake? there will be plenty of time in her future when she will be a wife and mother I”yh that she wont be able to take a break let her have some fun now.


    Babysit 🙂 For those who remember.


    Boredom is not necessarily bad. It teaches you frustration tolerance, which will be an important skill for you as a parent someday (iy”H).

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    My question is im bored, but its not summer and i have bothing to do…ive been posting all day and the mod hasnt modded yet…..any ideas on what to do????

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