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    Aren’t they all?

    Jewish Thinker

    In my opinion, no


    What I meant is that they’re all things

    to do when you’d otherwise be bored.

    What did you mean?

    Jewish Thinker

    That there are many board games that are fun.


    I love “Headbands” where each player wears a band on the forehead, with a person,place,or thing written on it. They have to guess what their own headband says on it, by asking questions of the I others. It’s a variation of twenty questions.


    How could you even conceive a contrary opinion, JT? 🙂


    Oomis, have you seen Hanabi?

    Jewish Thinker

    What is your favorite board game, Comlink-X?


    I don’t have one. If you’re looking for recommendations,

    I might be able to help you, though.


    I like apples to apples and taboo


    The creator of Rummikub was a Jew named Ephraim Hertzano.


    Bored games

    Well, after much research, my recommendation is a game with a name like

    Tsuro, Tokaido, or Takenoko,

    Qin, Qwixx, Quarto!, Qwirkle, or Quoridor,

    Alhambra, Barbarossa, Carcassonne, or Zooloretto,

    1830: Railways & Robber Barons, 1960: The Making of the President, or 1989: Dawn of Freedom,

    Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, Forbidden Stars,

    Forbidden Forest, Forbidden Fruit, Enchanted Forest, Enchanted Fruit,

    Forbidden Forbidden, or Forbidden Forbidden Forbidden (aka Forbidden Forbidden 2).

    If that isn’t possible, try Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, Battle Sheep, The Great Heartland Hauling Co.,

    Friedemann Friese’s Folders, Jaipur, Dixit,

    Red7, Looping Louie, and, last and likely least,

    Let’s Catch the Lion!

    P.S. In honor of Pesach, you can always get Hanabi (named after Eliyahu).

    (Okay, four of those aren’t real games.)


    (Okay, four of those aren’t real games.)

    I’ll take your word for it.


    (It’s actually quite likely those games are good, given how I found them.)

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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