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    Notice I’m not comeing here to steer up old arguments about Kashrus so please let’s not start posting old arguments about Halachic facts. I’m writing this as an awareness for people that want to and should know better. This should acctualy be on top of a yeshivah news site.

    As some of you from Boro Park have noticed thier is a new Dunkin Donuts on Ft Hamilton near the hospital. The word is out that a Kosher Dunkin donuts opened. Another so called Jewish site also published the news. “kosher Dunkin donuts in Boro Park” what a big simcha now again as I posted before, I’m not here to say how treif it is. I’m here to say how Kosher it is. I see a young bochur with payos eating a sandwich from there. So I tell him oh I heard about this new kosher Dunkin Donuts did you see who’s hechsher it has? He tells me his father said he could eat from there. It’s has H’Rav Gornish, so I’m thinking mmmm pretty good. So the next morning I’m having a chat with some one two blocks away from there. That’s where I live, and this person tells me how he sees all these men and women suddenly walking around with Dunkin donuts bags. He said he was there, and only the coffee and only if you ask they give you cholov Yisroel milk.

    So that’s were I got curious and walked down to the store.

    So they have one sign from the the Rabbi that says clearly Kosher Non Cholov Yisroel. Then a seperate sign that reads “we have kosher milk available” I look inside and I see a younger man that looks chasidish on line. I wanted to ask him. If he knows that he has to ask for kosher milk. ( I’m not going in to if we could trust they don’t mix milk now) I right away emails the address on the Rabbis note with two question #1 what’s with the baked goods? Is it kosher and #2 is it parve? And this is the response I got. I’m posting my words to him and his response back.

    t Good morning Rabbi,I would like to know please if the donuts in Dunkin donuts on ft Hamilton next to Mimonides hospital is pas and bishel Yisroel?I did see the sign about kosher milk what about the baked good and sandwiches?

    Thank you in advance,


    This what he answered:


    The Donuts and bagels are pas palter (non pas yisroel) and avakas cholov (powderized milk) in the mixes. Some toppings and fillings contain liquified milk.


    Also remember that you must ask for the cholov Yisroel milk for your coffee

    The last line just proves what I’m saying. Just because you where a sheitel, snood, payos, beard etc… That dosnt make the cashier decide who gets kosher milk. YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR IT.

    bottom line the topic is not if its kosher or not. What I’m saying is, that most people in Boro park have no business going in to that store period. It’s not somthing you would serve to people in your home.


    So the baked goods are considered cholov stam?


    Why would you put Dunkin Donuts and Rabbi Gornish in the same article? Rabbi Gornish would NEVER approve of such a place.

    Please clarify what you meant.


    “most people in Boro park have no business going in to that store period.”

    And who are you to determine what most people anywhere should or shouldn’t be doing?


    I assume that you OnlyTheTruth are thinking towards next week vis a vis the Asseres yeMei TeShuvo, when one is supposed to make a special concerted effort not to consume Cholov Akkum nor Pas Akkum.

    Although not consuming Pas Palter during the Asseres YeMei TeShuvo is a reasonably well known Halocho, somehow very few people realize that this Halocho is one & the same vis a vis Cholov Akkum. …….. Despite today being 1st day of Selichos, this Halocho does not kick in, until the actual Asseres YeEmi TeShuvo.

    However, if the Asseres yeMei TeShuivo was not your concern OnlyTheTruth, I don’t know why you sent such an excessively long communique. Somehow the various branches of Dunkin Donuts in Midwood have already had this scenario for years, and the Jewish public seem to know their comfort level on these issues and how to handle them.


    The baked goods in any DD are chalav stam.

    Nothing in DD is made from scratch in the store, it all comes from the factory. The muffins, for example, in the kosher DD are the same ones as the non-kosher one; the only difference is that the kosher DD only gets sent the kosher products. So any product containing milk will be chalav stam.


    The OP is correct. All Chasidishe shittos hold that cholov stam is assur.

    Jersey Jew


    BH BH BH there are still some normal yddin left in Boro Park who WOULD eat from Dunkin Donuts if under a reliable hechsher. BH Rabbi Mehlman qualifies as such an individual. He set it up the best he could for the hassids that want coffee from there but dont forget DD didnt open for the hassids.


    I ahve see tnese places receive deliveries of baked goods on Shabbos. there was no Mashgiach overseeing the process…… who are we trusting??


    Of course everyone missed the point of the OP. He is talking about the coffee, not the donuts. He is pointing out that you must ask for c’y milk with your coffee.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    The OP also alluded to a serious issue,even for someone who does ask for CY milk. Unless there is a mashgiach present, or they give you a sealed container, how can you rely on the milk actually being CY?


    First of the OP’s bias is exposed when he called CY “kosher milk”, implying that all the psaks that hold that milk undr US government regulation is kosher too are wrong.

    Regarding supervision of baked goods coming into the stores, DD’s supervision is tougher than any mashgiach.They have one of the toughest franchise licsencing agreements in the business and are so sringent and focused on quality control,they have pulled franchises from operators who tried to play games.

    In the end, no one is forced to accept the hashgacha and buy there.


    2qerty: my point is one person says its Rav Gornish’s hechsher, and with out even checking they just assume its true. The sign with the kashruth certificate is right in from of the store.

    WIY: That is correct the donuts most likley have milk. Plus its is NOT pas Yisroel.

    BigGolem: who gave you that name? That’s how reform judisam started. Everyone minding thier own business is not a yiddishe concept. If you see people do somthing they might not know that its not right you shouldn’t have to think its not politicaly correct if you make them aware.

    And to the rest. It’s seems that most of you get my point.

    And Yes, its not the first DD with this Rabbis Hechsher, but its the first one in Boro Park and unfortunately some people do before they Think, they see one person go on and every one thinks its ok.

    And this post was for 99.90% of yidden in BP that do not and don’t want to eat pas akin and cholov akim

    Mark levin: Was your Rabbis Husband at slichos last night?


    Who cares if I’m bias or not. It’s not the point here.

    The Point of my post is an awarenes to the BP comunity that this Store is not the Kosher you think it is. It’s a diffrent Kosher that we do not hold from. That’s how I explain it to my 10 year old. It is Cholov Akim and Pas Akim. I don’t tell my children. Look he’s eating treif. I tell them just because he/she eats there dosn’t mean we should. We try our best to control our selfs what we put in our mouths. His Rav says he could eat there, because he’s Maikil on certain Halacha’s. That dosnt make him a goy.

    I didn’t come out here to make arguments. Or to attack any Non Cholov Yisroel Hechsher. If that’s what your custom is then this Post is not for you.

    Unless if it’s getting you all worked up. Then maybe you need to look in to why.


    BigGolem: who gave you that name? That’s how reform judisam started. Everyone minding thier own business is not a yiddishe concept. If you see people do somthing they might not know that its not right you shouldn’t have to think its not politicaly correct if you make them aware.

    I was reading a book contemporary Halachic issues and it was discussing a movie house in Netanya that was open on Shabbos.

    The Ashkenazic Charedim protested every friday night for 33 weeks and a Shaila was asked of Rav Elyshiv who wholehardly endorsed it because it was Chilul Shabbos.

    A Sefardic Rabbi , Rav Malca condemed the protests claiming that not only would it not stop people from going it would anger them against religion. The book commented that in Sefardic communities non-confrontational approach seems to be the norm and even if someone is not religous they respect , honor the Torah and Rabbanim and do not go to Reform or Conservative (This is in Israel not the US) and if you look at elections in Israel, The reason SHAS get as many votes as it does is not because of Charedi Sephardim, its because of non-relgious sefardim who vote for them. So their approach work at least in their communities.


    How interesting I Googled the name of the Rabbi and look what came up. I’m not trying to connect the two.

    Just sharing that post.


    I don’t believe that the market that the DD is aiming for is the people who use CY. If that were so the store would be on 13th or 16is or 18is Ave. By putting it next to the hospital they are going agree employees and visitors who are not from Borough Park.

    In any event, no should decide where to eat or not eat based upon who supposedly did or didn’t eat there. They should check the hashgacha.


    Lesschumras: I agree with you 150%

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