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    Ma Chovaso

    I see a choice between 800 watt and 1000 watt. The guy in the store says the 800 watt is strong enough for 5 lbs of challah but I am skeptical. Anyone know if the 800 watt will do? There is a significant price difference between the two.


    Ma Chovaso


    Burnt Steak

    if this is the universal plus then this is the specs

    Bosch Universal Plus:

    800 Watts (the most powerful ever from Bosch and the most powerful in its class)

    4 speed settings + momentary switch (lower speed setting is slower and higher speed setting faster than previous model)

    Cord storage

    Suction feet for a secure standing

    Overload and start motor protection

    Easy to clean

    3 year motor / transmission warranty

    Unique and modern design

    Dough hook is designed to simulate hand kneading and develop gluten in minimal time

    Ergonomic and easy handling with rim at top of bowl

    Works perfectly with small or large quantities (whip as little as one egg white)

    Wide range of possibilities with optional accessories (listed below)

    Whisk holder is dishwasher safe

    Splash ring allows for easy adding of ingredients

    Sealed oil transmission more than doubles the lifetime of the transmission

    High customer satisfaction

    and I think that there is an Small Batch Kneading Attachment and I dont think that it comes withit but I saw it online for around $7

    I hope this was helpful


    Do you think it is better than Kitchenaid?

    Burnt Steak

    by the way I got information off of a website that specializes in reviewing kitchen equipment


    @Torah613 a kitchenaid can’t make 5lb of challah. the bowl isn’t big enough and I don’t think the 6qt 600 hundred series can handle it. But the 4.5 qt can definitely handle 7 cups of flour so aprox 2.5 lbs?

    We have a kitchenaid which is used often. I’m not a fan of our Bosch. The bowl has a post in the middle and very hard to clean. But we do use it occasionally.

    And our Bosch is over 20 years old which is normal for a basch.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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